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Concrete Decor Show: I'll be there ... will you?

Is there value in having a dedicated trade show for the decorative concrete industry? The short answer is yes. There’s tremendous value in having an industry-focused show. While there are decorative-devoted pavilions at other shows, they are just that — areas within other events.

Chris Sullivan
Oct 22, 2019
Magnetic Stamps are Big Draw to Concrete Installers

Imagine you own a company that supplies concrete contractors with the tools for their trade. You offer a product that has been the industry standard for decades and is essential to most contractors in your industry. Your company sells a lot of them and they are a good source of income. Your company is a recognized industry leader as a provider of the product.

Chris Mayo
Oct 22, 2019
Consider an Overlayment's Tensile and Flexural Strength

Compressive strength — the ability of a material to withstand being compressed or pushed together — is often used to determine mortar and concrete’s quality. This makes sense for floors and overlayments as the primary forces applied to them are downward, compressive loads from traffic, equipment or anything affected by the force of gravity.

Matt Sambol
Oct 21, 2019
Maintaining Color Consistency in Large Decorative Pours

Consistent color in concrete from ready mix concrete company.Have you ever gotten that early-morning or late-night call from an unhappy owner telling you that the color is lighter than they wanted … or darker … or does not match from one pour to the next? If you haven’t been on the receiving end of one of those calls, good for you! If you have, then you know what we are talking about.

Keith Boudart and Jim Nielsen
Dec 31, 2011
Mind-Body-Soul and Concrete at the Benesse Healing Garden

Benesse Healing Garden at the Benesse Oncology Center, part of the Major Hospital system in Shelbyville, is an integral part of Benesse's mind-body-soul treatment philosophy.Benesse Healing Garden at the Benesse Oncology Center, part of the Major Hospital system in Shelbyville, is an integral part of Benesse’s mind-body-soul treatment philosophy. The almost one-acre park has four water features, meandering walkways, lush plantings and several seating areas that allow for social interaction or privacy.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Aug 25, 2015
Cracked Mud Seamless Skin from Proline Concrete Tools

A custom seamless skin that mimicked the cracked mud of the Serengeti.Proline Concrete Tools receives a lot of requests for custom stamps, but rarely do the patterns end up turning into a nationwide trend.

Back in early 1990s, the San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park wanted to emulate cracked mud found in the Serengeti Desert and Proline was up to the task.

Apr 9, 2011
How the LEED Program Works and Getting Certified

Whether you realize it or not, the decorative concrete industry is firmly involved in the green building movement. Manufacturers are developing more water-based stains, sealers and color systems. Installers are offering low-VOC options to clients.Whether you realize it or not, the decorative concrete industry is firmly involved in the green building movement. Manufacturers are developing more water-based stains, sealers and color systems. Installers are offering low-VOC options to clients.

Chris Sullivan
May 1, 2016
New Metallic Products Fuel the Trend in Decorative Concrete

A sample board of metallic coatings.As the popularity of metallic floors blossoms, more and more installers are beginning to buy their metallic pigments directly from other sources to save some money and several companies have added metallic pigment products to their lineup.

Jul 10, 2012
Crete Master Concrete Surface Finisher

His invention has four smooth-edged blades of blue spring steel attached to a disc. The disc, with a 5⁄8-inch opening and an 11 thread size, fits onto many variable-speed polishers or angle grinders.Crete Master's smooth-as-glass countertop finish, a hand-held surface finisher that excels in finishing concrete counter tops, horizontal and vertical overlays, colored hardeners, edges on concrete slabs and many other applications that require a smooth finish.

Jan 4, 2005
Color Flake System Chosen for Large Auto Dealership Job in Peru

color flake system installed on floor in dealership in PeruThe project at a new Toyota dealership took 10 days in October 2013. Because this 40,000-square-foot area encompassed outdoor service bays, customer waiting area and indoor parts department, this was an area that customers would see but also an area where the cars and trucks would be worked on.

Jul 16, 2014
Taking a Chance on Bright Kitchen Countertops

Concrete countertop with a curved edge and orange top is the island in this kitchen.Bright colors are not usually what come to mind when thinking of concrete, even for concrete countertops in kitchens and bathrooms.

However, Stone Soup Concrete has noticed a lot of orders being placed with the company for just that.

Robert S. Johnson
Aug 8, 2008
Floor Remodel of Craig's Cruisers Family Fun center in Michigan

Frog on the floor of the retail space adds a playful element to the theme park.Ken Miedema, of Concrete Revival LLC, in Jenison, Michigan, was contracted to remodel the floorS at Craig Cruser's Grand Rapids location. He utilized V-8 High Performance Floors products by Xtreme Engineered Floor Systems to achieve several very unique applications and looks.

Jun 10, 2014
Concrete Artisan Develops New Product While Business is Slow

Concrete texture with darker grout lines.Artisan in Concrete - Change is what they do. Quick and Ickes started in business together in 1998 as a commercial pressure washing company.

Chris Mayo
Sep 4, 2012
An Overview of Concrete Dyes and Their Benefits

There is one exception to the rule that dyes don't reactive dyesAs complements to stains, as colorants on polished concrete jobs or on their own, dyes are earning a more permanent place in the decorative concrete artisan’s tool kit.

Chris Mayo
Feb 8, 2010
Concrete Artisan Thrives When Projects Require Creativity

Decorative Concrete by Nolan MayrhoferArmed with MacGyver-like skills and the intuitive know-how to solve problems while on their feet, concrete contractor Nolan Mayrhofer and his team thrive on projects that require creative intervention.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Jul 8, 2013
Express Yourself with Surface Retarder

Shiny aggregate exposed from using surface retarder on concrete.While some concrete contractors might consider surface retarder to be a purely utilitarian product to provide traction, Tom Ralston of Tom Ralston Concrete sometimes uses it more like a paint brush on a hard, horizontal canvas. Or a turkey baster.

Apr 15, 2017
Concrete Professionals Should Mind Their Manners While on Mobile Phones

Iphone in rose gold sitting on a concrete countertop.While on mobile phones, concrete contractors should conduct themselves professionally to make a good impression wherever they may be.

Ashley Kizzire
May 26, 2017
The "When-You're-About-To-Work-With-Solvents" Safety Checklist

Three gas masks lined up on a brick wall.This is not intended to be comprehensive or complet list, but here are a few things to think about when you are beginning any project that involves solvents.

Apr 5, 2011