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Church Street Gym Revived with Concrete Overlay

A little-known fact about New Castle, Indiana, (for everyone not a Hoosier) is that it's home to the world's largest high school gymnasium. Basketball fever is so rampant in this small town of 18,000 that the community raised the money needed to build a high school gym that seats 9,325 spectators.A little-known fact about New Castle, Indiana, (for everyone not a Hoosier) is that it’s home to the world’s largest high school gymnasium. Basketball fever is so rampant in this small town of 18,000 that the community raised the money needed to build a high school gym that seats 9,325 spectators.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
2017 Scofield Decorative Concrete Award Winners

Cresting wave concrete precast to ward off ocean wave power."Innovation" was the word of the day for Scofield’s 10th annual Decorative Concrete Awards which were presented during the 2018 World of Concrete in Las Vegas. Grand prize-winning “Scofie” projects in six categories were unique in their design and execution, with several recipients pushing the limits of their experience to try new things.

Concrete: Guaranteed to Crack

concrete does crackConcrete is going to crack and contractors should be prepared to handle certain issues when they happen.

David Stephenson
Apr 16, 2018
Selling Solutions, Not Just Concrete Products: Southern Color

The fast-paced growth of the decorative concrete industry is keeping all manufacturers on a continual search for better products. Southern Color keeps at the top of its game by holding monthly training sessions not only to teach distributors about the products, but also to find out how they can be improved.Southern Color, recently bought by Rockwood Pigments, continues its tradition of customer service while it expands nationwide.

Christina Camara
Dec 22, 2004
Decorative Concrete Fort Worth: Wood and Brick Looks Provide Elegant Solutions

Stamped concrete walkway in Fort Worth, Texas

Vanessa Salvia
Taking Great Project Photos with Your Phone Camera

Iphoneography — or “i4neography” — is a term that has been around for a few years, and as you may have guessed, it pertains to photography via iPhones.

Steven Ochs
Nov 1, 2013
Decorative Concrete Booms Across the Atlantic

Colored concrete medusa sculpture vertical placement on wallThe interest for decorative concrete is reaching new heights all over the world, and with this comes a need for education and training. Many countries are looking to the United States for products, information and support.

John Anderson
Feb 13, 2009
Stepping up from Decorative Concrete to General Contracting

Concrete Form installation using reusable forms, a level and a plastic mallet.Are you content with installing decorative concrete countertops, overlays and stamped concrete, or do you have what it takes to rise to the occasion?

Doug Carlton
Jan 2, 2014
Super Overlay System

Super-Krete overlay systemThis recipe by Super-Krete will achieve a unique and classy look. Follow the step by step process outlined here to find success.

May 10, 2008
How to Place Concrete in Cold Climates

Despite customer concerns, decorative concrete contractors in the northern U.S. and in Canada are proving time and time again that decorative concrete can weather these extremes very nicely. Got cold feet about offering decorative work in wintry climates? It's being done with great success!

Susan Brimo-Cox
Oct 21, 2006
Giving Back to Veterans One Concrete Table at a Time

After serving in Vietnam during 1967 and 1968, Rick Ogden lost contact with nearly all of his fellow soldiers.“It’s nice … to reacquaint with and meet guys I didn’t know that had an equal or similar experience,” he says. “It has been a soul-fulfi lling deal for me. In taking these tables to these very real combat heroes."

May 13, 2009
How We Installed Overlay Over a Wood Deck

Todd Fisher
Dec 19, 2012
Decorative Concrete Technique: How to Create Realistic Stone Effect with Concrete Stain

Pool deck made of concrete that more than one color is used on to create a natural lookWhen stamping, California contractor Lee Levig likes to use more than one color as the base color, usually different shades of the same color.

Dec 4, 2001
Artisan Jesse Escalera Creates Concrete Masterpieces

outdoor stained concrete floor For a guy who started from the bottom up, Jesse Escalera has managed to make a name for himself over the years through his backyard masterpieces.

Jacqueline Valle
Jan 18, 2017
UV Cured Coatings for Concrete are Back in the Mix

 UV Cure Coatings for ConcreteConcrete artisans and contractors are always searching for the ideal coating, but end-users and equipment manufacturers are behind the latest push for one specific coating formulation — UV-cure.

Amy Johnson
The Institute for American Craftsmanship

Peeling up a stencil of a company logo on concrete.A new training school in Oregon joins others around the country in promoting excellence in the trades.

Rosemary Camozzi
Dec 1, 2003
10 Most-Accessed Articles from Concrete Decor's Archives

a husband and wife and their wedding rings, the grooms hands have concrete burnsWe took a look at the most-read articles from our archives, and this list gives a unique picture of what information interests our readers the most.

Western Specialty Contractors Restores, Protects Historic Mazza Castle for Next 100 Years

Mazza Castle restoration projectEmily McCloskey, the young wife of attorney and Irish immigrant Henry Harrison McCloskey, had grown deathly afraid of earthquakes after the “great earthquake” of San Francisco and the subsequent fire that killed 500 people and left 220,000 homeless in 1906.

Tony Lieder Jr.
A Concrete Education

Concrete Industry Management (CIM) Programs are teaching decorative concrete in universities across the country.

David Searls
Nov 10, 2010
Decorative Concrete in the Greater Indianapolis Area: Melvin and Bren Simon Cancer Center, IUPUI

The hardscape around the Melvin and Bren Simon Cancer Center at 535 Barnhill Drive is a beautiful addition to the Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) campus.

Celestial Heights Parking Garage, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Hong Kong is home to what is billed as the largest quarter-inch stamping job in the world — 600,000 square feet of lines, arrows, and numbers that help condo dwellers park in style.

Natasha Chilingerian
Nov 11, 2009