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The Power of Diamond Grit

Upgrade to Lavina propane and electric concrete grinders One of the largest lighting manufacturers in North America has recently moved its product development to a 132,000-square-foot building in Atlanta, Georgia, and the company chose polished concrete as the most cost-efficient and easy to maintain flooring option.

Former Army Ranger Builds A Construction Company Employing Vets

Vet Embarks on Mission: to Build a CompanyRich Verdone is an Army Ranger veteran with five tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, but his devotion to duty and his fellow soldiers marches on here at home. He’s now on a mission to build a construction company on a foundation of the skills and dedication of U.S. military veterans.

Joe Maty
Sep 11, 2017
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Sundek Recognizes 42 Concrete Projects in 2017

Sundek Recognizes 42 Projects in 2017A total of 42 awards were presented at the 2017 Sundek Awards Banquet during the company’s 33rd annual convention in Hilton Fort Worth earlier this year.

Sep 1, 2017
Concrete industry offers lucrative career path for women

Concrete industry offers lucrative career path for womenWomen CEOs of concrete companies are smashing glass ceilings and bucking trends that have emerged for women in other nontraditional occupations. While women CEOs only comprise 2 percent in the basic and infrastructure sectors according to World Economic Forum and Bureau of Labor Statistics data.

Sefla Fuhrman, Ph.D.
Successful Email Marketing for Concrete Businesses

email marketing concrete businesses

Ashley Kizzire
Concrete Placement (Part 3 of 3): Mix Designs

David Stephenson
Decorative Concrete Fort Worth: Concrete Art at the Kimbell

Polished concrete at Kimball Art Museum

Vanessa Salvia
Delux Roller Tools to Enhance the Grout Lines of Imprinted Concrete

Using a roller to enhance grout lines makes imprinted concrete really pop.A new roller tool to enhance the grout lines of imprinted concrete.

Oct 9, 2001
Using Stencils on Outdoor Vertical Surfaces

Whether you're working on a decorative wall in a backyard or the exterior walls of a 15-story building, consider stencils for vertical surfaces.Whether you're working on a decorative wall in a backyard or the exterior walls of a 15-story building, consider stencils for vertical surfaces.

John Strieder
Aug 29, 2006
Add Decorative Drainage to Your Concrete Services

Drainage systems for concrete that add to the overall design while still doing their job.From trench drains to catch basins and grates, here's what you need to keep standing water off your outside projects.

Susan Brimo-Cox
Mar 15, 2004
Justin Burd and Nathan Smith, Set In Stone Concrete Design House

Concrete coffee table by Justin Burd. Natural wood inlays in perpendicular patter cross at one end. Concrete trivet sits on top of a round concrete table.

Decorative concrete bars and concrete countertops are “anticlimactic” to many concrete contractors. Many concrete contractors continue to push the limits of what concrete can do as a medium by creating good design and shapes that are not often seen within the decorative concrete industry.

Vanessa Salvia
Lending a Hand with Concrete

A concrete form created from hand prints of children attending a school in Orlando, Florida. Over a period of nine days, future students of the school were bussed to the site, where they cast their hands for posterity into the tilt wall panels, using almost five tons of plaster in the process.

Feb 9, 2004
Remediating Moisture in Concrete Doesn't have to be Complicated

Water Problem?Moisture problems in concrete slabs old and new can play havoc with decorative concrete projects and other flooring strata in several ways, including bubbling, blistering and blushing of color. It’s commonly an interior problem because breathable products that reduce the threat are more commonly used in exterior applications.

David Searls
Jul 31, 2017
Communication with Questions

Clipart of two people communicating using questions. A sales person needs to know about the person prior to selling a product or project. Sound intelligent.

Asking the right questions will help you truly connect with your customer.

Ken Lundin
Dec 9, 2002
Outdoor Tropical Retreat Restaurant Gets High and Dry Facelift with an Overlay

Decorative Concrete Floor in RestaurantA five-star resort will often go the extra mile to achieve the perfect ambiance. But a resort in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, actually went an extra 2,500 miles to Sundek headquarters in Arlington, Texas, to get the decorative concrete deck it wanted for its outdoor restaurant and lounge.

Gail Elber
Jan 11, 2015
A Prepper's Best Friend

The word "diamonds" is inevitably associated with the concept of "big bucks," but like many other things about diamond grinding, this is something of a misconception.The word "diamonds" is inevitably associated with the concept of "big bucks," but like many other things about diamond grinding, this is something of a misconception.

Steven H. Miller
Jan 28, 2007
Using Concrete Control Joints in Your Design

Red stained concrete diamond shapes blend with the control joint that runs through the middle of the concrete slab.Concrete control joints are necessary, but they don't have to be ugly. Here's how to turn them into art.

Joan Stanus
Dec 3, 2002
Artisan In Concrete: Cornerstone Decorative Concrete, Holland, Mich.

Troy Lemon, founder and president of Cornerstone Decorative Concrete in Holland, Mich., starts his story with a familiar admission. “I was a concrete guy way before I was a decorative concrete guy,” he says.

Kelly O'Brien
Aug 9, 2011
An Indepth Look at the Use of Air Entrainers in Decorative Concrete

Air contained in concrete benefits the end result the pressure off with air-entraining agents with a pressure release.

Mike Dawson
Jul 10, 2006
Carlton's Corner: Three Ways to Drum Up New Work

Eight times per year I look at this magazine from cover to cover, amazed at how our industry has been hijacked by true artists. This level of skill, along with a few creative marketing ideas, should keep fresh money coming into your bank account.


Doug Carlton
Aug 9, 2011
The Benefits of Decorative Shotcrete

Shotcrete is not a physical product. It cannot be touched or held in your hand. Shotcrete is a process or verb. It is the action of placing concrete to achieve high strengths and low permeability.

William T. Drakeley Jr.
Feb 11, 2011
Controlled Erosion

Intended to mimic the look of travertine, this microexposure finish leaves the surface with a subtle texture that complements integrally colored exteriors beautifully.

Kelly O'Brien
Feb 11, 2011