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Specialty Fibers Weave their Way into More Decorative Projects

Standing on a concrete slab that is suspended between beams.Aldo Buffone thinks of his avocation to be more artist than contractor. Either way, Buffone’s efforts are one of an innovator. 1025 Studio, the Philadelphia-based artisan’s company, has garnered a local reputation for its creative upgrades of the city’s historic downtown loft structures.

Rick Yelton
Nov 24, 2018
Stay Safe on the Job Site with the Proper Personal Protective Equipment

Man troweling concrete with gloves and a hard hatIn recent months, most of the safety emphasis in the industry has been on crystalline silica and new regulations designed to keep it out of concrete workers’ lungs.

Both equipment manufacturers and contractors have worked hard to come up with new products and processes to keep their workers safe.

K. Schipper
Nov 27, 2018
Testing Decorative Concrete Overlays: Compression Strength vs. Adhesion

A case can be made that any test result can help better define how a product will perform, but when it comes to decorative overlays some tests are more meaningful than others.What is the most important test when it comes to evaluating decorative concrete overlays? A case can be made that any test result can help better define how a product will perform, but when it comes to decorative overlays some tests are more meaningful than others.

Chris Sullivan
Nov 29, 2018
Concrete Floor Restoration Brings Historic Theater To Life

Bright colors on this restored concrete floor bring life back to an important piece of historyWhen California contractor Julio A. Hallack agreed to renovate the floors in Modesto’s State Theater — once a prime example of art deco architecture — he knew he had a big job ahead of him. Half the lobby consisted of terrazzo installed in 1934 and the other half was covered by filthy carpet that reeked from years of spilled beer and wine.

Rosemary Camozzi
Mar 10, 2003
How To Determine The Layout For An Individual Tile Pattern

drawing a basic design in a large roomI feel the industry has created a very busy design world. Many times I think people do too much design and they need to simplify things. Many interior designers want simple stain-and-seal floors because they want to focus on the furniture, lights and wall decor.

Rick Lobdell
Sep 5, 2016
Concrete Artisan in Arizona Works his Magic with Metallics

Jon Kopp Quality Epoxy, Gilbert, ArizonaJon Kopp of Quality Epoxy LLC in Gilbert, Arizona, got into metallic systems strictly by accident. And now, after 20 years in business, he wouldn’t change anything.

Vanessa Salvia
Jul 13, 2018
2009 Concrete Countertop Design Competition Award Winners

An indoor/outdoor concrete countertop.Take a closer look a the winning designs of the 2009 Concrete Counterop Design Competiton.

A big thank you to our sponsors, Preitech, Concrete Countertop Institute, Cimarron and Alpha Professional Tools.

Sep 2, 2009
Tips for Polishing Preexisting Concrete Floors Profitably

Tips for polishing concrete and how to be profitable.If I were a contractor I would take “preexisting” projects over new projects every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

David Padgett
Dec 19, 2012
Inspired Designs Using Tilt-up Concrete Construction

At the Bishop Gadsden Church in Charleston, S.C.,How the decorative concrete revolution is starting to push tilt-up walls into the 21st century.

Kelly O'Brien
Dec 18, 2008
Casting Thin Concrete Furniture with GFRC

Casting Thin Concrete Furniture with GFRCThe acceptance of glass-fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) has inspired a current trend toward light, thin and delicate concrete furniture.

To illustrate what GFRC can do in furniture form, Jeffrey Girard of The Concrete Countertop Institute describes three projects — a table, a lounge chair and an S chair — that show off the strengths of the material.

Jeffrey Girard
Oct 8, 2013
Concrete Artisan Explains How to Mass-produce Concrete Countertop Slabs

Move over marble, granite and engineered composites. With the popularity of concrete countertops on the rise, the time has come for mass-produced precast concrete slabs to enter into the fray.Move over marble, granite and engineered composites. With the popularity of concrete countertops on the rise, the time has come for mass-produced precast concrete slabs to enter into the fray.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Apr 10, 2013
How Densifiers Help with Concrete Maintenance

The use of diamond pads to get out of a jam or cut corners is often money- or time-motivated.In the 1990s, when concrete polishing took off in the United States, silicate hardener/densifiers were rarely used. Now, a concrete floor is not considered properly polished if densifier has not been applied to rejection.

Profitable Concrete Stamping in Five Steps

The final stamped concrete job that has a red color on it.Profit is the byproduct of a high-quality decorative job. There is a big difference between learning to stamp concrete and learning to stamp profitable concrete. In this article we will discuss how to set your job up, as well as the installation process.

Doug Carlton
Aug 11, 2008
Seamless Floors for Award-winning California Brewery

Stonhard's product used on brewery floor in CaliforniaIn 1996, brothers Ron and Rick Chapman made their long-time dream a reality by opening up a brew pub in Coronado, California. Soon after moving into a new facility they began to face challenges common to breweries with sealed concrete floors: cracking and degradation from wide temperature swings and chemical onslaughts.

Mar 6, 2015
Six Issues to Keep in Mind When Working with Decorative Concrete Abroad

John Anderson in a tank top using a power trowel on a concrete slab abroad.The cultural practices and business models from country to country are unique in every way possible: techniques, materials, tools and construction practice regulations.

John Anderson
Jan 20, 2012
Making International Travel and Shipping Plans for Concrete Projects

Preparing a shipment for loading onto a truck.While in the course of business these days, you will sometimes be asked to travel outside the United States to do decorative concrete work. The pitfalls are many, but the windfalls can be huge.

Cathye Rankin
Jan 5, 2012
Protecting Your Crew from Silica Dust and Lead

If it's silica, its not just dustThis column covers a topic that could determine the sustainability of your business: indoor air quality both during and after construction. Although air quality for your workers and your clients has always been your responsibility, new federal rules are making it essential.

William D. Palmer Jr.
Jul 8, 2010
Forging A Bond: An Overview of Bonding Agents in Decorative Concrete

Applying a bonding agent to concrete.Bonding agents are a widely debated family of products. Some concrete contractors will tell you they have a favorite bonding agent, one that they use almost exclusively. Others say they evaluate every job and develop a unique solution, drawing from a wide range of products. And there are some contractors who swear by the oldest bonding agent of them all, simply using a mixture of portland cement and water.

Jennifer G. Prokopy
Nov 7, 2003