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2017 Concrete Decor Show Leaves Lasting Marks on Florida Resort

2017 Concrete Decor Show Leaves Lasting Marks on Florida ResortDuring the 2017 Concrete Decor Show, the resort was buzzing with people talking about the improvements that were transforming the grounds and some of the facilities on the resort. From pools and walkways to countertops and floors, projects were conducted by seasoned professionals and completed by novices and decorative concrete veterans alike.

Jan 22, 2018
The Mall of Concrete is Open for Business!

The Mall of Concrete is Open for Business!If you were impressed with last year’s Decorative Concrete LIVE! debut, have we got more in store for you! World of Concrete attendees will look at vertical applications of decorative concrete in a whole new way after this year’s take on retail spaces inside and out.

Jan 22, 2018
Terrazzo Artistry Delivers Glitz to McCarran Terminal

Not Just Another Skate in the ParkLas Vegas’ McCarran Airport put its money down in a bet on a vibrant, colorful and imaginative new look for the airport’s Terminal 1 ticketing and baggage claim area.

Joe Maty
Jan 22, 2018
Concrete Stains, Let Good Looks Shine Through

Staining concrete doesn't deliver a speciļ¬c color because it is a reactionary process with the concrete. Beautiful multi-color stained concrete floor in a shopping mall.A painted concrete surface is just that — an opaque painted surface. Staining doesn’t deliver a specific color because it is a reactionary process. The concrete itself actually gives you the final look. Depending on how old the concrete is and the condition it is in when you start out can make a lot of difference.

Robin Suttell
Jul 3, 2001
How to Combat Common Misconceptions about Concrete Countertops

Concrete Countertop Victorian detail edgeConcrete countertops have been around for decades now, and more and more magazines and TV shows are featuring them. So you wold think misconceptions such as “concrete countertops are cheap” or “concrete countertops are high-maintenance” would be a thing of the past.

Jeff Girard, with Lane Mangum
Jan 5, 2014
When Downtime Must Be Minimal, Polyaspartics are Paramount to the Job

When fire stations are upgraded, contractors must complete improvements while minimally disrupting operations and firefighters’ access to equipment. Oftentimes, the return-to-service window of products used is paramount to completing this task, especially when coating and sealing concrete apparatus bays.

Erik Pisor
Carved Red Rock Walls at the CLM Developments office building

Limestone based vertical wall treatment that looks like stone on a Las Vegas store. Colored pigments can be added to the limestone mix to match existing surface.

Pete Johnson, who founded the U.K. division of the stone-effect coating system manufacturer StoneCoat, traveled to Sin City from his home in Manchester, England, last November for a project inspired by the natural stone colors found in Nevada.

Natasha Chilingerian
Decorative Concrete Techniques: Acid Etching Concrete

acid etched decorative concrete birdFrom start to finish follow these techniques to achieve the perfect acid etched concrete design.

Aug 18, 2002
the concretist: Using Brass and Glass to Create Concrete Poetry

As concretists, each of us defines ourselves as “one who practices concrete poetry.” As we craft this material, we are crafting a poem. At the most basic level, that poem can be a haiku — deceptively simple.

Michael Miller
Oct 9, 2011
Decorative Concrete Tips: How to Prep for a Diving Board Mount on a Pool Deck

Did you ever have to install a pool deck with an aggressive pattern and then worry about cracking or breaking the fiberglass diving board mount because you were unable to set the mount on a smooth and level surface?

Bart Sacco
Feb 22, 2002
Richard Smith Custom Concrete, West Hills, Calif.

Rick Smith owner and president of Richard Smith Custom Concrete in California.Rick Smith, owner and president of Richard Smith Custom Concrete of West Hills, California, subscribes to a business maxim that he believes is crucial to the success of any contractor business, or, in fact, any business: Do more listening and less talking.

Bruce Hackett
Apr 1, 2002
Manufacturer Profile: Super-Krete International Inc. El Cajon, Calif.

Concrete courtyard finished with a grid pattern achieved with Super Krete productsStarted 25 years ago and specializing in tennis courts construction, Super-Krete went on to develop Liquid Concentrate, a coating product designed to withstand the test of time and last through extreme weather conditions.

Bruce Hackett
Jul 5, 2004
Concrete Recipe for Success: Mix Design

Use only the best ingredients in your concrete mix Creating the right recipes for your concrete mix will ensure high quality installations with a decorative finish every time.

Cindy Grawl
Feb 1, 2002
Casting Thin Concrete Furniture with GFRC

Casting Thin Concrete Furniture with GFRC

The acceptance of glass-fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) has inspired a current trend toward light, thin and delicate concrete furniture.

To illustrate what GFRC can do in furniture form, Jeffrey Girard of The Concrete Countertop Institute describes three projects — a table, a lounge chair and an S chair — that show off the strengths of the material.

Jeffrey Girard
Concrete Inspired Art by Carole Vincent

Carole Vincent sculpted a piece of concrete into an artistic expression for a garden. Round bottomed piece with two people rising from the outside.Carole Vincent lives in Cornwall, England, in a house overlooking the sea. Her father was a concrete contractor and she grew up around the trade, originally working with concrete as a building material and then turning to more artistic uses for her favorite medium.

Jun 1, 2003
Digital-Age Synergy: Polished concrete clicks in California's high-tech mecca

Concrete floor that looks like railroad timbersWhat might computer users learn when they google the terms “google” and “polished concrete?”

Joe Maty
Jan 5, 2015
How To Go Green In Decorative Concrete

Workers apply Prosoco's Consolideck surface hardener.

Decorative concrete often appeals to designers and building owners who want to minimize their impact on the environment, because polished, stamped or textured surfaces eliminate the need for coverings that perpetually need replacement.

Gail Elber
May 10, 2016
The Secrets of Concrete Countertops

Large kitchen island with a green concrete countertop.Like the structural character of a concrete foundation, concrete countertops are structured as well but with a whole lot more sex-appeal.

Susan Brimo-Cox
Feb 2, 2002
Rumble from the Jungle: Concrete Jungle

Let’s get the question out of the way that you undoubtedly are itching to ask: Is it a jungle out there for California transplant Steve Kroo and Concrete Jungle, his Northridge decorative concrete business?

Feb 11, 2011
Great American Ball Park Dugout Roofs, Cincinnati, Ohio

Decorative concrete does its part to help make the Cincinnati Reds ballpark red.

Kelly O'Brien
Sep 17, 2008
Carlton's Corner: Getting an Early Start on a Profitable Spring

For some in the decorative concrete industry, this spring can’t come too early. The doldrums of winter take a toll not only on the pocketbook, but also on our creative juices as artists and promoters.

Doug Carlton
Feb 19, 2012