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1. Concrete Industry Training Puts Your Company Ahead of the Pack

Hands-on training has proven to be an effective way for newcomers in the decorative concrete industry to learn from the experienced contractorsWith the rise in popularity of decorative concrete, quality training and education has become of the utmost importance. Concrete training institutes are springing up around the country, and have become an essential piece of the puzzle to help your company rise above your competition. 

By Bruce Hackett
2. Manufacturer Profile: Rafco Products, Rancho Cucamonga, Calif.

Laying down ornate stencils on a concrete surfaceIn 1971, Robert Freis was working as a buyer for a California building supply company when a customer asked to buy a set of aluminum stamps for a concrete design application.

By Bruce Hackett
3. Manufacturer Profile: Super-Krete International Inc. El Cajon, Calif.

Concrete courtyard finished with a grid pattern achieved with Super Krete productsStarted 25 years ago and specializing in tennis courts construction, Super-Krete went on to develop Liquid Concentrate, a coating product designed to withstand the test of time and last through extreme weather conditions.

By Bruce Hackett
4. Health with Safety Precautions While Working with Dry Portland Cement

Protect yourself when working with concrete related products such as color hardener, concrete sealers, concrete pigments, silica dust.Masks, gloves and goggles protect your body from the damaging effects of concrete dust and chemicals used in beautifying concrete.

By Bruce Hackett
5. Manufacturer Profile: Custom Rock International

Concrete in Cabela's stores has become a trademark.When decorative concrete is mentioned, typically we’re referring to the booming market in flat concrete. However, there are additional, more specialized niches in the decorative concrete arena: simulated rock formations, typically found in zoos, theme parks and more. Check out some examples in this article.

By Bruce Hackett
6. Richard Smith Custom Concrete, West Hills, Calif.

Rick Smith owner and president of Richard Smith Custom Concrete in California.Rick Smith, owner and presidentof Richard Smith Custom Concrete of West Hills, California, subscribes to a business maxim that he believes is crucial to the success of any contractor business, or, in fact, any business: Do more listening and less talking.

By Bruce Hackett
7. Long Range Planning: A Challenging but Essential Task for Business Owners

A man looking through binoculars at a pink skyline.Preparing for one, two or ten years down the road is equally important as your plans for today, tomorrow, or next week's jobs.

By Bruce Hackett
8. Texturetop, A Superior Stampable Cementitious Topping

Bob Harris presses embossing skins onto fresh concrete.Inside or out, the new stampable topping from L.M. Scofield Company offers exciting new opportunities for contractors.

By Robert Harris and Bruce Hackett
9. Sales and Marketing Techniques for Decorative Concrete Contractors

Contractor talking with customer about his decorative concrete product and why he should choose his method. Sales and Marketing your services is essential.Learning the necessary skills required for this type of concrete work produces high-quality results! Concrete Decor shares some. It’s one of the truest and simplest maxims in the world of business: You won’t be successful if people don’t know about you.

By Bruce Hackett and Lindy Ausburne
10. Educate with Decorative Concrete Training Programs

Decorative Concrete Training Programs offer lucrative skills to students.Learning the necessary skills required for this type of concrete work produces high-quality results? Concrete Decor shares some thoughts!

By Bruce Hackett

Displaying: 1 - 10 of 10