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1. Brawl in the Fall 2016 - Concrete Decor Show

Brawl in the Fall San Diego at the Concrete Decor Show bright blue colored concrete. Everything about the Brawl in the Fall at the 2016 Concrete Decor Show in San Diego was hot, hot, hot— from the record-breaking 100+ degree heat to the sizzling entries that shaped up in the outside lot during show time.

Tags: Brawl in the Fall, San Diego
2. Workshops from the Heart

Concrete Decor Show pro bono endeavors brighten stay for families of the ailing
At the seventh annual Concrete Decor Show in San Diego, California, world-class instructors and eager students from around the globe joined their talents and enthusiasm to breathe new life into the outdoor surroundings of the Bannister Family House, which provides a home-like environment for people with family members in long-term or critical care at the nearby UC San Diego Health.

By Stacey Enesey Klemenc
3. Crowning the Top Brawler at the 2015 Concrete Decor Show

decorative concrete competition winner

Tags: Brawl in the Fall
By Vanessa Salvia
4. Putting the Pieces Back Together

concrete sidewalk that looks like racetrack

By Vanessa Salvia
5. Decorative Concrete Contractor Troy Lemon's Blue Moon Shines at WOC

Troy Lemon's Blue Moon Sculpture for World of Concrete 2015

Unlike God almighty who, according to the Bible, created the world, its heavens and all forms of life in six days, the best Troy Lemon and his mortal crew could do was hand-form and carve a concrete replica of the moon in four.

By Stacey Enesey Klemenc
6. A Metallic Epoxy Concrete Floor in a Michigan Art Gallery

Metallic Epoxy Concrete Floor

Tags: Project Profile
By Stacey Enesey Klemenc
7. Good Composition in Decorative Concrete | Decorative Themes in Concrete | Turning Concrete into Art

Staining and painting concrete

By Gaye Goodman
8. The Journey Home: A legacy of giving back at the Presbyterian Night Shelter

Imprinted concrete and inlayed graphics

Tags: Project Profile
By Vanessa Salvia
9. Emil Gera: Weatherly, Pennsylvania

Decorative concrete patio by Emil Gera

Tags: Artisan in Concrete
By Vanessa Salvia
10. Movement, Contrast and Texture: Explaining Colored Concrete Options to Clients

Color in decorative concrete

By Troy Lemon

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