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Wine Caves Built with Bridge System

In the heart of northern Michigan wine country near Traverse City, Mari Vineyards opened for business in May 2016.In the heart of northern Michigan wine country near Traverse City, Mari Vineyards opened for business in May 2016. The 31,000-square-foot facility was equipped with the usual amenities of a first-rate winery as well as an extensive underground barrel-aging area that has the qualities of a cave.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Oct 16, 2018
How to Use Sponges to Color Concrete

Applying an overlay to concrete with a rollerI’m not a fan of overlays unless they’re necessary, I continually compete against knockdown finish companies that prefer them. Most of my competition uses overlays on pool decks and patios no matter what. This gives me a unique spin to compete against them.

Rick Lobdell
Oct 16, 2018
Former Preschool Teacher Now Masters the Trowel

Carved concrete by Cindee LundinAbout 25 years ago, Cindee Lundin took a leave of absence from her job as a preschool teacher and enrolled at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota to work on her bachelor’s degree in early childhood education. She already had two associate degrees — one in art and the other in child development — but state laws were changing back then and she needed a more advanced degree to continue to teach in public schools.

Vanessa Salvia and Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Oct 16, 2018
Are You Waiting Too Long To Cut Your Control Joints in Fresh Concrete?

Pacific Palette saw-cut joint tool made these lines perfect on this concrete slabDecorative concrete contractor Tom Ralston has probably never met you, but even so, he suspects you’re waiting too long before cutting your control joints. “Saw-cutting concrete is usually done long after the concrete has been poured or has set up,” he says. “It’s kind of like locking the gate after the horse has left.”

Feb 13, 2008
Con Color Offers Permanent Alternative to Bright Concrete

Polished and dyed concrete in bright colors or teal, green, orange, red, yellow and purple.There is no question that applicators can achieve a wider and brighter range of colors with acrylic stains than can be achieved with chemical stains.

Mar 15, 2003
Applying Concrete Densifiers -- Feel Good About Rejection

Box store used densifier prior to polishing concrete.One message comes through loud and clear in any discussion, debate or disagreement about the various types of densifiers used in concrete polishing.

Almost all of them work, with one exception...

Joe Maty
May 26, 2013
How to Use the Cartesian Coordinates to Plot Points for Designs

Medallions Part 3: Courting the Cartesian CoordinatesOne of the most influential theories of math is called the Cartesian coordinates. The adjective, Cartesian, refers to the French mathematician and philosopher René Descartes who published this idea in 1637. Cartesian coordinates are the foundation of analytic geometry.

Rick Lobdell
Aug 11, 2017
There's More Than One Way to Start a Concrete Polishing Job

Concrete polishing with saw cuts and three colors intersecting.The "first cut" is the foundation for the polished concrete floor that you are going to create. But what is a "first cut"? In speaking with a wide range of concrete polishers, I've found that there seems to be three ways this question can be answered.

Jennifer A. Faller
Aug 8, 2010
Countertop Pioneers Pushing the Boundaries of Kitchen Design

Concrete countertop in a kitchen with bananas on top.Concrete is starting to move toward commercial. We’ve been seeing a huge jump in commercial applications, as far as bars, nightclubs and restaurants being able to appreciate the product. And Reaching Quiet is capitalizing on this trend.

Robert S. Johnson
Aug 8, 2008
How Polyaspartic Coatings and Concrete Countertops Work Together

A green concrete tabletop has been colored with polyaspartic coatingsFor decorative concrete artisans, an exciting new direction for polyaspartic coatings is countertops and sinks. One contractor, Dave Paterson of Desert Canyon Epoxy Floor Coatings, based in Scottsdale, Ariz., has elevated the technique he uses for commercial floors to counter level.

Jun 5, 2009
Eliminating Color Spots in Microtoppings

Among his crew's jobsite tools is a big commercial blender, the stainless steel type used in bars and restaurants. Color powder is measured in with acetone and a little water, then blended, beaten, whipped and frapped to a fine liquid. "The acetone breaks everything down and melts the color," Smith says.Are you seeing spots? How to get rid of spots when adding color to your microtoppings.

Richard Smith
Sep 8, 2006
Concrete Waterscape Dominated by 40-foot Waterfall

Large waterfall falling over carved rocks that cascades into a pool below.CTS Cement Manufacturing Corp. sent us a story about an enormous waterscape at Cypress Breeze Plantation, a private gated development in north Florida. The job was done by Muud Concrete Design (Multiple Use Unlimited Design), a Los Angeles outfit formed by artisans Adrian Gascon and Neil Hughes. 

Apr 2, 2012
Teaching Maintenance to Your Customers is Key

A contractor seals the concrete with a roller.From presale to reseal, educating customers in how to maintain their decorative concrete is a lengthy process.

Mike Dawson
Jun 19, 2008
Maintaining a Maintenance Program

In some cases, people were in fact looking to get a free application of sealer on their driveway, or a buff and wax on an interior floor within the warranty period of our work. In some cases, people were in fact looking to get a free application of sealer on their driveway, or a buff and wax on an interior floor within the warranty period of our work. However most were just interested in protecting the investment that they made, and wanted our help to ensure that the right products and procedures were in place.

Chris Becker
Jul 16, 2010
Concrete Questions: Can You Restore Solvent-Based Concrete Sealers?

Rolling Xylene onto a dull sealed concrete surface to re-emulsify the coating.Question: I have a 5-year-old stamped concrete patio that has not been resealed since being installed. The sealer is cloudy in some areas and in other areas looks like there is no sealer at all. Do I need to reseal or is there something I can do to bring back the original look and luster of the sealer?

Chris Sullivan
May 21, 2013
Historic Middle School Installs Polished Concrete to Restore Image

Middle school hallway lined with lockers and polished concrete floors.“As functional as it is beautiful,” was how Dr. Robert Feirsen, superintendent of Garden City, New York, schools, described the polished concrete used in the new addition and renovation of the city’s middle school.

Cate Stratmeier with Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Jun 8, 2016
Introducing Rare Earth Labs, Inc.

Hand Engraved concrete stones were individually stained with Rare Earth colors.Making concentrated concrete stains in Arkansas, with these stains water makes them better.

Bob Graham
Feb 8, 2001
Epoxy Terrazzo Flooring : Elegance & Choice

Terrazzo tiles are installed in this upscale restauarant in New York City.Using epoxy instead of cement opens up all kinds of new possibilities for terrazzo floors.

Amy Johnson
Jun 19, 2008