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How to Prep for a Diving Board Mount on a Pool Deck

Prepping for a diving board mount on a pool deck is essential to eliminate cracked concrete.Did you ever have to install a pool deck with an aggressive pattern and then worry about cracking or breaking the fiberglass diving board mount because you were unable to set the mount on a smooth and level surface?

Solve this potential problem before the damage occurs by first following the diving board manufacturer recommended instructions for the diving board mount set back from the pool’s coping. Once located, tie wire the mount jig to the rebar reinforcements in the deck.

A close up of the diving board mount location. Proceed with the pour as planned. When stamping the concrete at the diving board mount run your pattern past the mount jig. Once you have pattern-stamped past the mount area, stamp the fiberglass diving board mount into the concrete as well. This allows you to set and level the mount base and have a perfect fit to bolt down into later. This approach allows you to keep the pitch of the deck for water run-off and still have a level diving board base.

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