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How to Avoid Blisters and Pin Holes in Decorative Concrete Overlays

The issue of blisters and pin holes occurring on the surface of cast-in-place concrete and resin-based coatings and sealersThe issue of blisters and pin holes occurring on the surface of cast-in-place concrete and resin-based coatings and sealers is well documented, but sur­prisingly very little is published regard­ing the same issues in decorative overlays.

Chris Sullivan
Apr 27, 2019
Wall Art All About 'Sustaining Life' at 2019 Decorative Concrete LIVE!

 Using recycled and natural material, artisan Cindee Lundin worked her magic once again during Decorative Concrete LIVE! at the 2019 World of Concrete.Using recycled and natural material, artisan Cindee Lundin worked her magic once again during Decorative Concrete LIVE! at the 2019 World of Concrete.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Apr 27, 2019
New Cement Can Contribute to a More Sustainable World

This question is more complex now -- despite the answer, consumers ask if the construc¬≠tion materials used are sustainable.In decorative concrete, a common question is, “Is it form before function, or function before form?” This question is more complex now — despite the answer, consumers ask if the construc­tion materials used are sustainable. Is there such a thing as a low-carbon swimming pool, a low-carbon counter­top or an environmentally friendly polished concrete floor?

Nick de Ocampo, LEED AP
Apr 26, 2019
From Simple and Chic to Bubbly and Sleek, Concrete Shines in San Diego

using various sized grinder attachments and following a mapped out custom design, each bubble was created by hand. Similar results could have been obtained with stencils or tape,Brian Oberman, who has been in the concrete industry for 25 years, merged his company with Life Deck Coating Installations about three and a half years ago. Today, as general manager, he’s had the chance to work on projects such as Coasterra, the Beach Terrace Inn and Westroot Tavern.

Jacqueline Valle
Aug 31, 2016
Perseverance Pays Off: Concrete Innovations by Hallack, Turlock, Calif.

Concrete floor stained and etched with a rising sun and grapes.As the owner of Concrete Innovations by Hallack, a small company that specializes in restoring concrete floors, Julio Hallack is a dedicated student of what’s underfoot.

David Thompson
Oct 3, 2004
Contractor Helps Clients Warm to Decorative Concrete

Ship concrete circle logo created by a Bomanite contractor Ira Goldberg.Bomanite contractor Ira Goldberg paved the way for decorative concrete in New Jersey and surrounding areas. Here Ira Goldberg reflects on almost twenty years with Bomanite.

Denise Wendt
Mar 3, 2003
Making New Concrete Blend with the Old

Concrete sign that blends in with it's older surroundingsThere have always been ways to make new projects blend into their older surroundings, but Sophisticated Finishes by Triangle Coatings Inc. offers a truly aged look.

Jan 12, 2007
An Epoxy Chip Garage Done Right

Jeff Bach epoxy chip garage floor coating by Westcoat.Hats off to Jeff Bach of Bach Custom Coatings of Oregon City, Oregon, for being the concrete highlight of the recent Street of Dreams, an annual showcase of new luxury homes in Portland that was held this past summer. This was the third Street of Dreams Bach has participated in.

Oct 2, 2017
How did David Jack Corp. produce 480 countertops in just six weeks?

Piles of concrete countertops made for a client who had a short time frame for the order.Burbank, Calif., contractor David Jack Corp. specializes in countertops. So when Los Angeles-based Reform Furniture hired the firm to cast a group of workstation tops for a client back East, it was business as usual -- with one exception.

John Strieder
Nov 17, 2005
Kansas City Area Concrete Trade Group Announces Winners of Annual Awards

Exposed Aggregate Countertop, Olathe, Kan. Artistic Concrete Surfaces, Talon Concrete & Aggregates LLCThe Concrete Promotional Group of Greater Kansas City has announced its annual Excellence in Concrete Awards. The awards recognize outstanding work in concrete construction in the greater Kansas City area, comprised of parts of Missouri and Kansas.

Jan 5, 2014
Cement Makers Test Cleaner Concrete for Carbon Capture

Clean cementCement production contributes an estimated 6 percent of global greenhouse-gas emissions, and some scientists are trying to chip away at that pollution problem. Two start-ups, one in Canada and another in Arizona, are among the newer entries in the effort to produce cleaner cement and concrete.

Jul 8, 2015
Publisher's Letter - February/March 2018

Letter from the Publisher Feb/March 2018 Concrete Decor magazine.If you’re like me, the Weather App is getting a lot of attention as these dreary winter days continue. And darn if it isn’t snowing outside — AGAIN! The bright side is at least the days are getting longer.

Bent Mikkelsen
Mar 13, 2018
Things to Know About Alkali-Silica Reaction

Under certain conditions the silica in glass and other reactive aggregates such as silica sand, granite and olivine react with the calcium hydroxide in portland cement and form a siliceous gel.One of the glitches of combining glass aggregate with portland cement is that the combination may trigger alkali-silica reaction (ASR).

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Jul 10, 2018
Everything You Need To Know About Portable Cement Mixers

Portable cement mixers are reliable and multifaceted. Reliable. Multifaceted. Maintainable. Portable concrete mixers are all that and more, says Warren Faler, mixer product manager for Multiquip in Carson, Calif. “They can be productive in a wide variety of applications.”

Jeff Woodard
Aug 7, 2004
Relationship Marketing to Grow Your Business

relationship marketing venn diagramDecades ago our country moved from an industrial economy to a service-based economy. More recently, that service-based economy has further evolved into an experience-based economy. Customers are wanting — and businesses are providing — an added experience and feel to compliment customer service.

Brian Nolan and Andrew Amrhein
Jun 13, 2007
Wisconsin's Artisan in Concrete Nolan King

stamped concrete snake walkwayNolan King, owner of King Architectural Concrete and Construction LLC in River Falls, Wisconsin, started his own construction business at the age of 23 after graduating from college in 2001 with an engineering degree. His business focused primarily on home remodeling work.

Vanessa Salvia
Aug 7, 2015
Water Drainage Options for Decorative Concrete

Metal grates can be made from galvanized steel, stainless steel, iron or brass. Because of this, and because of the wide range of material and load class ratings, metal grates vary widely in cost.Tips on choosing the right type of drain system — and for ensuring that it doesn't ruin the look of your decorative concrete project.

John Strieder
Oct 19, 2006
Bible Museum's Dirt Floors Made with Concrete

Dirt like floors made of concrete for a Bible Museum The request from JMC: Museum Arts LLC to Sundek of Washington was an odd one. “Can you make floors that look like dirt?” JMC asked. Not dirty floors, mind you, dirt floors.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Aug 25, 2018