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1. Brawl in the Fall Competition has Both Serious and Fun Sides

Brawl in the Fall San Diego at the Concrete Decor Show bright blue colored concrete. Everything about the Brawl in the Fall at the 2016 Concrete Decor Show in San Diego was hot, hot, hot— from the record-breaking 100+ degree heat to the sizzling entries that shaped up in the outside lot during show time.

2. How to Choose an Overlay From the Four Different Types

Stampable Overlay from Butterfield Color There are four different overlay systems used in creating decorative concrete floors: microtoppings, stampable overlays, multipurpose overlays and self-leveling overlays. All have different characters and makeups with which to achieve decorative looks.

By David Blasdel
3. Radial Concrete Stamps Have Come Full Circle

Concrete that has been stamped with a radial stamp and embedded with a concrete compass rose.Radial stamps, multipiece tools that create circular and curved patterns, have earned stamp manufacturers a round of applause.

By Kelly O'Brien

Displaying: 1 - 3 of 3