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Leave a Mark on Concrete with Specially Made Stencils and Stains

Stenciled wall at a metro stationContractors and artisans use specially made stencils and stains to leave their marks on decorative concrete.

Mike Dougherty
Jan 16, 2020
Monolithic, Minimalistic: Two Surfaces, One Canvas with Wall/Floor Concrete Finishes

Concrete floor that has a very minimal design with stains and concrete countertops.Imagine the convenience and versatility of a decorative concrete finish that can be applied to walls or floors.

Actually, it’s not a matter for the imagination. Such decorative finishes already exist.

Joe Maty
Jan 20, 2020
Why Mock-ups of Polished Concrete Overlays Matter

Shiny, white, polished concrete floor reflect the lights from abovePolishable overlays are a popular alternative to polished concrete where the existing concrete slab isn’t a good candidate to be polished. Infilling trenches, patching, spalling and removing existing modular floor coverings often result in a concrete surface that doesn’t meet with customer approval.

Craig Morris
Jan 20, 2020
Got Concrete Slurry?

Pool of concrete muddied water on a jobsite.If you’re doing anything with polishing, drilling or sawing concrete these days, you’re likely already using water in your processes. Those hedging on not using wet processes are staring straight at a mandate from OSHA that requires contractors to reduce the permissible exposure limit (PEL) for respirable crystalline silica.

Remaking Rocketown with a Decorative Concrete Makeover

The blue Rocketown logo has been placed in the parking lot of Rocketown with the arrow pointing to the front door.A Nashville youth center gets a decorative concrete makeover as part of the 2011 Concrete Decor Show.

Emily Dixon
Apr 9, 2011
Plastic Replacement Blades for Power Trowels

Using plastic power trowel blades removes the risk of leaving steel marks on a concrete slab.Wagman plastic blades leave a hard, polished finish up to the standards of steel, but without the dark burnish marks that tend to show up when steel spins against concrete.

Nov 7, 2005
Designer Cast-iron Drain Covers from Iron Age Designs

Cast-iron decorative concrete grate creates visual appeal beside curb.Decorative cast iron grates look impressive. But too often, they’re also expensive, so they aren’t considered for any projects but those with the largest budgets. A company called Iron Age Designs hopes to change that.

May 16, 2007
Diving Into Decorative Concrete Commercial Projects

Integrally colored concrete in a commercial parking lot.Thousands of contractors use decorative concrete in commercial projects because it is attractive, durable, affordable and easy to maintain. This article is about the explosion in commercial decorative work and how it may benefit your company

Doug Carlton
Aug 2, 2007
New Surface Treatment Formulated to Keep Ground Cool

Solachrome logoAs part of its effort to improve the environment through green product offerings, L.M. Scofield Co. has developed Solachrome Integral Coloring Treatment for High-SRI Concrete.

Emily Dixon
Nov 11, 2009
Forging A Bond: An Overview of Bonding Agents in Decorative Concrete

Applying a bonding agent to concrete.Bonding agents are a widely debated family of products. Some concrete contractors will tell you they have a favorite bonding agent, one that they use almost exclusively. Others say they evaluate every job and develop a unique solution, drawing from a wide range of products. And there are some contractors who swear by the oldest bonding agent of them all, simply using a mixture of portland cement and water.

Jennifer G. Prokopy
Nov 7, 2003
Lead Bricks and Black Holes: Weight and Scale

The infusion of metal into cement differentiates my work from what is commonly expected from concrete, both visually and structurally. Not only does the concrete take on most of the characteristics of the specific metal used, it can also increase its compressive and tensile strengths.We ate. We drank. We told the truth and lied, and then admitted that we had lied. We laughed. We talked business. We talked wives. We talked ex-wives. We cried, but just a little.

Michael Miller
Oct 6, 2010
The QuikShot Vertical Mix Shotcrete Machine

The scaled-down machine goes through less concrete per batch. A contractor can mix two buckets of concrete, shoot it, then lay the gun down and go to work shaping the wet mud.The QuikShot Vertical Mix Shotcrete Machine, distributed by FossilCrete Inc., is a typical shotcrete pump, only smaller. And that makes it perfect for decorative concrete contractors.

Jul 19, 2005
A Profile on Masterpiece Concrete Compositions

It's always nice to find a company that offers the vision of a fine artist, the know-how of a chemist, and the entrepreneurial drive of an inventor. And in the talented team of Bernie Apodaca and Debra O'Leary of Masterpiece Concrete Compositions, you'll find all these characteristics and more.Bernie Apodaca and Debra O'Leary use a variety of systems to suit each customer's taste and budget. Their projects are elegant and innovative.

Chris Camara
Apr 20, 2006
Concrete Countertop Design Competition

Industrial gray concrete bar top that is paired with three red bar style seats.2008 Concrete Countertop Design contest winners in both residential and commercial categories

Aug 8, 2008
How to Avoid Blisters and Pin Holes in Decorative Concrete Overlays

The issue of blisters and pin holes occurring on the surface of cast-in-place concrete and resin-based coatings and sealersThe issue of blisters and pin holes occurring on the surface of cast-in-place concrete and resin-based coatings and sealers is well documented, but surprisingly very little is published regarding the same issues in decorative overlays.

Chris Sullivan
Apr 27, 2019
Solvenator Premier Concrete Pump Sprayer

The new sprayer is a standard hand-pump model that Floric Polytech Inc. has retooled with fixtures and seals that stand up to solvents. This sprayer applies solvent-based materials and can be cleaned with solvents without damaging a single part.The problem: How to spray sealers and other solventbased liquids onto concrete as if they were paint. The solution: The Solvenator Premier Concrete Sprayer.

Jan 24, 2006
The New Finishers Edge - Metal Straight Edge for Cutting Concrete

Metal track for cutting concrete in a straight line, Finishers Edge.The Finishers Edge is a new “straight-edge” cutting system designed to provide fast, affordable and a highly simplified means for cutting straight lines in concrete. Enclosed in a durable carrying case, the Finishers Edge comes with five stainless steel tracks; a 2', 3', 5', and (2) x 10' pieces.

Apr 1, 2002
Glow-in-the-dark Patio: Way Cool for School

Dalton Elementary and Middle School amphitheater, Dalton, OhioJason Geiser, owner of Deco-Crete Supply in Orrville, Ohio, thought a broad, sloping hill at his three children’s new school needed something to transform it from a virtually unusable space to an inviting outdoor classroom. He and the school officials came up with a project that revolved around Geiser building an amphitheater.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Jul 24, 2017