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Countertops & Cast Concrete

The Importance of Polymer Content in Trustworthy GFRC Mix Designs

By Jeffrey Girard
Tags: GFRC, Success with Concrete Countertops
March 3, 2014
ModaCrete releases Pamako CCS concrete countertop sealer
Cheng Concrete announces 2013 winners of kitchen and bath sink contest

Common Misconceptions about  Concrete Countertops ... and How to Combat Them

By Jeff Girard, with Lane Mangum
Seat Walls on the Pittman Wash Trail, Las Vegas, Nev.

By Gail Elber
Tags: Project Profile
Why Strength Matters in Concrete Countertops


By Mark Celebuski
November 19, 2013
Cheng Concrete announces winners of Kitchen and Bath Concrete Maker Challenge
Cheng Concrete announces winners of Kitchen and Bath Concrete Maker Challenge

Cheng Concrete 2013 Awards
Top kitchen and bath countertops announced

Casting Thin Concrete Furniture with GFRC

The acceptance of glass-fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) has inspired a current trend toward light, thin and delicate concrete furniture.

To illustrate what GFRC can do in furniture form, Jeffrey Girard of The Concrete Countertop Institute describes three projects — a table, a lounge chair and an S chair — that show off the strengths of the material.

By Jeffrey Girard
Choosing the Best Mixer for Your Countertop Concrete

By Steven Miller
The Three Stages of Grinding and Polishing Countertops

By Jeffrey Girard
May 21, 2013
Kind of blue: A custom concrete bathroom
Kind of blue: A custom concrete bathroom

Blue Bathroom in Chicago
The tub, vanities, walls and fire feature are concrete


Success With Concrete Countertops: Choosing the Right Diamond Pads

By Jeffrey Girard
Spring 2010

Concrete Decor, Vol 3, No 1

Fall 2009

Concrete Decor, Vol 2, No 2

Top Form: Outside and Outstanding
By Emily Dixon
March 31, 2009
Spring 2009

Concrete Decor, Vol 2, No 1

Spring 2008

White cement was used to make this eggplant-colored sink, which was created by Buddy Rhodes Studio and designed by Johnny Greg Studio.

January 24, 2013
Success With Concrete Countertops: A Guide to Using Topical Sealers on Cast Concrete

By Jeffrey Girard
December 19, 2012
Why Penetrating Sealers Are Sometimes Your Best Choice
By Jeffrey Girard
Tags: Success with Concrete Countertops
October 21, 2012
A Guide to Combining Concrete and Steel

By Cody Carpenter