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Breathable wall coating protects against moisture



The Garland Co.’s new Tuff-Coat single-component, low-solvent, emulsified polyresin coating damp-proofs and beautifies all types of exterior and interior masonry wall surfaces, including concrete.

Tuff-Coat wall coating provides heavy-bodied protection against moisture, UV, fumes, and fresh or salt water, while allowing water vapor to escape the structure through its breathable film. It is low-fading, hides stains and discolorations, is alkali-resistant and provides a washable surface. Tuff-Coat wall coating is available in both a smooth and textured finish, and its low-odor formula meets the VOC regulatory requirements of all 50 states. Smooth and textured versions can be applied by brush or roller, and the smooth version can also be sprayed.

Tuff-Coat high-build wall coating has a dry-film thickness of 10 to 20 mils. The heavy build is primarily due to embedded polymers, which allow for a higher solid content without subsequent cracking or blistering of the coating. With a tensile strength as high as 160 psi and an elongation factor as high as 585 percent (with the smooth version), Tuff-Coat wall coatings provide durable protection and will not peel, chip, blister or crack when applied on properly prepared surfaces.

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