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Upgrade to Lavina propane and electric concrete grinders

A Company and a Brand You Can Trust

LAVINA by Superabrasive has become a leading name in the concrete grinding and polishing industry. It is well recognized for its reliable and efficient floor machines and high-quality diamond tools. Here is what concrete contractors shared about their experience with LAVINA products and the company that makes them -- Superabrasive.

Forming techniques for concrete countertops and elements

Forms serve many functions beyond simply containing the concrete. The formwork defines the precision and, to some extent, the quality of the casting. Well-made forms create straight lines, fair curves and right angles and lead to easy, effortless installation.

Jeffrey Girard, P.E.
Apr 10, 2017
Concrete Decor Roadshow
Get to know Joshua Annis of Joshua James Artistry

Carved concrete wall that looks like the inside of a cave by San Diego concrete contractor Joshua AnnisWith a passion for art and a love of sculpting, painting and pottery, Joshua Annis had the opportunity of a lifetime presented to him at a young age and at a time when he had no direction in his life and then along came concrete.

Jacqueline Valle
Apr 7, 2017
Decorative Concrete Award Winners Elevate Industry Expectations

decorative concrete award winnerPassion, precision, artistry and creativity were all on display at the L. M. Scofield Co. ninth annual Decorative Concrete Awards ceremony held during the World of Concrete 2017 in Las Vegas. Scofield, now a member of Sika, a specialty chemicals company with subsidiaries in 93 countries around the world, enlists professionals from the concrete industry to judge submissions based on skill of installation, artistic expression and integration with the overall design intent.

Amy Johnson
Apr 7, 2017
Barnsco Decorative Concrete Supply
Concrete Charlotte: Discovery Place

Surely you've heard the phrase Surely you’ve heard the phrase “concrete jungle,” but what about concrete in the jungle? In this case, the jungle is the Rainforest Habitat at Discovery Place, in uptown Charlotte. The exhibit boasts wildlife ranging from birds and reptiles to vegetation such as palms and epiphytes.

Emily Dixon
Feb 27, 2013
Metallic Epoxy Tips and Techniques

Using metallic epoxy

Jon Kopp
How to Get Your Projects Noticed by Editors

Trade-magazine editors are always looking for great projects to cover and they love to hear from contractors who have a story — and great photos — to share.

Kari Moosmann
10 Noteworthy Products in the Decorative Concrete Industry

pervious concrete


Commemorative 100th Issue
Exploding Demand for Concrete Countertops

Green concrete countertop on a kitchen island with a stovetop.Concrete countertops have become the rage in areas ranging from Malibu and Beverly Hills in California, to Omaha, Nebraska, and Boston, Massachusetts. From coast-to-coast these fabulous countertops are growing rapidly in popularity.

Jim Peterson
Aug 16, 2002
When Water Attacks: Effective Drain Systems for Decorative Concrete

Water is the enemy of decorative concrete. And the water can come from anywhere. Most often, it comes from irrigation sprinklers that are installed well after the concrete contractor is done.How to prevent water damage from spoiling your project. Water is the enemy of decorative concrete. And the water can come from anywhere. Most often, it comes from irrigation sprinklers that are installed well after the concrete contractor is done.

Robert Spiegel
May 1, 2007
A Guide to Building Concrete Fire Features

How to build concrete fire featuresThroughout the United States and Canada, even in cold climates, homeowners are clamoring for outdoor kitchens and living spaces, using concrete as the material, to enhance the beauty, comfort and resale value of their homes.

Jeffrey Girard
10 Most Popular Class Topics in the Concrete Decor Show's History (with one bonus)

Chris Sullivan teaching concrete class


Commemorative 100th Issue
Super-Krete Micro-Bond

Bright red dice done with a concrete coating at the world of concrete in 2006 by Super-Krete surrounded by sparkling black.Super-Krete's waterproof deck system. On this floor, Super-Krete Micro-Bond were applied over the company's Bond-Kote and sanded down to achieve an ultra-smooth finish.

Carlton's Corner: Stepping up from Decorative Concrete to General Contracting

Concrete Form installationAre you content with installing decorative concrete countertops, overlays and stamped concrete, or do you have what it takes to rise to the occasion?

Doug Carlton
business development
Decorative Concrete: Is it art? Or is it concrete work?

Concrete art circles in blues, browns and oranges gives life to an otherwise simple room.Concrete is being used as a final interior flooring surface in direct competition with wood, tile, marble, and slate. Concrete surfaces can be stained, scored, sandblasted, overlayed and stamped — or a combination of the above.

Jim Peterson
Oct 11, 2001
Tips on Brushed or Broomed Finishes for Concrete

Try out a broom finish technique for concrete in sand.Brushing or brooming a non-skid texture onto concrete is a standard finishing method. But with a little imagination, the right equipment and a skilled technique, a contractor can turn that finish into an inexpensive decoration that will please his client and boost his company’s reputation.

Loretta Hall
Dec 10, 2005
The Watergate Hotel Pool, Washington, D.C.

Natasha Chilingerian
Project Profile
Nov 9, 2011
Using your Concrete Cutting Saw Skills - Cut your way to creativity

Concrete contractor using edge grinder with diamond blade to saw cut detail in a concrete slab.

Cary Grant — the Las Vegas decorative-concrete impresario, not the Hollywood movie icon — has crafted dramatic masterpieces through his company, Floor Seasons, that could be considered Oscar-worthy, if there was a decorative concrete category. Rick Lobdell, owner of Concrete Mystique in Nashville, has produced his share of award-winning art.

Joe Maty
Concord Aviation Hangar, Concord, N.C.

Ted Uram
Nov 9, 2011
Acid Stains: Still Strong

The familiar mottled patterns of these stains are still in demand. What’s more, contractors have new ways to try for that look.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Mar 18, 2009
Orange-Crete Decorative Concrete Brushes from Riviera Brush Co.

Riviera Brush Co. has been a leader in the concrete brush industry since 1989. They started out by developing their line of Orange-Crete wash brushes for the ready-mix industry. The brushes were designed to stand up to the harsh conditions inherent to the industry — lime, abrasives, muriatic acid and other cleaning agents. They were ideal for cleaning trucks and equipment.

Feb 11, 2011
Repairing Decorative Concrete

Colors must be matched. Costs must be controlled. There are all sorts of variables to consider when repairing a decorative concrete floor. Luckily, several products aim to help you get things fixed.

Mike Dawson