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Saw by the CSDA Code

how to read code marks on saw bladesIf you’re new to sawing concrete, or if your business only requires you to do the work occasionally, you might want to acquaint yourself with the Blade Application Code for Diamond Saw Blades from the Concrete Sawing and Drilling Association based in St. Petersburg, Florida.

K. Schipper
Apr 19, 2018
Church Street Gym Revived with Concrete Overlay

A little-known fact about New Castle, Indiana, (for everyone not a Hoosier) is that it's home to the world's largest high school gymnasium. Basketball fever is so rampant in this small town of 18,000 that the community raised the money needed to build a high school gym that seats 9,325 spectators.A little-known fact about New Castle, Indiana, (for everyone not a Hoosier) is that it’s home to the world’s largest high school gymnasium. Basketball fever is so rampant in this small town of 18,000 that the community raised the money needed to build a high school gym that seats 9,325 spectators.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Concrete: Guaranteed to Crack

concrete does crackConcrete is going to crack and contractors should be prepared to handle certain issues when they happen.

David Stephenson
Apr 16, 2018
Decorative Concrete Techniques: Faux Rock Tricks-of-the-Trade

Tips and techniques for faux rocksA comprehensive list of important aspects of the faux rock trade. From tool choice to customer expectations, here are some tried and true tips, tricks and techniques to take your faux rock skill to the next level

Aug 16, 2002
Go with the Flow: Incorporating Cracks into Your Concrete Work

There are two basic approaches to incorporating cracks into the design of a cementitious floor: highlighting them and hiding them.One ever-popular way to hide cracks is to conceal them as grout lines in a flagstone pattern.

David Thompson
Dec 24, 2004
Match the Concrete Mix with the Right Equipment

Match the Mix with the Right EquipmentToo often mixing decorative overlays becomes an afterthought or path of least resistance process. This is the drill and paddle I have used for years, so it must be OK. Worse yet, and I am guilty of this, those of us on the training and manufacturing side default to whatever mixer is provided when we show up for a product demonstration.

Chris Sullivan
Oct 27, 2017
Get to know Joshua Annis of Joshua James Artistry

Carved concrete wall that looks like the inside of a cave by San Diego concrete contractor Joshua AnnisWith a passion for art and a love of sculpting, painting and pottery, Joshua Annis had the opportunity of a lifetime presented to him at a young age and at a time when he had no direction in his life and then along came concrete.

Jacqueline Valle
Apr 7, 2017
Davis Colors a company that thrives on chemistry, color and concrete

Davis Colors for concrete was started by Jackie Davis who fled Austria after the Nazis confiscated their pigment business.As decorative concrete has become more widely used, contractors in all parts of the country have grown increasingly skilled in the craftsmanship required for high quality colored concrete work.

Mar 1, 2003
High-performance Concrete - New Systems For Concrete Countertops

Restoring color in previously installed concreteBag mixes for countertops share some characteristics: They are designed to minimize cracking and shrinking, they are strong enough to be poured in thinner slabs and they are optimized for workability.

Amy Johnson
Aug 8, 2008
Blastrac Handheld Shotblaster

Blastrac 1-5HH cleans concrete quickly and efficiently.The 1-5HH is an excellent tool for cleaning concrete or doing a decorative profile to horizontal or vertical surfaces.

Oct 10, 2001
Using Concrete Control Joints in Your Design

Red stained concrete diamond shapes blend with the control joint that runs through the middle of the concrete slab.Concrete control joints are necessary, but they don't have to be ugly. Here's how to turn them into art.

Joan Stanus
Dec 3, 2002
Concrete Flooring Restoration Highlights Sanctuary's Conversion

The First Presbyterian Church of St. Louis, University City, MissouriBuilt in Missouri in 1927, the First Presbyterian Church of St. Louis’ sanctuary was recently renovated to modernize its look and feel, while preserving its historic Gothic style. Improvements to the sanctuary’s floor, specifically two rectangular sections under the pews, were vital to this upgrade.

Erik Pisor
Jul 24, 2017
ACI Decorative Concrete Award Goes to Ryerson Student Learning Centre

ACI Decorative Concrete Award Goes to Ryerson Student Learning CentreThe international architectural and design community recognizes the Ryerson Student Learning Centre as one of the leading educational structures constructed in the last five years. Located at the busy northeast corner of Yonge and Gould streets in a trendy part of downtown Toronto.

Rick Yelton
Feb 9, 2018
What to Know when Buying Mixers and Pumps for Decorative Concrete

.What should contractors look for before purchasing a mixer? How does size and application play into the mix?Some facts and advice in the form of questions and answers that may help you maneuver the market if you’re interested in learning more about mixers and pumps.

Jim Farrell
Jan 14, 2017
Choosing a Nonslip Additive for Your Floor Coating


Peter Collins
Apr 30, 2013
How To Make Troweling Easier For The Job

power trowel on concreteLet’s face it, working concrete is a hard job. It’s hard on the hands, the back and especially the knees. Fortunately, for some contractors there’s an option that allows them to stand upright and still complete their jobs.

K. Schipper
Pigments for Integrally Colored Concrete

Iron oxide pigments in yellow, red, brown and black.Not any pigment can be used in concrete. The chemistry of portland cement plus exposure to sunlight and weather can cause most integral concrete colors to fade.

Understanding pigments is the foundation for successful decorative concrete.

Michael Chusid
Jul 9, 2004
Whiteboard Videos Draw Attention to Your Message

White Board Video infographic, marketing & business development for the concrete contractor.If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a video worth?

Lindsay Chelf
Concrete Artisan Reflects on Series Focused On Design Elements

This represents the last column in my design-focused series, “The Elements of Style for Contractors.” Before I bid you all good-bye, I’ll summarize the main points. Concrete Decor posts complete archives of past issues, so you can check out the topics of the previous 10 articles. The series kicked off in January 2015 when I described the five composition ‘tools’ concrete artisans should have in their tool kits — Line, Shape, Value, Color and Texture.

Gaye Goodman
Polishable Overlays

Thin coatings that can be polished work wonders on new and old floors, but applying them requires knowledge and skill.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Nov 10, 2010
Concrete Streetscapes in Carmel Improve Safety

In 2011, the city of Carmel, Indiana, revamped its major roadway, the Keystone Parkway, as part of a multiphase project to lower the grade under six major intersections. This created new interchanges and no traffic lights for north-south traffic over a five-mile stretch, while six new roundabouts managed east-west traffic.

Vanessa Salvia
Aug 6, 2015