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Should You Overlay or Replace That Cracked Concrete Surface?

First Federal Savings Bank, Sheridan, Wyo., asked Doug Carlton if there was an overlay that could improve their cracked, uneven parking lot. He told them no. The crack pattern shows a problem beyond random cracking. He guessed that the concrete is too thin or not properly reinforced, or that the subgrade had failed.

By Doug Carlton
Tags: Carlton's Corner
A Colorful Transformation of a Transit Stop

Decorative concrete on a bus stop“The imagery was kind of inspired by the playfulness of the site,” Lucking says. “It’s like psychedelic cactuses, which is what Fourth Avenue is like.” They decided Lucking would execute the design in a mosaic on the pavement, and Goldlust would render it as cutouts in the station’s steel benches and partitions.

By Gail Elber
Tags: Project Profile
April 4, 2014
Hand-carved, powder-colored French floor in North Carolina

Vive la

Hand carving with accent powders on sunroom floor

ACI Releases Long-Awaited Decorative Concrete Standards Guide

ACI Decorative Concrete Standards Guide

By Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Final Pour: Design for Living

By John Strieder
Tags: Final Pour
A Volcanic Floor at the Discovery Children’s Museum in Las Vegas

By Ted Uram
Tags: Project Profile
New Elephant Armor Overlay is Touted as Being Crack-Free

Elephant Armor

By John Strieder
Tags: Restoration & Repair, concrete overlays
Super Stone Inc. Opa-locka, Fla.
By Jeff Woodard
Project Profile: Fast Install in Old Building Pushes Contractor to the Limit<small>Weight Watchers International Corporate Offices, Manhattan, N.Y.</small>

Concrete floor with cementitious overlays

By Joe Maty
Tags: Project Profile
Stone and Sand Finishes in a Beach-themed Backyard

Concrete in a Beach Themed Backyard

By Chris Mayo
October 2, 2013
Floor-work helper Racatac now boasts more comfortable seat
Floor-work helper Racatac now boasts more comfortable seat
September 12, 2013
Color-crazy showroom floors at The Stain Store in Austin, Texas
Color-crazy floors at The Stain Store in Austin, Texas

Perfect Floors at Stain Store
Showcase staining at Texas store's new location

Installation Tips for Polishable Overlays

By Joe Zingale
August 18, 2013
New Ardex thin-set mortar for setting mosaics and tile
Concrete Questions: Can You Make Cracked Concrete Overlay-Friendly?

Can Cracked Concrete Be Repaired with an Overlay?

By Chris Sullivan
Knockdown Finishes — A Cool Concept for the Backyard

By Joe Maty
Project Profile: The First Custom Garage at Georgia’s 100-mph Country Club

By Joe Maty
April 16, 2013
Project Profile: A New Overlay Scores Points at a Sacramento Ballpark

By Natasha Chilingerian
Project Profile: A Makeover in a Mall Covers Outdated Tile

By Stacey Enesey Klemenc
January 24, 2013
Project Profile: Custom Floors for a Growing Food Service Chain

By Stacey Enesey Klemenc

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