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1. Training and Education is Good for One and All

Training and education is good for entire concrete industryI saw a meme recently that goes something like this:

CFO asks CEO: What happens if we invest in training and developing our people and then they leave us?

CEO: What happens if we don’t and they stay?

By Greg Iannone
2. Greg Iannone joins the Solomon Colors/Brickform Sales Force

Greg Iannone has joined the Solomon Colors/Brickform sales force.

3. Concrete Products Work Best When Applied as a System

Concrete Products Work Best When Applied as a System Why use a concrete system, concrete products made by same manufacturer, advantages of concrete system, systems approach for concrete, reduce risks of concrete work with system, concrete benefits with system, using a systems approach, what works best for concrete products. Photo courtesy of Townescapes, Batavia, OhioProducts made by same manufacturer for concrete projects work best as a system.

By Greg Iannone
4. In search of new revenue? Offer resealing as an option as part of your bid

What if I told you that you could get paid over and over again for a project you completed a year or two ago. Would you be interested? No, this isn’t some slick marketing idea or even a take-off of a multilevel marketing or pyramid scheme. Rather, this is working smarter not harder with a fair amount of common sense mixed in.

By Greg Iannone
5. Are You Afraid to Seal Concrete?

Serene setting at a upscale hotel where luxurious lounge chair sit atop a stamped concrete pool deck.I firmly believe that the lifeblood of our industry is new and innovative products that continue to move the decorative market forward. A close second, the oxygen of our industry, is word-of-mouth advertising by satisfied clients who have had their expectations met.

By Greg Iannone
6. Expectation Management Should Be Part of Conversation with Customers

Have you ever been in the process of completing or had just completed what to you was an amazing architectural concrete project only to be told by your client:
“It’s not what I was expecting.”
“Meh! It looks kind of ‘blah.’ I thought the color would ‘pop’ more.”
“I don’t like it.”

By Greg Iannone
7. How White Cement Can Help You on a Colored Concrete Job

By Stacey Enesey Klemenc

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