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1. Concrete Contractor Finds Ways to Balance Family Life and Work

Child walking in a park over impressions in the concrete made from stains.A concrete contractor discusses how to balance between being a contractor and family life.

By Karen Keyes
2. 5 tips for photographing hardscapes

concrete waterfall photography5 tips for photographing hardscapes

The beauty of decorative concrete comes from its versatility and stunning final results. Each project’s unique traits help sell the next project. However, your future potential clients don’t necessarily have access to your past projects, which is why photography is a crucial component of your marketing plan — regardless of your company’s size.

By Karen Keyes
3. Successful Training Requires Commitment and a Plan

smoothing out concrete with a trowelTraining in the construction industry seems more daunting than some other professions.  With all of the moving parts of our industry, we not only need to train on skill and leadership, but also safety and technology.

By Karen Keyes
4. Concrete Contractors Across The Country Share Insights on What Helps Them Succeed

Contractors across the country share insights on what helps them succeedWhile surveying my peers, I discovered that contractors approach projects differently and require a great variety of tools to get the job done. Perhaps this is why our industry is so innovative and unique.

By Karen Keyes
5. How to Get the Job Without Being the Low Bid

swimming pool surrounded by beautiful concrete floorWe’ve all had the phone call with a client where he lets you down gently, saying thanks, but some other contractor came in with a lower number. Sometimes it’s best to just write off those lost jobs, but how do you get the jobs you really want without having to be the lowest price? 

By Karen Keyes
6. 5 Ways to Effectively Utilize Your Decorative Concrete Awards

Concrete awards laid out on table

By Karen Keyes
7. Karen (Van Heukelem) Keyes


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