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1. Luca Seminati and Maurizio Pontello, Ideal Work

Introducing decorative concrete in Europe was a big challenge to a market that’s more traditionally known for materials such as natural stone, marble, wood and ceramic.

Tags: Concrete Internationally
By Jacqueline Valle
2. Jesse Escalera, Proscapes OC

For a guy who started from the bottom up, Jesse Escalera has managed to make a name for himself over the years through his backyard masterpieces.

Tags: featured contractor, Proscapes OC, Jesse Escalera
By Jacqueline Valle
3. Bring It to the Table

Fabien Mené, a French native and art collector, never thought he’d find himself working in decorative concrete. It all started after studying art at the Charles de Gaulle University — Lille III. The idea of creating stenciled tables came to him after making bar counters in a class and wondering if he could add a stencil to the bottom of a casing.

Tags: Final Pour
By Jacqueline Valle
4. Spirit Stone

For a man who’s been into concrete as far back as he can remember, the business has changed a lot since he ran Carl Concrete Construction in Greensboro, North Carolina. Now co-owner of Spirit Stone, Bill Carl has moved away from the traditional uses of concrete to its more artistic side.

Tags: wearables
By Jacqueline Valle
5. Clem Carrion, Visual Artisan

For a man who was an Eastern Airline employee for years and owned his own pest control company after that, he found working with his hands, LEDs and chemicals familiar territory. So when the economy began to tank, it wasn’t that far of a stretch when Clem Carrion founded Visual Artisan in December 2007, a concrete business that specializes in concrete countertops, innovative lighting and metallic epoxies, as well as faux wood and stone.

By Jacqueline Valle
6. David Alvey, Architectural Concrete

When you’re 22 years old, it’s hard to seriously imagine that you could be one of the founders of your own business with some friends and succeed in doing it.

By Jacqueline Valle
7. San Diego So Much Decorative Concrete, Beautiful Weather, Beautiful Concrete

Lithomosaic in San Diego sunburst colorful yellows and oranges spoke from the center.San Diego County is known far and wide for its beautiful weather, interesting people and endless summer atmosphere. So it was with great anticipation when San Diego was picked as the site for the 2016 Concrete Decor Show Sept. 25-29 that it was destined to be one showstopper of a show. And all indications point to that premonition coming true.

By Stacey Enesey Klemenc and Jacqueline Valle
8. Matt Hine, Progressive Concrete Coatings

Many concrete professionals who are asked how they got into the business of concrete say they sort of “fell into it.”

Tags: Artisan in Concrete
By Jacqueline Valle
9. Stencil line targets concrete applications

Stencil line targets concrete applications
One-time use adhesive-backed vinyl patterns

Tags: Concrete Stenciling
10. New green space trumps upcoming political debate

Cleveland Public SpaceNew green space trumps upcoming debate
Public square expands to incorporate vast green space and unique concrete designs

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