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Countertops & Cast Concrete

Bring It to the Table

Fabien Mené, a French native and art collector, never thought he’d find himself working in decorative concrete. It all started after studying art at the Charles de Gaulle University — Lille III. The idea of creating stenciled tables came to him after making bar counters in a class and wondering if he could add a stencil to the bottom of a casing.

Spirit Stone

For a man who’s been into concrete as far back as he can remember, the business has changed a lot since he ran Carl Concrete Construction in Greensboro, North Carolina. Now co-owner of Spirit Stone, Bill Carl has moved away from the traditional uses of concrete to its more artistic side.

Ultimate Cliffside Entertaining Area is Like Poetry in Motion

“Graceful Curves.” That’s what Scott Cohen and his team at Green Scene Landscaping and Swimming Pools call a recent backyard masterpiece in Malibu, California. Cohen describes it as the ultimate entertaining backyard that has everything and then some — including a pool that makes you feel like you’re in a giant lake.

Workshops from the Heart

Concrete Decor Show pro bono endeavors brighten stay for families of the ailing
At the seventh annual Concrete Decor Show in San Diego, California, world-class instructors and eager students from around the globe joined their talents and enthusiasm to breathe new life into the outdoor surroundings of the Bannister Family House, which provides a home-like environment for people with family members in long-term or critical care at the nearby UC San Diego Health.

The Top 7 Mistakes that Can Make or Break Your Concrete Countertop Business

Avoiding certain pitfalls can mean the difference between a struggling hobby and a thriving business. When it comes to countertops, here are a few of the most common mistakes we at the Concrete Countertop Institute think are the biggest stumbling blocks for aspiring concrete countertop contractors.


In 2015, homeowners who had traveled throughout Italy contacted Darryl Bates of Excalibur Surfaces in Simi Valley, California, about wanting Old World-style concrete countertops that looked like the Italian granite they had admired on their trip. Using products purchased through StoneCrete’s Ashby System, Excalibur delivered 52 square feet and 1,660 pounds of beautiful 2-inch-thick countertops in three sections that look as if they were hewn from a cliff.

Ben Ashby, StoneCrete Systems

Ben Ashby, 53, got an early education in concrete from a father who he says was “stubborn as a mule and tough as nails,” but who also provided the young Ashby with the drive and motivation to succeed. His father, who recently passed away last December, was an “old school” concrete worker who taught hard work. “I remember my first day on the job because I was 5 years old carrying around a 4-foot level,” Ashby says. “I don’t think he actually used the level I was carrying around but it gave me something to do and my father wanted me to do it because that’s how you learn to work hard.”

Kitchen Designed around the Love of Whiskey

When you live in Tennessee and you've got clients with a bare kitchen who also like to entertain and enjoy their adult beverages, a Jack Daniels theme seemed like a natural fit.When you live in Tennessee and you’ve got clients with a bare kitchen who also like to entertain and enjoy their adult beverages, a Jack Daniels theme seemed like a natural fit.

Luna Loungers Launch

Luna Loungers, round concrete chairs

Design to Delivery in 4 Days

spraying GFRC for 3-D concrete projects

A River Runs Through It - Blue Colored Polished "River" Placed on Concrete Slab prior to Building Being Erected

concrete river in floor

A handcrafted 5,900-square-foot meandering river scene incorporated into the building’s polished concrete floor before the building was constructed. Womack also manufactured and installed three different versions of concrete countertops, and finished the exterior concrete with custom pattern mats and a unique stain.

Innsbruck Loft Extension

precast concrete extension on top of building

Lavacrete Table Flows and Glows

A concrete table made with Lavacrete fiber optic lights

Black Magic Concrete and Metal Sculpture Called Stealth

Steath concrete and metal sculpture

Iconic Building is a Brilliant Addition to OSU

polished building facade and dichroic glass fins

Art project is concrete symbol of new beginnings

Ocean of Life
Art project is concrete symbol of new beginnings

The Jury's In - Concrete is truly an art form for this artisan

making art out of concrete

Land of 10,000 Lakes Inspires Carved Concrete Mural

carved concrete mural, EZ Chem concrete products

Jimmy Hazel of Clastic Designs

precast concrete by Jimmy Hazel of Clastic Designs in Reno

Concrete Countertops Come Alive After Dark

Glow in the Dark Concrete Countertops The powdered sugar-like product is available for a little more than $100 per pound, and for this project it only took 1/4 pound to achieve this long-lasting glow effect.