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School's Time Walk Tells Story of Life on Planet Earth

O LD Donation School in Virginia Beach, Virginia, is decidedly forward-looking in its educational mission, complete with facility design approaches geared to innovative learning concepts. One of the school's design features, however, offers a view in the other direction -- to the long-ago past, as measured in millions and billions of years.Old Donation School in Virginia Beach, Virginia, is decidedly forward-looking in its educational mission, complete with facility design approaches geared to innovative learning concepts.

Joe Maty
Mar 13, 2018
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Finding the Sweet Spot Among Acrylic Sealers and Acrylic Urethanes

Retailers, restaurants, shopping centers and entertainment venues can lose significant revenue if their facilities or walkways need to be shut down and revamped.Contractors have relied on acrylic sealers for decades to protect concrete flooring systems, and for good reason. In the right conditions, these sealers offer optimal durability, stain resistance and a desirable “wet look” finish. However, they have their limitations too and aren’t always the ideal option for high-traffic areas and environments with extreme hazards.

Solid Branding: Tips on Video and Content

Context, in other words, is engagement. It's scaling interactions and associations with your company or product to a point where trust is developed with your brand. Decorative concrete can be complicated, and there is a lot that goes into a successful installation. But at each project’s finale, you move onto the next job where you’ll save the day for another customer.

Brandon Farmer
Mar 21, 2018
Acid or Water-based Stains to Color Concrete are a Matter of Personal Preference

The choice of acid or water-based stains to color concrete is near equally divided.What's the difference between concrete and decorative concrete? One of the first indicators is whether it has the dull gray color of … well, concrete, or if it incorporates a natural or even not-so-natural hue, tone or shade. Of course, there are also several ways to add color to concrete, depending on the needs and desires of the client.

K. Schipper
Mar 17, 2018
Experience and Expertise Prove to be the Winning Combination for Puerto Rican Skatepark

Construction of skatepark in Puerto Rico using rebar and concreteThe working conditions weren’t those of a stateside project, but the objective was the same: Build a skate park that had the smooth curves and flawless finishes of any topnotch park in the U.S. Learn how this contractor skated to perfection.

Kelly O'Brien
Jan 7, 2010
Synthetic Rock Features using GFRC

GFRC rock made from panels that were molded from natural stone.Glass-fiber reinforced concrete and other materials can be molded to make rock structures so natural-looking, even Mother Nature will be fooled.

Amy Johnson
Dec 11, 2007
Dos and Don'ts of Polishing Self-Leveling Overlays

An overlay installation starts with the product in powder form being mixed with a specific amount of cold water. Right after it's poured or pumped onto the floor you use a gauge rake to set the thickness you want the self-leveling overlay to be.Self-leveling overlays that are polishable have been around for about seven or eight years now, but only in the last two or three years have they really gained traction in the retail and residential markets.

Clif Rawlings
Jul 10, 2013
Decorative Concrete Panels Survive Decades of Weathering

The collection of 60 panels, each measuring 5 feet by 3 feet by 4 inches, was built to demonstrate seven production procedures popular at the time.The question of architectural concrete’s durability has finally been answered.

William C. Panarese
Dec 4, 2005
Concrete Ribbons Beautify Courtyard

Concrete ribbons, benches made of twisted concrete

Gail Elber
Tips from Concrete Contractors who embrace Customer Service

Emoji for smiling to frowning red, yellow, green, representing customer service. from share customer-service tips that help make their businesses successful.

Wendy Ardolino
Jun 2, 2006
The Differences Between Mechanically and Chemically Polished Concrete

The Differences Between Mechanically and Chemically Polished ConcreteHow do you tell if a floor has been profiled correctly without the use of a testing device? As a contractor, manufacturer or customer, this is an important topic. When polished concrete initially came to the market it was mainly used for industrial and manufacturing facilities.

David Stephenson
Dec 29, 2017
How to Correct Acid Stain Colors on Concrete

Correcting Acid Stain Colors on concrete star engraved into a stained concrete overlay- Stain remains a popular finish, and while the number of problems or complaints has decreased over the last few decades, the problems remain the same, and they don't discriminate between professionals and DIY homeowners.Stain remains a popular finish, and while the number of problems or complaints has decreased over the last few decades, the problems remain the same, and they don’t discriminate between professionals and DIY homeowners.

Chris Sullivan
Oct 1, 2014
Diamond Engraving Pin for Concrete that fits a Dremel

Diamond engraving bit for concrete that fits a Dremel toolThe concrete engraving pin by Star Diamond is a solid (not coated) diamond segment ¼” in diameter by 1” long diamond router on an 1/8” shank.

Feb 2, 2001
An Award-Winning Engineered Backyard

custom-engineered lap pool, deck and backyardWhen Tom Ralston Concrete took on the job of building Todd Turowski a lap pool in the backyard of his hillside house in Scotts Valley, Calif., they did so with eyes wide open.

Chris Mayo
Feb 2, 2014
10 Simple Ways to Efficiently Grow Your Company

concrete stamping crewGrowing your business on limited resources can seem daunting or nearly impossible, but it is achievable over time with hard work and a clear plan of action. Adding employees can be a tough idea to grasp, when considering additional payroll and human resources.

Will Mattingly
Concrete Surface Preparation, It Looks Clean, But Is It?

Know concrete inside and out before starting to prepare the surface for a concrete topping.Getting to know concrete inside and out will help in properly preparing those surfaces for a topping.

Joan C. Stanus
Aug 16, 2002
Concrete Contractors Across The Country Share Insights on What Helps Them Succeed

Contractors across the country share insights on what helps them succeedWhile surveying my peers, I discovered that contractors approach projects differently and require a great variety of tools to get the job done. Perhaps this is why our industry is so innovative and unique.

Karen Keyes
What Do I Tell the Owner About Those Ghost VCT Lines?

VCT Tile ghosting on polished concrete floor. How to remove ghosting.So we’re in the early stages of a polishing project after the old VCT (vinyl composition tile) has been removed. We’re progressing with initial grinding diamonds to open the floor, only to have the building owner walk through and complain, “What happened to my floor? What are all those lines? Is my floor ruined?

Jennifer Faller
May 30, 2010
Preparing Your Countertop for Topical Sealers

The steps you take with your wet-cast or GFRC countertops prior to sealing them will affect sealer success more than the actual application of the sealer. It’s important to gain an understanding of what your concrete is doing, or more importantly, what you are doing with your concrete.

Mark Celebuski
Feb 11, 2011
The Science of Slim: Polymer-Modified Toppings

Polymers aren’t as colorful as pigments, acids and other raw materials used in decorative concrete. But because they help thin cemetitious toppings hold together, they are just as important.

Amy Johnson
Nov 16, 2008
Defending Against Stains and Scratches with Concrete Countertop Sealers

Think about what happens to a kitchen counter every day. People splash acids on it. They spill things that stain it. They chop and slice on it. They set hot pots and dishes down on it. And they clean and clean and clean it with water and chemicals and green scrub-pads

Amy Johnson
May 1, 2010