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Stay Safe on the Job Site with the Proper Personal Protective Equipment

Man troweling concrete with gloves and a hard hatIn recent months, most of the safety emphasis in the industry has been on crystalline silica and new regulations designed to keep it out of concrete workers’ lungs.

Both equipment manufacturers and contractors have worked hard to come up with new products and processes to keep their workers safe.

K. Schipper
Nov 27, 2018
Technology Will Improve Job Site Safety

When it comes to safety in the construction industry, technological advances will make the workplace of the future more connected.When it comes to safety in the construction industry, technological advances will make the workplace of the future more connected.

K. Schipper
Nov 28, 2018
Specialty Fibers Weave their Way into More Decorative Projects

Standing on a concrete slab that is suspended between beams.Aldo Buffone thinks of his avocation to be more artist than contractor. Either way, Buffone’s efforts are one of an innovator. 1025 Studio, the Philadelphia-based artisan’s company, has garnered a local reputation for its creative upgrades of the city’s historic downtown loft structures.

Rick Yelton
Nov 24, 2018
Designer Cast-iron Drain Covers from Iron Age Designs

Cast-iron decorative concrete grate creates visual appeal beside curb.Decorative cast iron grates look impressive. But too often, they’re also expensive, so they aren’t considered for any projects but those with the largest budgets. A company called Iron Age Designs hopes to change that.

May 16, 2007
The Family Roots of GLC3 Concrete

George Lacker (right) owner of GLC3 Concrete and Geoff Kemp, senior project manager.Education, imagination, and lots of experimentation have given George Lacker the right to say he makes some Great Looking Concrete.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Feb 5, 2005
Let it Shine: Installing Fiber Optic Light Effects

Whether you are embedding a shimmering logo in a front counter or spreading a galaxy of stars across a bar top, you need to master fiber optic lighting. Here's how some experts get the job done.Whether you are embedding a shimmering logo in a front counter or spreading a galaxy of stars across a bar top, you need to master fiber optic lighting. Here’s how some experts get the job done.

Amy Johnson
Jan 7, 2010
Preparing for the Pump: Working With Pressure-Applied Concrete

Large structure in a pool that was created by rebar and shotcrete techniques.Decorative shotcrete is catching on, and as with any decorative concrete technique, there’s a learning curve. Here, we cover mix design, prep work and more.

Jack Innis
Nov 7, 2007
Polished Concrete Gloss Testing: Think it Over Before You Commit

portable gloss meters Polished concrete - how does one quantify it? Well, one direction that some installers, equipment makers and chemical densifier manufacturers have taken is to include gloss testing in their specifications. When used correctly, as an objective tool, gloss testing can help installers provide quantifiable evidence of their work.

Peter Wagner, CSI
May 13, 2009
Getting an Early Start on a Profitable Spring

Cherry blossoms on a sky blue backdrop.For some in the decorative concrete industry, this spring can’t come too early. The doldrums of winter take a toll not only on the pocketbook, but also on our creative juices as artists and promoters.

Doug Carlton
Feb 19, 2012
Two Types of Business Competitors and How to Beat Them Both

Business people competing in a foot race.Close your eyes. Think of your business. Imagine you operate in a world without competitors. Imagine you’re the only one that customers can hire to install decorative concrete. Visualize yourself winning bid after bid without anything or anyone to stand in your way. Now, open your eyes. Welcome back to reality.

Jacob Webb
Jun 5, 2012
How Polyaspartic Coatings and Concrete Countertops Work Together

A green concrete tabletop has been colored with polyaspartic coatingsFor decorative concrete artisans, an exciting new direction for polyaspartic coatings is countertops and sinks. One contractor, Dave Paterson of Desert Canyon Epoxy Floor Coatings, based in Scottsdale, Ariz., has elevated the technique he uses for commercial floors to counter level.

Jun 5, 2009
Decorative Concrete Techniques: Stencils and Acid Etching

Close up view of stencil application with Profiler from Surface Gel TekA surface-preparation product called The Profiler from Surface Gel Tek can be used to create an etched effect with stencils. In these photos, Dane Hantz of Dane Concrete Design in Prescott, Arizona, demonstrates the technique. The surface was a steel-troweled concrete floor in a home. Hantz wanted to create a 60-linear-foot border around the room.

Feb 18, 2002
Forming and Stamping a Concrete Balcony

Formed Concrete Balconies A construction deadline: The owner wanted balconies to be ready to entertain VIP guests for the 2012 BMW Championship golf tournament at Crooked Stick.

Gail Elber
Aug 16, 2014
Evaporation Retardants and Finishing Aids Can Make Concrete More Workable

Hand holding a hose spraying water.While water should never be added during concrete’s finishing process, products such as evaporation retardants and finishing aids can effectively help promote workability.

Greg Iannone
Apr 12, 2018
Decorative Concrete in the Forest: The Concrete Treehouse

The view from inside the concrete treehouse.No, it’s not built into the fork of a tree. It’s the grown-up version, with a breathtaking mountain view and lots of decorative concrete.

David Searls
Feb 13, 2008
Concrete Artisan Prides Himself in Jobs Done Right, No Matter the Cost

Outdoor fireplace complete with patio furniture. The president of Artistic Concrete Surfaces, an award-winning company in Olathe, Kan., Mike Denny says that his commitment to quality sometimes drags on the business. “I’d rather lose money on a job instead of doing a job that didn’t look right. I have a good reputation for making sure everything is done above and beyond what people expect."

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Dec 19, 2012
A Concrete Vanity Lit From Within

A bathroom vanity that has lights within to create a glow.The project was a powder-room vanity top. It was a follow-up to a feature fireplace we did a few months earlier for the same clients. As we had won their confidence with the fireplace project and they gave me free reign on the design.

Oct 21, 2010
The Right Mix of Digital Tools for Decorative Concrete

decorative concrete roadwayWhether you are a paleo-pencil-pusher or digital native, in today’s market you have to ask, what are the best digital tools for my business?

Amy Johnson
Feb 13, 2014