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The Alamodome in San Antonio Installs Polished Concrete

alamodomeStone Care of Texas, based in San Antonio, was called upon to restore the flooring to its original state and provide a low-maintenance solution.

Fixing Finishes in Polished Concrete on the Front End

The substrate that is used in a work of art has a lot of control over the finished product. The substrate that is used in a work of art has a lot of control over the finished product. Polished concrete is no different. We have seen the beautiful pictures of floors that show fantastic color, reflectivity and clarity. What we don’t see are the shots of poorly finished column block-outs or spalled control joints that were cut with dull saw blades.

Making Maintenance an Integral Part of Your Concrete Business

Add concrete maintenance to your construction business and you will see a big return.Polished and decorative concrete floor installations accounted for only about a quarter of our business as of the start of this year. Most of our revenues were coming from cleaning, maintenance and restoration services.

Selecting the Correct Process and Products Will Help Customers Sign Off On Jobs

best concrete repair processRepairs are always tricky. The idea is to get them done as quickly as possible with a remedy the customer will buy. By selecting the correct process and products, you can control how long the repairs will take to complete. Customers’ willingness to accept repairs is determined by understanding their expectations and letting them know early on if their goals are achievable.

Listening to Your Customers Pays Off in the End

Listening to your audienceBeing successful in business, as in life, is knowing when to be right, and when to allow the other person their thoughts and views, especially when the “other” person is a potential or existing customer.

Family Christian Center Upgrades to Polished Concrete

The new worship center at the Family Christian Center in Clermont, Fla. isn't your grandfather's church. It boasts sleek lines and contemporary design.The new worship center at the Family Christian Center in Clermont, Fla. isn’t your grandfather’s church. It boasts sleek lines and contemporary design.

Wet or Dry Polishing? What Is Right For Your Job

Polishing concrete with a yellow and black concrete grinding machine.Is it best to polish concrete wet or dry? This is a question that will have to be asked before each job. The condition of the concrete floor, the environment it occupies, the de­sired look of the finished product, and other expectations and preferences will all play a role in this decision. 

White Concrete Poses Particular Challenges for Installers

Space in JC Penney was a challenge with the white concrete used.The biggest issue contractors confronted during J.C. Penney Co.’s Wave 2 of renovations in August concerned the whiteness of the Izod shops’ burnished floors.

The Church of Decorative Concrete

This stencil was laid down in the walkway leading up to this church.Many of history’s most beautiful works of art were created for places of worship. These days, decorative concrete is doing its part to beautify churches across the country.

Floor Features Grinding Aluminum and Concrete Toppings

snowshoe tracks on floor at an Alaskan elementary school A floor at an Alaskan elementary school honored the natural environment and became art that kids can walk on, thanks to Mapei’s Ultratop PC polishable concrete topping.

Incorporating Decorative Concrete into Public Schools

The school, which focuses on a concept called play-based learning, tries to make everything the students do count as a learning experience -- even when they are on the playground.From the playground to the locker room, decorative concrete is inspiring teachers and school administrators across the country.

Does Polishing Concrete Floors Count as Recycling

A large warehouse with men working on the polishing of the floor instead of covering the concrete with another flooring option.Contractors who restore concrete floors give new meaning to the phrase "green thumb."
A concrete floor is a renewable resource.

Concrete Countertop Polishing Tips and Tricks

Grinder that is used for polishing concrete countertopsConcrete countertops are a very hot item these days, and fabricating them can be much easier than you think — when you use the right tools and technique. This is the key to eliminating frustration and ultimately producing a quality product.

Ardex Showcases Product Lines in New California Facility

Ardex Showcases Product Lines in New California FacilityHigh-performance building products maker Ardex Americas (the North American wing of Germany-based Ardex Group) is slowly transforming each of its six North American locations into showcases of the manufacturer’s products.

Refurbishing A Black Concrete Floor In A Modern Home

black concrete floor in art deco house

Artistic Decorative Concrete in Public Works Projects

Frog designed from concrete stains.When a city, school or government chooses to spend a little extra money on decorative concrete, it demonstrates civic pride — and makes that lobby, city pool or roadside a little easier on the eyes.

Critiquing Polishable Self-leveling Cementitious Toppings

Concrete construction team inspects quality of a polishable cementitious self-leveling overlay.Four manufacturers of concrete resurfacing and repair products took on the challenge presented by the Operative Plasterers & Cement Masons International Association (OPCMIA) Local 528 last July in Seattle.

Don't Get Pushed Around by Clients - Get Paid

A family pushing a car.We all wish that we could tell our customers, “Screw you! I did the work. Pay me!” I know that in my career I have gotten just about every excuse in the book as to why I wasn’t getting paid for my work. By its very nature, the decorative concrete industry that we love so much allows customers to play with our money.

New Technology Delivers the Shine to Concrete Without the Grind

Multiquip's SlabArmor process showing a concrete construction working riding on a concrete polishing machine.Beauty may only be skin deep, but the performance qualities of an MQ Whiteman SlabArmor concrete surface are just as impressive as the strikingly good looks the SlabArmor system delivers.

Young Professional Finds Success with Long Time Friend in Concrete

Stamped concrete patio with a square fire pit.When you’re 22 years old, it’s hard to seriously imagine that you could be one of the founders of your own business with some friends and succeed in doing it.

Putting a Silica Dust Plan in Writing

Large concrete polishing machine creating slurry from the dust and water mixing.It’s probably not an attitude shared by everyone, but Tom Martin, job site safety director for Diama-Shield LLC in Troy, Michigan, believes OSHA is there to help contractors.

Polished Concrete Positively Reflects High-end Cars

Imagine a $75,000 Maserati Ghibli on display on a cracked, chipped, unevenly colored concrete floor. Having trouble with the visual? The same can be said for Audis and Mini Coopers. They’re much more at home on a pristine, polished floor.

Patching Polished Concrete and the Art of Camouflage

A patch should be unobtrusive, not reaching out for your attention. What is your customer's first impression of the project you just spent three months on when the first thing that draws their eyes is a patch, a cold sore on your floor? A patch should be unobtrusive, not reaching out for your attention. What is your customer’s first impression of the project you just spent three months on when the first thing that draws their eyes is a patch, a cold sore on your floor?

Polished Concrete In Schools: A Guide for Contractors and Clients

Polished concrete hallway in a school.School flooring has long been the domain of carpet and vinyl.

That’s changing. Officials who run elementary and secondary schools (and even colleges) are becoming aware of concrete flooring as an option. And concrete flooring professionals have begun to notice schools as a market.

Discussing Trends in Architectural Polished Concrete

Architect hand on a blueprint designWe all are aware of how important a role architects play in our industry. They are the ones advising municipalities and every type of building owner. As architects learn more about what we can do with a concrete surface they are becoming very intrigued with how much they can do.