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The Power of Diamond Grit

Upgrade to Lavina propane and electric concrete grinders One of the largest lighting manufacturers in North America has recently moved its product development to a 132,000-square-foot building in Atlanta, Georgia, and the company chose polished concrete as the most cost-efficient and easy to maintain flooring option.

Mechanical engineer chooses concrete over current job

Joshua Thiel, Thiel Studios, Palm Beach, FloridaFor as long as he can remember, Joshua Thiel has had a passion for creating and building while also finding innovative solutions to problems. After going to school for mechanical engineering and spending years fabricating and learning how to work with different materials, it seemed like a natural fit to dive into concrete.

Jacqueline Valle
Oct 10, 2017
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Match the Mix with the Right Equipment

Match the Mix with the Right EquipmentToo often mixing decorative overlays becomes an afterthought or path of least resistance process. This is the drill and paddle I have used for years, so it must be OK. Worse yet, and I am guilty of this, those of us on the training and manufacturing side default to whatever mixer is provided when we show up for a product demonstration.

Chris Sullivan
Oct 27, 2017
Joint fillers and sealants are prevalent on commercial concrete floors

FLOORING IT: Fillers and sealants are fast friends for commercial jobsNeed some perspective from the field on fillers and sealants? The people who are most likely to spend time with them are those who work on floors, with a heavy emphasis on the commercial and industrial markets.

K. Schipper
Oct 20, 2017
iPlay America, Freehold, N.J.

iPlay America Amusement ParkWhen Bob McDaid began making plans to build iPlay America, his 115,000-square-foot indoor family amusement park in Freehold, N.J., he envisioned flooring to complement two very different settings. On one side of the park, he wanted a boardwalk that would remind guests of playing arcade games and munching cotton candy on the famous New Jersey shore, and on the other, a worn asphalt road that would help depict a Tuscan village scene.

Natasha Chilingerian
Feb 19, 2012
Decorative Concrete in Colorado: Trends Near and Far

decorative concrete trends

Karen Van Heukelem
Starting the First Cut on a Concrete Slab

Exposing aggregate in a concrete floor

Jennifer A. Faller
Concrete "Stone" and Sand Finishes in a Beach-themed Backyard

Concrete in a Beach Themed Backyard created using existing concrete.A backyard is dominated by a swimming pool with waterfalls, a rocky cliff look, and lots of concrete from the 1980s — far too much to remove the existing concrete and redo everything and is ready to be transformed.

Chris Mayo
What's New In Decorative Concrete

decorative concrete newsWhat’s new in decorative concrete? That was a popular question that came my way multiple times during the recent World of Concrete. I realize my name is out there, but I’m a long way from having a crystal ball to be able to predict what the future of our industry holds.

Chris Sullivan
Apr 12, 2017
Why You Should Integrate Infographics Into Your Marketing

Lately, it seems that you can’t read an online article or browse social media without coming across an infographic. Considered one of the most powerful marketing tools in use today, is it just a trend that will soon be on the way out or is there more than meets the eye to this form of visual media?

Lindsay Chelf
Designing Decorative Concrete with Good Composition in Mind

Staining concrete or painting concrete what is the difference. Here a man is painting concrete after a stencil was removed from the acid stained concrete.There is a famous paperback called “The Elements of Style” by Strunk and White. Many writers treasure it as a guide to writing clearly and succinctly while avoiding common grammatical errors. The handbook itself is a model of clarity.

Gaye Goodman
Protect Your Lungs From Job Site Hazards Before Damage Sets In

mask protectionHow often in the course of your day do you think about breathing? Unless you’re one of those unfortunate people who suffers from a respiratory illness, it’s unlikely you give it any thought at all. The fact that breathing is a somewhat involuntary action is probably why we so easily take it for granted.

Deven Johnson
Apr 8, 2017
Manufacturer Profile: Stegmeier Corp.

An alternative to a pre-cast concrete wall cap

A disposable foam form for cast in place concrete wall caps to be, creating cantilevered edges that look great but won't bust the budget.

Contractors in need of custom wall caps typically choose between pre-cast concrete, which is elegant but pricey, or cinder block caps, which are — and look — a lot cheaper.

Stegmeier Corp. has developed an alternative.

David Thompson
Oct 24, 2003
How to Fabricate Subtle Stone-look Concrete Driveway

Directions on stamping and staining a concrete driveway to look like real stone.Ideal for patios, driveways or other expansive exteriors, this stamping technique is all about subtle variations in color and texture, resulting in a realistic stony finish.

Kelly O'Brien
Nov 9, 2011
How to Win a Decorative Concrete Contest: Take Great Photos

Contests that showcase handsome decorative concrete projects are helpful twofold — they promote quality craftspeople and they provide bona fide examples for companies that make or distribute the products. Either way, they’re good for business.

May 13, 2013
Whiteboard Videos Draw Attention to Your Message

White Board Video infographic, marketing & business development for the concrete contractor.If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a video worth?

Lindsay Chelf
Step-by-step Concrete Color Recipes

Tempt the eye with a whole new batch of concrete color makers’ favorite designs and effects.

Kelly O'Brien
May 11, 2009
Getting Started in Concrete Stamping

Large stamped concrete circles with beige inner textured circlesThe most profitable decorative concrete jobs are usually the ones that are kept simple. Let's run through some entry-level stamping to get you started. 

Doug Carlton
Sep 15, 2009
Pit Stops with Pizzazz

Florida turnpike decorative concreteIf Florida’s Turnpike were a rail line, the Fort Drum service plaza in the south central part of the state would be the equivalent of New York’s Grand Central Station, with glitzy interior treatments that include terrazzo floors and decorative exterior treatments and landscaping that evoke Florida’s unique natural environs.

Joe Maty
The Concrete Tub

They’re heavy and they can be hard to install. But for some customers, decorative concrete tubs are worth every drop of sweat.

Christina Camara
Feb 13, 2008
Controlled Erosion

Intended to mimic the look of travertine, this microexposure finish leaves the surface with a subtle texture that complements integrally colored exteriors beautifully.

Kelly O'Brien
Feb 11, 2011
Artisan in Concrete: Klassen Concrete, Winnipeg, Manitoba

From quirky flights of fancy to classic looks, this Canadian contractor can handle it all even landscaping.

Christina Camara
Feb 13, 2009