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1. Wagner Meters and Sitefotos Partner to Benefit Flooring Professionals

Wagner Meters’ concrete flooring division and Sitefotos, a software company, announced today a partnership which enables integration of the Sitefotos photo documentation app with Wagner’s Rapid RH® Bluetooth® Smart Reader.  Wagner Meters is the first company in the flooring industry to use a Bluetooth-enabled device to allow users to take ASTM F2170 compliant relative humidity (RH) readings.

2. Remediating Moisture in Concrete Doesn't have to be Complicated

Water Problem?Moisture problems in concrete slabs old and new can play havoc with decorative concrete projects and other flooring strata in several ways, including bubbling, blistering and blushing of color. It’s commonly an interior problem because breathable products that reduce the threat are more commonly used in exterior applications.

By David Searls
3. Award-Winning DataMaster Available for Android Devices

Wagner Meters just released the DataMaster app for Android users, complementing the previously released iOS version. The app is used to help record and report the moisture condition of concrete floor slabs.

4. Award-winning DataMaster now available as an iOS app for mobile devices

Wagner Meters has announced the DataMaster app for contractors, flooring installers and others who utilize relative humidity (RH) testing, specifically, the Rapid RH 4.0 EX, to assess the moisture condition of concrete floor slabs.

5. How to Measure RH in Concrete

RH measurements in concrete

By Jason Spangler
6. Estimate future service condition RH readings quickly & easily with Wagner Meters' new online estimator

Wagner Meters has announced the exclusive release of an online Service Temperature Estimator webApp that easily and quickly estimates the relative humidity (RH) at service conditions from concrete at non-service conditions.

7. Predict relative humidity in concrete quickly and accurately with Service Temperature Correction Table

Wagner Meters has shared a handy new tool developed especially for contractors, flooring installers and others in the concrete industry that enables them to predict the relative humidity (RH) of a concrete floor slab at service conditions – even before those service conditions are met.

8. Wagner Meters offers updated webinar with latest info about concrete moisture testing

Wagner Meters is offering the twice-monthly recently updated online course “Moisture Testing of Concrete Floor Slabs.” This training webinar is especially designed for contractors and flooring installers, and is presented by Howard Kanare, a leading expert in concrete moisture issues.

9. New study reinforces reliability of Rapid RH measuring devices

A soon-to-be released laboratory study, utilizing six different manufacturer’s relative humidity testing equipment and overseen by an ASTM task group, offers two breakthrough findings that will prove immensely useful and profitable for anyone who utilizes the Rapid RH testing method for their projects.

10. Technology upgrade designed for use with Rapid RH 4.0 EX Sensors

Wagner Meters, the world’s leading manufacturer of moisture meters, announced that a technology upgrade related to measuring moisture in concrete will continue to be offered for free through June 1, 2015. This upgrade is specific to the Easy Reader device, part of Wagner Meters’ award-winning Rapid RH 4.0 EX system.


Displaying: 1 - 10 of 12