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Upgrade to Lavina propane and electric concrete grinders

A Company and a Brand
You Can Trust

LAVINA by Superabrasive has become a leading name in the concrete grinding and polishing industry. It is well recognized for its reliable and efficient floor machines and high-quality diamond tools. Here is what concrete contractors shared about their experience with LAVINA products and the company that makes them -- Superabrasive.

A Variety of Tools and Techniques Adds Texture to Concrete Slabs

Texture roller skims the surface of a stenciled concrete slab giving a textured look.In this world, there are two types of concrete: concrete that’s flat, gray and utilitarian, and concrete that’s been shaped, colored and/or textured — and is considered art.

K. Schipper
Apr 11, 2017
Concrete Decor Roadshow
Harness the Power of an Effective E-newsletter

harness the power of an effective newsletterWhen it comes to communicating with your customers, electronic newsletters are a powerful tool to highlight your expertise and experience. Since we live in a society in which most of us are glued to our phones even when we are out of the office, a well-designed newsletter can be an effective means to quickly continue to strengthen your brand.

Amy Numbers
Apr 7, 2017
New is in the Eyes of the Beholder

decorative concrete newsWhat’s new in decorative concrete? That was a popular question that came my way multiple times during the recent World of Concrete. I realize my name is out there, but I’m a long way from having a crystal ball to be able to predict what the future of our industry holds.

Chris Sullivan
Apr 12, 2017
Product Focus: Hydro Guard from Southwestern Paint and Supply LLC

Southwestern Paint and Supply’s Hydro Guard, a sealer designed 22 years ago for secondary containment of chemicals and for sealing exterior stucco, has been discovered in recent years by decorative concrete fabricators who appreciate its thinness and praise its stain resistance and durability.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Product Focus
Aug 9, 2011
Should I Offer Decorative Concrete Full Time?

Part time or full time, should a concrete contractor provide decorative concrete, staining concrete, stamping concrete all the time?I have to guess some, maybe even most, of Concrete Decor’s readers enjoy the benefits of the decorative business as only a part of their contracting services. You may very well be one of the many who are wondering if you should make the leap to specialize in decorative work full time or simply offer it as one of many services.

Doug Carlton
How to Justify the Price for Decorative Concrete

Quality concrete in a designer finish is worth the price.I wish I had 10 cents a square foot for every time I've been asked this question. And other questions such as: How much more does stamping cost compared to regular concrete? Are stained floors more than tile? I've realized over the years that all the above questions are legitimate and deserve an honest answer.

Carlton's Corner
Dec 4, 2005
Delux Roller Tools to Enhance the Grout Lines of Imprinted Concrete

Using a roller to enhance grout lines makes imprinted concrete really pop.A new roller tool to enhance the grout lines of imprinted concrete.

Fundamentals of Business: The Science of Setting the Right Price for Your Services

Jacob Webb
Fundamentals of Business
Dec 20, 2012
Choosing the Best Mixer for Your Countertop Concrete

Steven Miller
Southern Ute Cultural Center & Museum
Natasha Chilingerian
Dec 31, 2011
Carlton’s Corner: Taking the Big Leap into Color Restoration

Doug Carlton
Apr 16, 2013
How Adding Color to Concrete Sealers Creates Beautiful Effect

Create a new look by adding color to your concrete sealer.A practical and less expensive way to create unique surface treatments for enhanced color finishes on concrete is to add color to the concrete sealer.

Craig Park
Apr 1, 2002
The Concrafter - Concrete Stamping Tool for Edging

Concrete stamping edge tool that does not need special forming or pouring.If you're into stamping concrete (and who isn't these days?), here's a tool that should be part of your repertoire. Concrafter® LLC design stamps — the brainchild of Theo Hunsaker and his sons, Kip and Sean, out of Vernon, Ariz. — require no special forming or pouring to create decorative edges. The process is so simple and fast, the Hunsakers say, you'll literally gain “the edge” over the competition once you master the technique.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Cutting Pictures in Concrete with Diamonds - Engrave-A-Crete

A sophisticated design on a concrete floor made by cutting a series of straight lines into the floor.A sophisticated design on a concrete floor made by cutting a series of straight lines into the floor.

Early-entry Cuts for Decorative Concrete

Decorative saw cuts on existing concrete surfaces are greatly enhanced with a beveled edge blade.Sometime in the early 1980s, a concrete contractor named Ed Chiuminatta pulled the wheels off a board and attached them to a Skilsaw. The result? A saw blade that could roll across green concrete, slicing a control joint in a fraction of the time it would take to carve the groove by hand.

John Strieder
Mar 1, 2003
San Antonio Decorative Concrete: Mission Trail Baptist Hospital

Contractor: All Ready Services, San Antonio

Wanting attractive outdoor concrete that would hold up to heavy use, San Antonio’s brand new Mission Trail Baptist Hospital called upon Ramiro Chavez and San Antonio-based All Ready Services.

San Antonio Decorative Concrete
Feb 19, 2012
Retroplate: Moving from Experience to Technology in Polished Concrete

Highly-reflective floor in a main lobby of a building.Each slab of concrete is unique, polishing it can require a lot of experience and often involves the attendant mistakes. Advanced Floor Products in Provo, Utah, decided to develop a concrete-polishing technology to eliminate some of the guesswork.

David Cagle
J&M Lifestyles, Randolph, N.J.

With a history in decorative concrete stretching back to the 1930s, J&M Lifestyles brings generations of experience and expertise to all of its projects.

Erin F. Ansley
Artisan in Concrete
Mar 12, 2008
New Polyacrylate Terrazzo

Terrazzo is one of the most beautiful and long-lasting floor technologies in the world.

Amy B. Johnson
Artisan in Concrete: Todd Rose Decorative Concrete Inc., Lincoln, Neb.

Only a couple of years old, this upstart is already attracting attention to its colorful work in the Cornhusker State. 

Kelly O’Brien
Artisan in Concrete
Oct 6, 2010