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1. Stamp Shield Hybrid Concrete Sealer Promises a Change for the Better

sealing decorative concrete

2. Managing Your Decorative Concrete Business for Profit

Manage Your Decorative Concrete Business for Profit

By Doug Carlton
3. There is a Difference Between Sealing and Resealing Decorative Concrete

Chemical resistant broom

By Doug Carlton
4. Make a Splash: Transitioning into pool construction

Pouring concrete pool decks

By Doug Carlton
5. These Days, the Most Important Part of Contracting is Communication

communicating with clients in the concrete industry

By Doug Carlton
6. How Texture Stamp Mats Changed the Game

Using texture stamp mats

By Doug Carlton
7. Getting Into Decorative Concrete: A Guide for Newbies and Old-timers, Too

Decorative concrete career - Concrete Decor magazineFar too many skilled decorative professionals falsely believe their success hinges on their expertise. Most feel the more they know about concrete counters, polishing or staining, the better their odds are of being viewed as successful artisans or, maybe better put, successful artisanal business owners. Sure, expertise is important, but it's only a fraction of what you need.

By Doug Carlton
8. Planning Your First Hardscape?

Installing a concrete hardscape

By Doug Carlton
9. Should You Overlay or Replace That Cracked Concrete Surface?

First Federal Savings Bank, Sheridan, Wyo., asked Doug Carlton if there was an overlay that could improve their cracked, uneven parking lot. He told them no. The crack pattern shows a problem beyond random cracking. He guessed that the concrete is too thin or not properly reinforced, or that the subgrade had failed.

By Doug Carlton
10. Carlton's Corner: Three Steps to a Successful Sample

Making a concrete sample

By Doug Carlton

Displaying: 1 - 10 of 91