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World of Concrete 2019 Didn't Disappoint

The 2019 show, which marked the 44th time World of Concrete has been held, topped the charts as the largest show in more than a decade.The 2019 World of Concrete has been held, and it topped the charts as the largest show in more than a decade. The annual extravaganza for the concrete and masonry industries attracted 60,511 attendees and more than 1,500 exhibiting companies spanning 776,800 square feet of space in the Las Vegas Convention Center in January 2019.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Apr 17, 2019
New Cement Can Contribute to a More Sustainable World

This question is more complex now -- despite the answer, consumers ask if the construc¬≠tion materials used are sustainable.In decorative concrete, a common question is, “Is it form before function, or function before form?” This question is more complex now — despite the answer, consumers ask if the construc­tion materials used are sustainable. Is there such a thing as a low-carbon swimming pool, a low-carbon counter­top or an environmentally friendly polished concrete floor?

Nick de Ocampo, LEED AP
Apr 26, 2019
How to Avoid Blisters and Pin Holes in Decorative Concrete Overlays

The issue of blisters and pin holes occurring on the surface of cast-in-place concrete and resin-based coatings and sealersThe issue of blisters and pin holes occurring on the surface of cast-in-place concrete and resin-based coatings and sealers is well documented, but sur­prisingly very little is published regard­ing the same issues in decorative overlays.

Chris Sullivan
Apr 27, 2019
Concrete Waterscape Dominated by 40-foot Waterfall

Large waterfall falling over carved rocks that cascades into a pool below.CTS Cement Manufacturing Corp. sent us a story about an enormous waterscape at Cypress Breeze Plantation, a private gated development in north Florida. The job was done by Muud Concrete Design (Multiple Use Unlimited Design), a Los Angeles outfit formed by artisans Adrian Gascon and Neil Hughes.

Apr 2, 2012
Integrally Colored, Exposed Aggregate, and Polished Concrete Hangar Floor

Ragan chose a 3/4-inch, No. 67 stone for the large aggregate and a 3/8-inch, No. 78 stone for the small aggregate.When Concord Aviation Property LLC wanted a polished aggregate surface for president Jack Roush’s private hangar at the Concord Regional Airport in Concord, N.C., they ultimately called upon the services of Eric Wayne Inc., a full- service commercial and residential concrete contractor with offices located in Davidson, N.C.

Ted Uram
Nov 19, 2011
Floors at Swimming Pool Supply Stores Mimic Water with Epoxy

For years, the owners of Phoenix, Ariz.-based retail chain Leslie's Swimming Pool Supplies hired various contractors to work on their floors, hoping to see blue water-like effects beneath their customers' feet. For years, the owners of Phoenix, Ariz.-based retail chain Leslie’s Swimming Pool Supplies hired various contractors to work on their floors, hoping to see blue water-like effects beneath their customers’ feet. Their wish was granted when they met Troy Lewis, owner of Orlando, Fla.-based Exquisite Flooring of West Orange.

Natasha Chilingerian
Jan 12, 2012
Going Vertical with Cementitious Overlays

Vertically carved concrete overlay that takes on the look of soft brick in muted earth tone colors.Overlays aren’t just for floors anymore. Take your stamping, stenciling and other artistic techniques and put ‘em on the wall.

David Thompson
Mar 7, 2004
Action at the World of Concrete 2003

Example of a cementitious topping on a concrete slab that was then polished.World of Concrete 2003 delighted the attendees with all aspects of decorative concrete from polishing to stamping and everything in between.

Mar 1, 2003
Beat the Heat with Evaporation Retarders

Doug Carlton using evaporation retarder on a concrete slabWinning the battle with Mother Nature becomes a little challenging when the weather heats up. This is also the same time our services are in highest demand. There are ways to combat the heat and the challenges it creates, but few are profitable.

Doug Carlton
Jul 8, 2010
Utility and Beauty Come Together with Sandscape Texture System by Bomanite

A concrete water feature spouts water to high heights.The Sandscape Texture system manufactured and sold by Bomanite is a happy union of utility and beauty. Its usefulness lies in its slip resistance and high durability. Its beauty lies in its consistency and attractive color possibilities.

Amy Johnson
Nov 10, 2010
Super-Krete Micro-Bond

Bright red dice done with a concrete coating at the world of concrete in 2006 by Super-Krete surrounded by sparkling black.Super-Krete's waterproof deck system. On this floor, Super-Krete Micro-Bond were applied over the company's Bond-Kote and sanded down to achieve an ultra-smooth finish.

Feb 13, 2006
How You Can Grow Your Concrete Business Beyond Your Local Area

Muted yellow stained concrete overlay in a long hallway with a black swirl design prominently down the center.Veteran contractor Rick Smith shares his expertise on how you can grow your business beyond your local area.

Richard Smith
May 6, 2005
Contractor Creates Eye-Catching Floors With Glow Aggregate

lizard print on grey concrete floorWhat started out as a once-in-a-lifetime hunting adventure turned into a friendship and a trophy-worthy job where contractor Matt Villella, owner of Sierra Concrete Arts in Saint Paul, Minnesota, bagged one of his most memorable projects to date.

Jennifer Byrnes
Sep 8, 2016
High-Traffic High-Maintenance Concrete Stains

High traffic and high maintenance area concrete stain alternativeFreestyle Stains are a new line of concrete stains from Brickform. But they are not acid stains, and their carrier is not an acrylic or polyurethane.

Sep 2, 2005
The Portable Hippo Mixer for Easy Concrete Transport

Porta Hippo Mixer has an easy tilt feature that allows contractors to mix, transport and pour concrete easily.The Hippo Mixer’s easy tilt feature allows contractors to mix, transport and pour materials with unparalleled ease. With a mixing capacity of roughly 18 gallons (or 240 lbs), its high torque, 16-amp, two-speed motor makes it a natural for mixing self-leveling materials more productively while reducing operator fatigue.

Aug 8, 2003
Owner Creates a Precast Concrete Smoking Room in His Yard

Perhaps it was a throwback to his old smoking in the boys roomPerhaps it was a throwback to his old “smoking in the boy’s room” days but a homeowner in Zurich, Switzerland, yearned to have his own private smoking pavilion in his backyard. Instead of a crowded room filled with rule-breaking teenagers, he wanted a quiet, relaxing place where he could sit back and smoke.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Aug 25, 2016
Myth-Perceptions in Polished Concrete: Setting Up For Success or Failure

Microsoft campus in Washington state polished and colored with water-based dyes.The one universal truth about the polished concrete industry is that, sadly enough, there is no universal truth. We don’t agree about what defines polished concrete, what steps are important, or what is the best way to steer the industry.

Peter Wagner, CSI
Jul 16, 2010
Spray it Forward: The Decorative Concrete Community Gives Back

Spraying concrete as a way to teach the attendees proper technique.Decorative concrete overlays, stampings, fountains and countertops created from scratch. And the best part of all was that the majority of the work the artisans created are to become a permanent working part of Walla Walla County Fairgrounds.

Peter Wagner, CSI
Apr 21, 2007