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Staining & Coloring Concrete

Footprints When Acid Staining Concrete - Tread Lightly Every Step of the Way

mistakes in acid staining concrete

By Chris Sullivan
Tags: Concrete Questions
Improve Your Outcome with Concrete Stencils

Successs with concrete stencils

By Steve VandeWater
From Shape into Style: An Artist Explores and Explains Good Decorative Concrete Design

Good decorative concrete design

By Gaye Goodman
Concrete Walkway and Columbariums Transform Garden

Decorative Concrete Columbariums

By Vanessa Salvia
Scofield Decorative Concrete Awards

Artistic Concrete Grand Prize Winner

By Amy Johnson
Elements of Design for Concrete Contractors: From Line into Shape

Shape and Line in Decorative Concrete Patterns

By Gaye Goodman
A Metallic Epoxy Concrete Floor in a Michigan Art Gallery

Metallic Epoxy Concrete Floor

By Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Tags: Project Profile
The Elements of Design: The Vitality of Line

Concrete in Louisianna State Museum - Concrete Decor Magazine

By Gaye Goodman
The Lorenzo Los Angeles

Meditteranean themed decorative concrete

By John Strieder
Tags: Project Profile
Viva Las Vegas - Decorative Concrete Remains a Sure Bet

Stained stenciled concrete floor

By Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Polished, Stamped And Stained Concrete for Microbrewery Facilities

Polished concrete brewery floor

By Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Staples and Paint Pigments Win the Day

Cambridge Square Apartments Kansas concrete pool deck repair

By Gail Elber
Tags: Project Profile,Restoration & Repair
How a Decorative Concrete Veteran Rescued a Nightmare Project

Polished concrete floor by Julio Hallack

By Julio Hallack
Tags: Project Profile
Decorative Concrete Fort Worth: A Concrete Go-cart Track at Legoland

Decorative concrete go-cart track at Legoland

By Vanessa Salvia
Tags: Project Profile,Concrete Fort Worth
Artisan in Concrete: Steve VandeWater, Noblesville, Indiana

Steve VandeWater Concrete Decor magazine

By Vanessa Salvia
Tags: Artisan in Concrete,Decorative Concrete,Stamped Concrete,Concrete Stamping,Concrete Staining,Concrete Stenciling,Concrete Countertops,Molded Textures,Texture Stamping,Sagamore Ready Mix
Tiger Stripes in a San Diego Kitchen

Metallic concrete floor

By Vanessa Salvia
Tags: Final Pour
Filling Joints in Decorative Concrete

Filling contraction joints, control joints

By Nick Dancer
Tags: Restoration & Repair
June 10, 2014
Floor remodel of Craig's Cruisers family fun center in Michigan

Go Go Color

A family fun center's kid-friendly new floor

Moisture and its Effects on Polished Concrete

Moisture and its Effects on Polished Concrete

By Jennifer A. Faller
Vegas Artisan Puts Fresh Concrete Stamp on Venerable Casino

Stamped concrete walkway in Las Vegas

By Gail Elber
Tags: Project Profile