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Staining & Coloring Concrete

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Adding Design to Your Concrete Projects

Contrary to what you may think, the best concrete designs do not shout Now that you’ve learned how to stamp and stain, it’s time to give some serious thought to the design of your projects.

Diablo Grande Golf Course & Country Club Patterson, Calif.
OSU Further Polishes its Image with Expansion Project

the concretist: Staining Was Never Easy, But Now It's Complicated

I was once a much younger concretist, really impetuous and passionate. I was working for L.M. Scofield Co., and as my wife told me, I worked way too much. So she left me. To be more accurate, she left me in charge of the kids for 10 days while she and her best girlfriend toured a bit of England and Scotland.

Product Focus: The Colorspreader from Triple Hard Tools

Tournament Players Club Sawgrass Staging Area, Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.

This golf course was going to be on national TV, and its owners wanted it to look good. Decorative concrete helped get it ready for its closeup.

Color Repairs Explained in Black and White

shiny brown polished floorOver the last few months I’ve had multiple projects with issues related to color. I feel it will benefit Concrete Decor readers to understand the process for corrections as well as some simple tips and tricks for achieving desired results.

Going Vertical with Reactive Concrete Stains

When it comes to application, contractors lean toward spraying, although some may use a sponge or foam brush to achieve a special effect. Kemiko recommends an all-plastic handheld garden sprayer. Discover why vertical staining is catching on despite some application challenges.

Artisan in Concrete: Steve VandeWater, Noblesville, Indiana

Steve VandeWater Concrete Decor magazine

Best in Color: A university dining center impresses in L. M. Scofield's annual contest

How To Add Dimension to a Stained Concrete Tile Pattern

tile pattern on concreteIn the previous two articles, I discussed my bread-and-butter designs. I probably do one of those designs every other week and sometimes twice a week. They’re quick and easy once you become familiar with them. Practice drawing them on your warehouse floor a couple of times until you get used to the routine.

AmeriPolish wins Demo Pavilion contest at 2012 Concrete Decor Show
Product Focus: Revive Color Refresher from L. M. Scofield Co.
Solving Color Problems in Concrete

Concrete Color repair how toColored concrete is beautiful, but laying it down can be an ugly business. So many things can go wrong — the weather turns, supplies run out unexpectedly, batches of cement vary in shade. Getting decent results often means spending hours or days compensating for circumstance.

The Elements of Style for Concrete Contractors: Inherent Values

Asian space separator with a wicker basket on the floor.There is a famous paperback called “The Elements of Style” by Strunk and White. Many writers treasure it as a guide to writing clearly and succinctly while avoiding common grammatical errors. The handbook itself is a model of clarity.

Effects with Reactive Stains
Creating Color Designs with Rachel Knigge-Bruce's Stencils
“It Looked Like the Horse Had a Rash”
Pouring Concrete with Acid Staining in Mind

Pouring concrete that is to be stained


Soy-based Concrete Stains

Swirls and spins painted onto a concrete floor using environmentally friendly soy-based concrete stains.Using soy-based materials to strip, stain and seal concrete can be about as healthy as it gets. Concrete artisan Dana Boyer is selling the soy-based line through her concrete contracting outfit, Concretizen. Developed by friends of hers at New Century Coatings and sold by several "private label" resellers, the products have been personalized by Boyer to fit her vision.

L. M. Scofield's top color projects for 2013

Celebration of Color
The 2013 L. M. Scofield Decorative Concrete Awards


Contractors Have Fun with Faux Textures On Concrete

 faux texturing decorative concrete

Which Type of Decorative Concrete is Right for You?
What do Sail Concrete Stamps, Bamboo Fencing & Jelly Bean Glass have in Common?

When Mike "the concretist" Miller takes on a project, just about anything could get put to work on the job site. In this case, it was "sail stamps," bamboo fencing and jellybean glassWhen New Leaf Community Markets decided to construct a new 20,000-square-foot location in Santa Cruz, Calif., the flooring was one feature the company wanted to be unique, durable and representative of the beach community in which the natural food store would be located.

Decorative Concrete Tips: Creating Images with Dyes Prior to Acid Staining

How to create an image in concrete with dye and then use an acrylic stain over the image.Using traditional materials create a one of a kind masterpiece.