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Upgrade to Lavina propane and electric concrete grinders

A Company and a Brand
You Can Trust


LAVINA by Superabrasive has become a leading name in the concrete grinding and polishing industry. It is well recognized for its reliable and efficient floor machines and high-quality diamond tools. Here is what concrete contractors shared about their experience with LAVINA products and the company that makes them -- Superabrasive.

Harness the Power of an Effective E-newsletter

harness the power of an effective newsletterWhen it comes to communicating with your customers, electronic newsletters are a powerful tool to highlight your expertise and experience. Since we live in a society in which most of us are glued to our phones even when we are out of the office, a well-designed newsletter can be an effective means to quickly continue to strengthen your brand.

Amy Numbers
Apr 5, 2017
Concrete Decor Roadshow
Get to know Joshua Annis of Joshua James Artistry

Carved concrete wall that looks like the inside of a cave by San Diego concrete contractor Joshua AnnisWith a passion for art and a love of sculpting, painting and pottery, Joshua Annis had the opportunity of a lifetime presented to him at a young age and at a time when he had no direction in his life and then along came concrete.

Jacqueline Valle
Apr 5, 2017
Seminary Receives Concrete Makeover using Pure Texture

Seminary wall coated with Pure Texture concrete coating with arched openings into a room.In his 40 years of working in the masonry and general construction industry, Dominick Freda has never been involved with a project of the magnitude of the St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary, a traditional Roman Catholic facility situated on 1,100 acres in Dillwyn, Virginia, not far from Charlottesville.

Jacqueline Valle
Apr 7, 2017
A Store That Helps Its Customers Sell, Too

How a Canadian construction supply retailer promotes decorative concrete

Brian Graham
Oct 27, 2011
Decorative Concrete Tips: Complete Estimates are an Essential Part of the Job

The Importance of EstimatingFor the decorative concrete contractor — or any contractor — the estimating stage of any project is critical. Here at the Renew-Crete Systems training seminars, I stress the importance of a complete and thorough estimate.

Joe Francis
Mar 31, 2017
Add Texture to your Slab with Concrete Texture Rollers

Texture roller skims the surface of a stenciled concrete slab giving a textured look.In this world, there are two types of concrete: concrete that’s flat, gray and utilitarian, and concrete that’s been shaped, colored and/or textured — and is considered art.

K. Schipper
Apr 7, 2017
Chalk up Green Points with Decorative Concrete

Chris Sullivan
Concrete Questions
May 19, 2016
10 Noteworthy Products in the Decorative Concrete Industry

pervious concrete


Commemorative 100th Issue
Jun 24, 2015
Project profile: Westminster City Center Park Westminster, Colo.

In 2007, the city of Westminster, Colo., a suburb located northwest of Denver, began initial planning for a new park that would sit on 9 1/2 acres of open land across from its city hall. City planners sought to build an inviting community gathering spot where children could play and families could stroll, take in art and view live performances. For inspiration, Westminster, Colo., city planners looked to their sister city, Westminster, England, a central borough of London.

Natasha Chilingerian
Sep 15, 2011
Control Finish, from Fritz-Pak Corp.

Fritz-Pak Control Finish used in Texas on concrete borderExterior decorative concrete projects lend themselves well to areas of the country with warm, dry climates where the client can enjoy their outdoor space year-round. Unfortunately warm temperatures can also impact the workability of concrete.

Emily Dixon
Product Focus
Sep 5, 2012
2008 Concrete Countertop Design Competion

Chief Concrete Inc., Las Vegas, Nev.

May 7, 2013
Artisan in Concrete: Joe and Robert Yezzi, Yezco Concrete Polishing

Decorative concrete work by Yezco Concrete Polishing

Gail Elber
Artisan in Concrete
Nov 18, 2013
L.J. Ickes and Joe Quick, Artistic Concrete Coatings

Artisan in Concrete - Change is what they do. Quick and Ickes started in business together in 1998 as a commercial pressure washing company.

Chris Mayo
Artisan in Concrete
Sep 4, 2012
Making the Mold - Forming techniques for concrete countertops and elements

Forms serve many functions beyond simply containing the concrete. The formwork defines the precision and, to some extent, the quality of the casting. Well-made forms create straight lines, fair curves and right angles and lead to easy, effortless installation.

Jeffrey Girard, P.E.
Apr 7, 2017
The Ugly Truth: How Moisture Can Ruin Your Decorative Concrete

Moisture meter for concrete moisture testing

Jason Spangler
Aug 15, 2014
Re-fashioning the Fashion Show Mall

concrete in the Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas

K. Schipper
Project Profile
Jan 11, 2016
Carlton's Corner: Accurate Project Records Today Get You Work Tomorrow

Doug Carlton
Jan 18, 2013
Sanding and Buffing Coatings on Cast Concrete Pieces

Amy Johnson
Jul 16, 2012
Grow Your Business with Customer Service

Referrals from satisfied customers will propel you to the top.

Richard Nutthall
Feb 18, 2011
Restore, Refurbish, Maintain: Caring for Colored Concrete

You don't have to stain in vain — restoration and maintenance can fight age and wear on just about any colored concrete slab.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Feb 10, 2011
Jump in! Concrete Pool Decks

Beyond the beauty of its surface, a well-made pool deck can keep your customers cool and safe.

Amy Johnson
Feb 17, 2011