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1. Arcon, Las Vegas, Nevada: Innovative Leader in Decorative Concrete

Concrete floor in a high traffic retail spaceArcon is an innovative industry leader of new technology in cementitious, decorative, architectural flooring. Using structural concrete and overlayment, the company has provided an alternate to tile, stone, asphalt, Kool Deck, terrazzo, marble and other hard-surface flooring materials on many different projects. Concrete Decor’s Denise Wendt talked with principal Mark Balogh about the company.

2. Thin Is In: Micro-toppings Offer Beauty and Versatility

Logo of a Native American is placed on concrete using mircrotopping

Architectural micro-toppings are as versatile as they are beautiful.

Defined by their thickness — or lack of it — they are generally between 1/32-inch and 1/8-inch thick. They are typically applied with a trowel or squeegee but can also be broom finished.

By Denise Wendt
3. Acrylic Stains for Concrete: A Colorful Alternative to Acid Etch

Acrylic stained concrete with blue hues in a GM showroomContractors choose acrylic stains over chemical stains for a variety of reasons. Acrylic stains offer an array of colors that chemical stains cannot. Designers and applicators are no longer limited to the eight colors commonly available with acid-based stains. And when combined with a chemical-based system, the design possibilities are limitless.

By Denise Wendt
4. Contractor Helps Clients Warm to Decorative Concrete

Ship concrete circle logo created by a Bomanite contractor Ira Goldberg.Bomanite contractor Ira Goldberg paved the way for decorative concrete in New Jersey and surrounding areas. Here Ira Goldberg reflects on almost twenty years with Bomanite.

By Denise Wendt
5. Concrete Contractor Veterans Share Techniques for How to Stamp Concrete

Misty hillside spa surrounded by amazing concrete rocks tumbling down beside stamped concrete stairs.Experts share some secrets for honing your concrete stamping skills.

By Denise Wendt

Displaying: 1 - 5 of 5