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Fox Blocks Leaderboard ad Concrete Decor April 2019
2019 Concrete Decor Show Promotes Products and Demos

Products were debuted at the Concrete Decor Show in Arlington, TexasBy no means an inclusive list of interesting finds, there was plenty to explore at the 2019 Concrete Decor Show at the Arlington Convention Center in the shape of products and tools.

Dec 10, 2019
2019 Concrete Decor Show Returns to Texas

A group of attendees at the 2019 Concrete Decor Show gather around a slab covered with Covestro products.The atmosphere was inviting and the modest but eager crowd engaged at the 2019 Concrete Decor Show in Arlington, Texas, Oct. 28-31. Many of those who attended reported it was a great time to reconnect with old friends, establish new contacts, discover products and tools, and witness some of the industry’s elite — such as Troy Lemon, Emil Gera, Rick Lobdell, Cindee Lundin and Jake Brady — lead workshops on the convention floor.

Dec 16, 2019
Epoxy Artisan in Florida Passionate About Color and Quality

Blue epoxy floor that looks like waves on this concrete floor.The founder and owner of Epoxy Artisan in Bradenton, Florida, Elton John Strawderman says his goal in life is to be the best craftsman possible with his chosen medium: epoxy on concrete.

Dec 11, 2019
Get the Rock Look With Epoxy-Bonded Stone Systems

If you're looking to expand your repertoire beyond stamping, staining and coloring concrete, there is a host of surfacing alternatives -- some old, some new -- just waiting to be explored.If you’re looking to expand your repertoire beyond stamping, staining and coloring concrete, there is a host of surfacing alternatives — some old, some new — just waiting to be explored.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Aug 1, 2013
10 Most Popular Class Topics in the Concrete Decor Show's History (with one bonus)

Chris Sullivan teaching concrete classOf the Concrete Decor Show’s top 35 most-attended courses, some topics emerged that were more popular than all the others. First on the list are countertops, followed by polymer overlays and coatings, and polishing concrete.

Jul 4, 2015
The New Product Made from Recycled Concrete: Eckocrete

Contractors troweling fresh concrete.The material has crushed recycled concrete for aggregate and fly ash waste from coal mills for the base. Other industrial byproducts provide nanofibers for crack reduction and nanoparticles for surface density to reduce water penetration.

Emily Dixon
Dec 18, 2008
Water-blasting: A Clean Way to Prep Concrete

Water flowing over cliff.Cleanliness is a definite selling point with water-blasting. Unlike shot blasting or grinding, it can be done in occupied spaces because a high- volume vacuum almost instantly removes the water and debris.

K. Schipper
Feb 8, 2017
Color Repairs Explained in Black and White

shiny brown polished floorOver the last few months I’ve had multiple projects with issues related to color. I feel it will benefit Concrete Decorreaders to understand the process for corrections as well as some simple tips and tricks for achieving desired results.

David Stephenson
Jan 27, 2017
How to Fix Bug Holes in Concrete Countertops in One Step

Nothing is more frustrating than bug holes in concrete countertops.There are few things more frustrating about making concrete countertops than dealing with bug holes. They seem to always show up and are seemingly just about impossible to fill completely. You think you’ve got them all filled, only to have bug holes show up after final polishing.

Mark Celebuski
Apr 9, 2011
Contractor Gives Tips On Different Ways To Manage Your Customer's Expectations

make a concrete sample board -As a former contractor, manufacturer and now basically an owner's representative on most projects, I'd like to share a relatively simple formula that will handle this issue for 90 percent of your projects.As a former contractor, manufacturer and now basically an owner’s representative on most projects, I’d like to share a relatively simple formula that will handle this issue for 90 percent of your projects.

David Stephenson
Oct 3, 2015
A Decorative Concrete Supply Store Dazzles With Its New Showroom

The front entrance of The Rental Branch has been transformed with decorative concrete.Mike Branch, owner of The Rental Branch in St. Joseph, Mich., had a vision to create the most concentrated display of decorative concrete anywhere. Mission accomplished. Mostly finished as of late 2010, it’s been nearly a year in the making, though it felt more like 10 years.

Lori Zecca
Jan 7, 2011
Cement Has Now Been Successfully Reinforced Using Plastic Waste

plastic-reinforced concreteResearchers have successfully reinforced concrete with plastic waste, paving way for the first large-scale sustainable construction practice.

Mar 12, 2015
Aliphatic Joint Filler Does the Job Right the First Time

there's a recurring problem that keeps rearing its ugly head: joint separation.Polished concrete continues to make headway as the flooring choice for grocery chains, big-box stores, museums, schools, restaurants and government buildings, but there’s a recurring problem that keeps rearing its ugly head: joint separation.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Apr 25, 2019
Simple Recipe for Colored Texture

Look at the colored texture achieved by hardeners and EZ Tique by ProlineThis simple recipe uses Proline’s Sand Canyon Dura-Color Hardener and their Seamless Designs Carpet Stamp. Two colors of EZ Tique were used to give the finish its mottled look.

May 9, 2008
A Look Back at Polished Concrete's First Decade

The autoscrubbers were used on this concrete floor.Polishing concrete, not unlike other new industries, begged, borrowed and stole from others in its infancy. Equipment came from the surface prep, stone restoration and cleaning industries, and as one can imagine, nothing was a perfect fit. It is still evolving today, but here is a look at where it came from.

Peter Wagner, CSI
Dec 5, 2007
Four Ways to Grow Your Decorative Concrete Business While Staying Solvent

concrete business financial aspectsConcrete contractors are inundated with small tips and tricks that hopefully one day will help them out in specific situations. Very rarely does anyone talk about business or industry growth as it relates to your specific company.

Here are four things that will help you and your polishing business today.

David Stephenson
Oct 2, 2014
Embedding and Imprinting Objects in Concrete

Imprinted brass gears in concrete Whether it's knick-knacks or corporate logos, embedding or imprinting objects into concrete gives an unmistakably addition to the home or business. Here are some tips on how to add this finishing touch to an interior or exterior project.

Gail Elber
Nov 4, 2003
Staining Was Never Easy, But Now It's Complicated

For my verticals, Martin Webb stained over troweled gray skim, and then graphically retroweled with integrally colored skims.I was once a much younger concretist, really impetuous and passionate. I was working for L.M. Scofield Co., and as my wife told me, I worked way too much. So she left me. To be more accurate, she left me in charge of the kids for 10 days while she and her best girlfriend toured a bit of England and Scotland.

Michael Miller
Feb 27, 2011