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Researchers Uncover the Secret Ingredient to Roman Mortar's Strength

Why is Roman cement so strong?

Interesting explanation for why ancient mortar has lasted long.

ModaCrete releases Pamako CCS concrete countertop sealer
New Faces: Fall 2013
Marketing and Salesmanship
Trowel & Error: Sorting Out Responsibility When New Work Fails
Concrete Contractor Finds Ways to Balance Family Life and Work

Child walking in a park over impressions in the concrete made from stains.A concrete contractor discusses how to balance between being a contractor and family life.

How to Win a Decorative Concrete Contest: Take Great Photos

Contests that showcase handsome decorative concrete projects are helpful twofold — they promote quality craftspeople and they provide bona fide examples for companies that make or distribute the products. Either way, they’re good for business.

CCNY Team Researches Unique Glass Powder for Concrete Production

In potentially transformative research for both the recycling and concrete industries, a City College of New York civil engineering team is developing a glass powder to replace cement in the production of concrete.


Making the Phone Ring
Second graders love decorative concrete

2nd Graders Love Concrete
A manufacturer gave them water bottles and T-shirts


Business Strategies: Wanted: Processes that Ensure Quality Work
Carlton's Corner: Two Reasons Artisans Struggle in Business
Who Stands Behind The Words We Read?

Paper will not refuse ink. What do I mean by that? Well, there is nothing more important in business than to represent yourself honestly and consistently, and ideally that is how your competition will address itself … and you.

Concrete Decor announces changes in magazine sales force
Concrete Contractors' Show-Stopping Showrooms

Decorative Concrete Professionals Need ShowroomsIn today’s digital age, many contractors are increasingly using the Internet, social media and iPads to highlight their portfolios and suggest options to potential clients.

New Technology Delivers the Shine to Concrete Without the Grind

Multiquip's SlabArmor process showing a concrete construction working riding on a concrete polishing machine.Beauty may only be skin deep, but the performance qualities of an MQ Whiteman SlabArmor concrete surface are just as impressive as the strikingly good looks the SlabArmor system delivers.

Fundamentals of Business: Two Types of Competitors and How to Beat Them Both
Experts weigh in on what's coming in the Decorative Concrete Industry

Concrete Industry Forecast red door on blank concrete wall indicating where is decorative concrete going.

We asked everyone the same set of questions. It wasn’t easy to approach this, given our friends’ varied experiences and applications. Perhaps the first challenge to looking ahead this way is defining the industry in general.

CSDA releases industry standard and best practice documents for polished concrete
How To Go Green In Decorative Concrete

Workers apply Prosoco's Consolideck surface hardener.

Decorative concrete often appeals to designers and building owners who want to minimize their impact on the environment, because polished, stamped or textured surfaces eliminate the need for coverings that perpetually need replacement.

Cannabis Construction: Entrepreneurs Using Hemp for Home-Building

hempcrete concrete decor

The New York Times recently reported that hemp fibers are being worked into concrete to form a mixture called hempcrete. While no one would want to smoke this stuff, it does seem particularly useful as a building material.

PCA says U.S. cement consumption increased in 2013
Ardex showcases product lines in new California facility

Swank Surfaces in New Offices
In-house materials make Ardex's SoCal digs shine

Field Recon App Makes Quick Work of Jobsite Data

Workforce Recon jobsite appIs your business losing money by employees not documenting the work they are doing? Here is an app that can help.

Reaching your Goals

As a business leader, your primary objective is to see through the fog and identify where you want your company to go. I like to use a vision point that is three years away.Reaching the "summit" for your business takes forethought and daily attention.