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Solid Branding: Tips on Video and Content

Context, in other words, is engagement. It's scaling interactions and associations with your company or product to a point where trust is developed with your brand. Decorative concrete can be complicated, and there is a lot that goes into a successful installation. But at each project’s finale, you move onto the next job where you’ll save the day for another customer.

Brandon Farmer
Mar 21, 2018
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Finding the Sweet Spot Among Acrylic Sealers and Acrylic Urethanes

Retailers, restaurants, shopping centers and entertainment venues can lose significant revenue if their facilities or walkways need to be shut down and revamped.Contractors have relied on acrylic sealers for decades to protect concrete flooring systems, and for good reason. In the right conditions, these sealers offer optimal durability, stain resistance and a desirable “wet look” finish. However, they have their limitations too and aren’t always the ideal option for high-traffic areas and environments with extreme hazards.

Acid or Water-based Stains to Color Concrete are a Matter of Personal Preference

The choice of acid or water-based stains to color concrete is near equally divided.What's the difference between concrete and decorative concrete? One of the first indicators is whether it has the dull gray color of … well, concrete, or if it incorporates a natural or even not-so-natural hue, tone or shade. Of course, there are also several ways to add color to concrete, depending on the needs and desires of the client.

K. Schipper
Mar 17, 2018
Concrete Table Tops Talk at Pasadena Showcase

The 16-by-5-foot table -- commissioned by Terry Morrill of Pacific Outdoor Living, a landscape design-build company in Sun Valley -- serves as the centerpiece of a space that garnered national honors.A real conversation starter, the concrete table designed and cast by Dominic Boinich of 5 Feet from the Moon kept the table talk flowing freely at the unveiling of the 2017 Pasadena Showcase House of Design in California.

K. Schipper
Mar 28, 2018
The Concrete Countertop Institute is Focused on Education

One of Concrete Countertop Institutes' first classes on concrete countertop fabrication.The Concrete Countertop Institute (CCI) offers comprehensive education and resources for all aspects of concrete countertops. The Institute has recently added classes on creating cast-in-place countertops, marketing and selling countertops, and advanced sink fabrication.

May 8, 2005
Tile Finish for Resurfaced Concrete Floors

Mix small amounts of the Terra Cotta Color Hardener with water. (The amount of the color hardener you use will depend on the shade of the color you desire.)For your next resurfacing project, try this crisp, clean tile design

May 8, 2009
Using a Color Wheel for Your Concrete Work

using a Color Wheel for Your Concrete Work

There is a famous paperback called “The Elements of Style” by Strunk and White. Many writers treasure it as a guide to writing clearly and succinctly while avoiding common grammatical errors. The handbook itself is a model of clarity.

Gaye Goodman
ACI Lauds Winners of Concrete Construction Awards

perforated concrete with metalThe American Concrete Institute recognized the winners of its inaugural Excellence in Concrete Construction Awards during the ACI Awards Gala at the Concrete Convention & Exposition, Nov. 9, 2015, in Denver, Colorado.

Feb 1, 2016
Tips and Techniques: Polishable Overlay Installation

The Nordstrom Rack clothing store in Aventura, Fla., contains 7,000 square feet of polished overlay, including this aisle. The project is the work of Creative Concrete Services, Lakeland, Fla. Photos courtesy of CTS Cement ManufacturingIn terms of decorative options, existing concrete slabs are limited to topical color systems. In many cases these coloration processes are subject to fading and wear and are sensitive in high-moisture environments. You’ll find more versatility in 3/8-inch concrete overlays. Not only do you have a choice of UV-stable integral colors, but you can also choose from several types of aggregates.

Joe Zingale
Perfect Fixes for Polished Concrete Floors

Prior to polishing a concrete floor, cracks are being filled with a two part epoxy

Wade Christensen
Aug 13, 2013
Should You Coat Concrete or Not?

Polished concrete coating shows foot traffic patterns in the middle of this box store's aisle shows where the semi-topical sealer has worn off the concrete in a short time. From huge industrial manufacturing plants and nationwide retail stores to restaurants and residences across the country, polished concrete has become a very popular flooring option over the last decade.

Clif Rawlings
Concrete Color Hardeners - A Dual Purpose Application

Concrete contractor throwing color hardener on a fresh concrete slab ready to be stamped or textured.Dry shake hardeners are increasingly popular as coloring agents. Color hardeners are made from cement, sand and pigment, with finishing agents, wetting agents or retardants added to suit manufacturers’ preferences.

John Strieder
Jun 3, 2003
Concrete Charlotte: Levine Museum of the New South

Putting down a beautiful concrete museum floor that doesn’t distract from the artwork is, well, creating a work of art in its own right.

Emily Dixon
Feb 27, 2013
Bayferrox iron oxide pigments

Big glowing chemistry set with a small glass cup receiving red iron oxide pigment for concrete.In its standard form, Bayferrox iron oxide pigment is a very fine, particle-sized powder. With Bayferrox C, the standard powder is compacted into an irregularly shaped granule. This is a cost-effective, low-dusting and free-flowing pigment that can be metered easily and accurately.

Feb 5, 2004
Backyard Patio Sports Acid Stained Vines

Beautify your backyard concrete patio with versatile concrete acid stains.A concrete contractor working with acid stain enjoys the challenge of layering colors when there is only one shot at the job and a limited color palette. Learn how to achieve more color variations than clients expect.

Rick Lobdell
In search of new revenue? Offer resealing as an option as part of your bid

What if I told you that you could get paid over and over again for a project you completed a year or two ago. Would you be interested? No, this isn’t some slick marketing idea or even a take-off of a multilevel marketing or pyramid scheme. Rather, this is working smarter not harder with a fair amount of common sense mixed in.

Greg Iannone
Apr 9, 2017
From Shape into Style: An Artist Explores and Explains Good Decorative Concrete Design

Good decorative concrete designThere is a famous paperback called "The Elements of Style" by Strunk and White. Many writers treasure it as a guide to writing clearly and succinctly while avoiding common grammatical errors. The handbook itself is a model of clarity.

Gaye Goodman
Concrete Contractor Delivers Through Harsh Weather Conditions

Extruded polystyrene tubing was placed in this roof top plaza surrounding the radiant heating tubes.Through snow, rain sleet and hail, this Cleveland contractor still delivered.

David Thompson
Apr 10, 2005
Concrete Countertop Company Offers Valuable, Intensive Training

Intensive countertop training is second to none in the countertop market.Countertops were the name of the game at a recent workshop sponsored by the Institute for American Craftsmanship in Eugene, Oregon. Offering its participants valuable experience in making precast and cast-in-place countertops, decorative concrete tiles and even concrete stools.

Rosemary Camozzi
Oct 14, 2004
Preparing Your Countertop for Topical Sealers

The steps you take with your wet-cast or GFRC countertops prior to sealing them will affect sealer success more than the actual application of the sealer. It’s important to gain an understanding of what your concrete is doing, or more importantly, what you are doing with your concrete.

Mark Celebuski
Feb 11, 2011
Radical Radials

Radial stamps, multipiece tools that create circular and curved patterns, have earned stamp manufacturers a round of applause.

Kelly O’Brien
Aug 8, 2010
Transforming Poorly Polished Floors for Profit

All concrete polishers are aware of the many subpar polished floors out there that are giving polished concrete a bad name. I get several calls each week asking how to fix a bad floor, so I am sure that you are dealing with this as well.

Jennifer A. Faller
Feb 11, 2011