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Concrete Decor Roadshow

Concrete Coatings

Trowel & Error: Hot-Temperature Effects on Sealing
Foundation Armor shares before and after pictures of a stamped concrete floor

Restoration Before and After
See how blush repair helped fix a nasty delamination

Build the Perfect Pool Deck: Part 3 of 3 Finishing the Deck

Salt Water Pools Concrete Deck Sealer

Teaching Maintenance

From presale to reseal, educating customers in how to maintain their decorative concrete is a lengthy process.

Surface Preparation: The Right Profile

Surface prep is not the most creative part of a decorative concrete project, but it’s also rarely the same old grind.

Comparing Thick-Build Concrete Sealers to Thin-Build Concrete Sealers

Applying a decorative concrete sealerThe market for concrete sealers is vast and it seems that there is almost every imaginable way to protect and enhance concrete floors. For the purpose of this article we are going to discuss two options that involve a clear sealer.

Why Sealers May Leave A Lingering Odor

Is it possible to smell sealer months after application? Someone asked me this regarding a stained and sealed floor in a Colorado residence.

Dyes and metallics combined for glowing floor at baby accessories store

Metallics and Dyes Join Forces
Colorants make day-glow purple at baby products store

Drying Phases of Decorative Concrete Sealers

Applying Concrete Sealer

What to Do When Decorative Concrete Cracks

Grout it, fill it or design around it? In decorative concrete, every crack presents a contractor with a unique set of problems.

ModaCrete releases Pamako CCS concrete countertop sealer
How Can You Minimize Sealer Slipperiness?

Sealing a concrete patioUsing grit additives has become the most common method for reducing slipperiness when sealing decorative concrete flatwork on exterior walking surfaces. The grit additives are mixed into the sealer, then the gritty sealer is applied to the concrete. However, as the question states, in this situation the weather was too cold to reseal the concrete. So another method needs to be used until springtime arrives and temperatures rise consistently above 50 F. 

A Metallic Epoxy Concrete Floor in a Michigan Art Gallery

Metallic Epoxy Concrete Floor

Restoration of amphitheater features leakproofing, chip finish

Amphitheater Restoration
Waterproofing and chip finish get standing ovation


UV-cure Coatings Are Back in the Mix for Specific Applications

 UV Cure Coatings for Concrete

Choosing the Right Floor Sealer

Penetrating or film-forming, water-based or solvent-based, your sealer is just as important as any other element of your project. Here’s a guide for sorting through your options — plus tips on some clever effects you can create with them.

Product Focus: Polyurea-1 HD from Citadel Polyurea Coatings

Every manufacturer hopes they will develop a product that is truly versatile. Citadel Polyurea Coatings may have come close to that goal with their new Polyurea-1 HD coating.

What's The Best Way to Strip Sealers from Stamped Concrete?

Stripping sealer from stamped concrete

Cool Concrete
Carlton's Corner: Sealers On The Brain

We have been hitting this sealer problem head on in this column because this is what your feedback has asked for. I recently had the chance to visit with Bert Adams of Glaze 'N Seal to get his input on what is happening with this industry.

Recipes: Terrific Terrazzo

Inspired by the rotors of the helicopters the client manufactures, this intricate, precise design shows off not only the contractor's technical aptitude but also terrazzo's design versatility.Our regular feature offers two step-by-step descriptions of unique floors that were created with good old terrazzo.

Slip-Resistant Concrete Floors Are Perfect For Vegas Projects

AquaFlex concrete coating on stairs in vegas

Use of Penetrating Sealers is on the Rise

dull concrete surface being enhanced with penetrating sealerThe decorative industry grew up on the “one size fits all” high-gloss sealer which was the go-to coating for decades. While high gloss is still widely used, low-gloss and natural finishes in the decorative concrete industry have been gaining momentum as homeowners, architects and designers seek more ecofriendly, green and natural-looking sealing options.

Sprawling Aged Concrete Meets its Endurable Match

Concrete floor restoration in Nebraska's Timpte Manufacturing Plant filled in gouges, holes and cracks in the concrete.

It wasn’t long after Shawn MacDonald heard about a promising new concrete floor restoration system that he encountered a project that figured to be a good candidate for putting the system to the test.

Get Inspired by these Decorative Concrete Staining Recipes

Whether it's incorporating homeowners' interests with a custom aggregate or opting for a free-form concrete staining technique to achieve a stained concrete flower design, we hope the techniques featured in each of these recipes will inspire you to try something new.The techniques featured in this beloved annual feature may give you the look you’re after for finishing that one job. Or, they may provide the spark you need to come up with something new.