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Here's the Inside Scoop on Integral Color for Concrete

Pigment sample scoops for concreteGreg Hurst still recalls the first time he used integral color for a concrete installation project. It was 2010 and the founder/owner of Alabama Decorative Concrete in Birmingham had been hired to install a 12,000-square-foot driveway that would be stamped throughout.

Erin Ansley
Jul 3, 2018
How Much Color Should I Use in My Concrete?

Solomon integrally colored samples showing color loading.Integral colors are calculated by loadings based on total cementitious materials used per yard of concrete. Common loadings are 1 percent, 2 percent, 3 percent and 4 percent.

Steve Johnson
Jul 5, 2018
Artisans in Tennessee Carve Concrete Trees for Cabins

Cute concrete cabinAmerican Patriot Getaways in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, is one of the companies that rents cabins to vacationers who want to stay in “tree houses” in the Smoky Mountains.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Jul 12, 2018
The Chemistries That Help You Polish Concrete

Test tubes for chemistry in a jar with a blue background behind it.Historically, chemistry for polished concrete consisted only of a hardener-densifier, and it was often viewed as an added expense with an unknown benefit. The times are changing.

Currently, we can identify nine unique categories of chemical accessories for polished concrete.

Jennifer A. Faller
Apr 16, 2013
Flashy Mica Flake Attracts Concrete Artisans

Mica flake concrete flooringIf you’re looking for a rock that will dazzle, there’s a hot new entry in the market.

The mica flake rock chips are garnering praise as a high-quality alternative to vinyl flake.

Joe Maty
Oct 8, 2013
Tips and Techniques for Stamping Concrete Overlays

Stamped overlays are a versatile solution for many flooring needs. Experts share their tips for success.

Susan Brimo-Cox
Jan 6, 2004
The Science of Setting the Right Price for Your Services

A line graph showing cost vs productionThere’s a lot riding on your price. It’s a reflection of your brand value and the perceived quality of your work. Customers will even use heuristics to determine if your price per square foot is consistent with what they would expect to gain from hiring you. 

Jacob Webb
Dec 20, 2012
Is It Right for Your Concrete Business To Market With Social Media?

blue epoxy concrete floorIf you look for advice about how to promote and grow your business, you’re bound to encounter how important it is to be using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram. I think this is a problem, because it’s simply not true for everyone.

Jay Thompson
Nov 2, 2015
Green building - Hype or Hope?

Green building through the use of concrete is playing a major role in the way many modern-day projects fi t together.I'm not exactly the poster boy for the LEED program, as you can guess. However, with so much chatter about "sustainable sites" and "Energy Star scores" these days, I was kind of thinking it might be a good time to clear the air.

Doug Carlton
May 12, 2009
Concrete Artisan Prides Himself in Jobs Done Right, No Matter the Cost

Outdoor fireplace complete with patio furniture. The president of Artistic Concrete Surfaces, an award-winning company in Olathe, Kan., Mike Denny says that his commitment to quality sometimes drags on the business. “I’d rather lose money on a job instead of doing a job that didn’t look right. I have a good reputation for making sure everything is done above and beyond what people expect."

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Dec 19, 2012
Action at the World of Concrete 2003

Example of a cementitious topping on a concrete slab that was then polished.World of Concrete 2003 delighted the attendees with all aspects of decorative concrete from polishing to stamping and everything in between.

Mar 1, 2003
Contractor Finds His Niche with Concrete Countertops

Formed black concrete fireplace brick design.Greyrock Concrete Design owner Steve Gartner has come a long way from when he got into the business “by accident” after fabricating and installing his own countertops.

Vanessa Salvia
Apr 25, 2018
Good Customer Service Goes Far Beyond the Initial Sale

A service sign on a black backround.If you are truly committed to service, not just the initial sale, then you're not through when you're done.

Peter Wagner, CSI
Apr 9, 2010
An Alternative Perspective of White Cement From an Artist

Stained concrete in an underwater theme.Not everyone prefers white cement products over run-of-the-mill gray concrete when it comes to coloring.

Aug 5, 2013
Scoring and Staining Concrete for Geometric Designs

How staining concrete can look like geometric tile.The idea that you can take three connected “squares,” change the color for all three and make them appear to be two walls and a floor is pretty cool.

Rick Lobdell
Recipe: Self-leveling on Two Substrates

Terrazzo floor was installed in this night club,This is an expert self-leveling application that can take an unfinished floor with two different substrates (in this case concrete and plywood) and turn it into one beautiful, continuous floor.

Kelly O'Brien
Jul 9, 2011
Preparing Your Concrete Countertops for Topical Sealers

Here are a few tips for lowering your concrete's vapor transmission rate soonerThe steps you take with your wet-cast or GFRC countertops prior to sealing them will affect sealer success more than the actual application of the sealer. It’s important to gain an understanding of what your concrete is doing, or more importantly, what you are doing with your concrete.

Mark Celebuski
Mar 21, 2011
Decorative Concrete Displays in Cabela's

Decorative concrete displays in Cabela'sCabela’s, a national retailer of hunting, fishing and outdoor gear, designs its stores with elaborate dioramas of outdoor scenes teeming with life. Besides taxidermists, artists and landscapers, the chain has come to rely on the talents of decorative concrete professionals to help bring these displays to life.

Vanessa Salvia