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Seeding Aggregate in Concrete

Before there was stamping, before the emergence of acid staining, an exposed aggregate finish was the decorative concrete choice by many.Before there was stamping, before the emergence of acid staining, an exposed aggregate finish was the decorative concrete choice by many.

Joe Maty
Jun 4, 2018
California Artisan Focuses on Concrete Restoration and Repair

Concrete Restoration by Kevin BrownKevin Brown is a soft-spoken, humble-yet-accomplished man who got into the business of concrete work through his family. As he describes it, he knew from a young age that he wanted to follow in the family footsteps.

Vanessa Salvia
May 29, 2018
Press Releases Still Relevant Marketing Strategy

The Museum of Public Relations considers the first press release to be a statement written by the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1906, disclosing the events surrounding a train derailment. That statement spawned an industry.The Museum of Public Relations considers the first press release to be a statement written by the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1906, disclosing the events surrounding a train derailment. That statement spawned an industry.

Kristin Dispenza
May 24, 2018
Decorative Concrete Tips: The Two-Day Pour

Matching up two concrete pours can be a challenge. Learn some trips to a successful two-day pour.Some large projects will require more than one pour to complete. Whether you are doing an overlay or stamped concrete, matching in to the previous days work is very important. Having a project look uniform from start to finish, will lessen headaches, make happier customers and sell more work.

Joe Francis
Jan 4, 2002
Choosing the Right Concrete Sealer

Sealed concrete gives this retail establishment a very bright reflectionOne of the challenges for a high quality architectural concrete installation is the selection of the right sealer. From chemical staining, discoloring, and the day-to-day abuses these surfaces receive, choosing a sealer can make or break the entire project. So, what do you need to look for in a sealer, and how do you match the right sealer to your type of project and environment?

Craig Park
Dec 12, 2001
A New Endeavor - Caribou Art

Exterior wall with Caribou Art placed on it by Tamryn DoolanTamryn Doolan, owner of Surface Gel Tek, has long been in the business of turning simple concrete surfaces into striking works of art. Continuing in that tradition, Doolan’s new endeavor, Caribou Art Studios, brings her talents to a whole new venue — exterior walls.

Dec 12, 2007
Decorative Applications for Pervious Concrete

A street curb backing up to pervious concrete in a brick red color.Pervious concrete, increasingly in demand for its environmental benefits, takes on color.

Michael Chusid and Nick Paris
Jan 23, 2006
2007 Concrete Restoration Contest Award Winners

Museum floor in North Carolina gets a decorative concrete floor makeover.They hail from North Carolina, South Dakota, Arizona and California. They brought new life to an elementary school, an amphitheatre, a museum and a front porch. Meet this year's winners of our second annual Concrete Restoration Contest.

Rob Spiegel
Dec 1, 2007
Concrete Contractor Specializing in Hardscaping: Site Technologies Inc., Roswell, Ga.

Concrete that is colored with reds, yellows and bluesBeautiful streetscapes. Retail and commercial spaces with the look and feel of parks. Incredibly designed school campuses. The great ones all have something in common: Hardscapes that make them accessible and welcoming to human interaction.

Susan Brimo-Cox
May 15, 2007
Deeply Penetrating Pigment Water Repellent Sealer / Stain - Acryl Pen

Acryl-Pen is a deeply penetrating, pigmented water repellent sealer/stain designed for both interior and exterior horizontal concrete and masonry surfaces. Shown in Amber.Surfaces are protected from discoloration caused by air pollution and the damage caused by freeze-thaw cycles, carbonation, graffiti, and pedestrian and vehicular-borne substances.

Jul 15, 2001
Myth-Perceptions in Polished Concrete: Setting Up For Success or Failure

Microsoft campus in Washington state polished and colored with water-based dyes.The one universal truth about the polished concrete industry is that, sadly enough, there is no universal truth. We don’t agree about what defines polished concrete, what steps are important, or what is the best way to steer the industry.

Peter Wagner, CSI
Jul 16, 2010
Moisture and its Effect on Polished Concrete Finishes

Moisture and its Effects on Polished ConcreteAll things in polished concrete relate to physics and chemistry. With that in mind, let’s look at how moisture interacts with concrete and polishing chemicals, with an additional focus on efflorescence.

Jennifer A. Faller
Finding the Beauty in Simple Gray Concrete

Simple gray concrete in a hall at the University of Oregon adds to the design aesthetic of the space.There’s something about its weight. There’s something about its economy of purpose, its honesty, and sometimes, its beauty. There’s just something about natural gray concrete. And the longer I’ve been in the decorative concrete field, with options for coloring systems ever increasing, the more I’ve come to appreciate it.

Mike Miller
Aug 6, 2009
Cracking the Case of Cracks in Overlays and Toppings

Ideas for how to repair cracking overlays that are replicating the cracks from the concrete below.Ideas for what to do — or not to do — with cracks in overlays.

Susan Brimo-Cox
Oct 10, 2005
The Decorative Concrete Makeover at the Charlotte Rescue Mission

Carved barbell into concrete wall over weight room entrance.The notion that decorative concrete can change lives might seem like a bold idea, but it has never been so apparent than at the Charlotte Rescue Mission, the recipient of this year’s community makeover courtesy of the Concrete Decor Show.

Emily Dixon
Apr 20, 2013
Sorting Out Responsibility When New Work Fails

Problems with stamped concrete can be a challenge for contractors.When a problem occurs with a recently installed decorative concrete job, who is responsible? I understand that this is a loaded question, and there are lots of factors to consider, but the question still stands.

Chris Sullivan
May 31, 2009
Artisan in Concrete: Joe and Robert Yezzi, Yezco Concrete Polishing

Decorative concrete work by Yezco Concrete Polishing

Gail Elber
Introducing Carlos Perez of Custom Concrete Designs

Stained concrete floor in a color burst of rays coming out of a star.At just 34 years old, Perez is the owner and manager of Custom Concrete Designs Florida, in West Palm Beach, Florida. The relatively new business is making its mark in South Florida and beyond.

Joe Maty
Aug 2, 2013
From the Publisher's Desk Feb/March 2015

Each new edition of Concrete Decor provides invaluable insights and perspective from our industry columnists. The magazine also contains focuses on projects that constantly aim to unlock the best practices for turning ordinary concrete into finishes that challenge traditional building and finishing methods.

Bent Mikkelsen
Feb 2, 2015
JW Marriott Art Plaza Becomes A City Landmark

Catty-cornered northwest of the Indiana Convention Center, the JW Marriott Art Plaza has become a city landmark and a tribute to Hoosiers statewide since its grand unveiling in March 2010.

Decorative Concrete in the Greater Indianapolis Area: Automobile Museum in Auburn Replaces Waxed Floor with Polished System

Dancer’s company, Dancer Concrete Design, offered another solution to waxing the scuffed-up floor in the events center — polished concrete.

Vanessa Salvia