Ultra Durable Technologies Adds New Member to its List of Distributors

Ultra Durable Technologies (UDT) has entered into a strategic agreement with United Surface Preparation (USP) that makes USP an authorized distributor of its innovative concrete coatings. United Surface Preparation is a leading specialty industrial distributor with a national reach. Headquartered in Anoka, Minn., with a second location in Tampa, Fla., […]

Understanding Chemical Treatments for Polished Concrete Will Boost Business

In 2013, I introduced nine categories of polished concrete treatments at the Concrete Decor Show. Since then, some have ignored these nine categories of chemical treatments, while others have used them as game-changers. Today, commonly used treatments consist of densifiers/hardeners, grout and joint-fillers, and stain protection guards. In addition to […]

metallic epoxy dust in a lobby

Metallics and Epoxy Mix to Create Elegance, Movement and Depth

When asked what he likes most about McKinnon Materials’ Aurora metallics, the answer came quickly to Advanced Epoxy’s Ryan Stowell. “It’s elegance,” says the Wichita, Kansas, company owner. “The final look is at the top of the line with any flooring choice.” Stowell has used the metallic epoxy dust floor […]

Business growth

Rework: Is it an investment or unnecessary cost?

When I’m wearing my teaching/training hat, I’m known to say, “when you go back for rework, you just forfeited your profit.” But recently, an owner required one of my polisher/clients to do some rework on a polishing job. Consequently, during our conversation, I saw another angle. I had thought of […]

APOC Weather Armor

Achieve Outstanding Wall Protection with APOC Weather Armor

Achieve comprehensive protection against the elements with the new APOC Weather Armor air and weather barriers, available in a variety of formulations suitable for a range of above-grade wall applications. Weather Armor air and weather barriers are liquid-applied, one-component solutions that protect against unwanted or uncontrolled air and moisture in […]

Ram Board, Surface Shields and Trimaco to Merge in 2022

For generations, Ram Board, Surface Shields, and Trimaco have passionately served their customers in the construction, paint, restoration, marine, and automotive markets. The next step in creating superlative customer experiences is to join forces. Together, by providing high quality, innovative surface protection, dust containment, and protective wear products, customers can […]

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