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Maintenance Plans Can Potentially Please Both Parties

If done right, polished concrete -- and other decorative concrete approaches -- offer low-maintenance solutions in interior and exterior settings.If done right, polished concrete — and other decorative concrete approaches — offer low-maintenance solutions in interior and exterior settings.

That’s “low-maintenance” as opposed to “no-maintenance” or “maintenance-free.”

Joe Maty
Mar 17, 2019
Know the Difference Between Demos and Training

Solomon/Brickform Training and DemoI think we can all agree we’d be happy if the decorative concrete industry were bigger. You know, if the pie were just a little bit bigger. What are we doing as an industry to positively influence the decorative market? What are you doing as a contractor, material supplier or manufacturer to help grow the pie?

Greg Iannone
Mar 18, 2019
Helicopter Makes Concrete Job Uplifting

Since the cranes for a rooftop hardscape project had moved on before the precast concrete furniture was ready, a helicopter was hired to do the heavy lifting.Since the cranes for a rooftop hardscape project had moved on before the precast concrete furniture was ready, a helicopter was hired to do the heavy lifting.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Mar 19, 2019
Bathrooms are Transformed with the Concrete Tub

Concrete tub that was custom made for this space using black concrete.They’re heavy and they can be hard to install. But for some customers, decorative concrete tubs are worth every drop of sweat.

Christina Camara
Feb 13, 2008
ZipWall's® Pioneering "Dust Wall" System Isolates Concrete Dust in Work Areas

Maintain a clean work site and minimize concrete dust with a plastic wall system.It doesn’t matter how good your dust recovery system may be, but when it comes to working indoors a dust control barrier system is imperative to maintaining clean and happy customers. ZipWall is the award-winning product that offers an effective method to isolating the dust and debris that’s associated with concrete cutting, profiling, or other applications.

Apr 1, 2002
Q&A with Todd Scharich, ASCC's New Decorative Concrete Specialist

World questions and answers, paper, pencil and eraser. Todd Scharich was recently appointed decorative concrete specialist for the American Society of Concrete Contractors and its Decorative Concrete Council. The ASCC already had a concrete hotline, but with Scharich aboard since October 2012, it now has a dedicated Decorative Concrete Hotline available to members on a 24/7 basis.

Steven Miller
May 16, 2013
Bob Harris to Deliver Keynote at 2012 Concrete Decor Show

Bob Harris of Decorative Concrete Institute.The Concrete Decor Show is pleased to announce Bob Harris of the Decorative Concrete Institute (DCI) as its keynote speaker. Harris will discuss “Going the Distance with Decorative Concrete” at the Welcome Reception and Awards Program.

Jan 25, 2012
Getting Creative with Finishing Brooms

Troweling concreteConsider the broom finish. Because steel trowel finishes are “slippery when wet,” the broom finish has been used for years to create nonskid surfaces on driveways, garage floors, sidewalks and loading docks. It’s not necessarily pretty, but it works — it’s a utilitarian texture.

Chris Mayo
Jan 7, 2011
There's More Than One Way to Start a Concrete Polishing Job

Concrete polishing with saw cuts and three colors intersecting.The "first cut" is the foundation for the polished concrete floor that you are going to create. But what is a "first cut"? In speaking with a wide range of concrete polishers, I've found that there seems to be three ways this question can be answered.

Jennifer A. Faller
Aug 8, 2010
Decorative Concrete Tips: Evaporation Reducers

Sunset over lake wisps of evaporation off a crack in a glacier. We all know that the weather plays a huge factor in our trade. Trying to figure out the ever-changing weather conditions and how they affect our work is the lifelong journey of every dedicated concrete installer. As we all know, weather can change in a very short period of time despite what the weatherman calls for on TV.

Bart Sacco
Dec 1, 2002
Checkered Flag Polyaspartic Garage Floor

The new Atlanta Motorsports Park in north Georgia is billed as the home of the The new Atlanta Motorsports Park in north Georgia is billed as the home of the “100 mph lunch,” where high-end owners of high-performance sports cars can channel their inner Andretti on a custom-designed, two-mile race-type course authored by the renowned Formula One architect Hermann Tilke.

Joe Maty
May 20, 2013
Concrete Adventures One Small Town at a Time

Concrete room with fireplace and countertops made of concrete. As the concretist, we’ve worked both internationally and nationwide. But some of the jobs are in the smallest, quaintest towns. They might not be major population centers, but the concrete in those places are that much more sweet, The people are warm even while the weather often isn't.

Michael Miller
Jan 7, 2011
The Amazing Vince Schrementi of Everlast Concrete

Circular concrete bar top with metal and sea shells embedded and ground down.Seamless has been coating floors since 1939. Now the company has taken a decorative direction.

John Strieder
Feb 9, 2006
Adjusting Your Business and Mindset to the New Normal

Adjusting to the new normal of businessAdjusting the way you do business from this day forward is as important as accepting the fact that the "new normal" is very real. It has nothing to do with giving up. I have been lucky enough to be a decorative contractor for many years, and the new normal as I see it is as follows.

Doug Carlton
Apr 9, 2010
Brilliant Concrete Bar Tops

Restaurant concrete countertop that looks like wood surrounded by flowing fabric.In converting a warehouse in an offbeat neighborhood to an organic microbrewery, the married duo of Emily Thomas and Chad Brill proved to be up for anything.

David Searls
May 1, 2010
Broaden Your Knowledge with Concrete Techniques

Artistic concept of a faux rock mine shaft inside a mini market in Southern California.Having many techniques in your arsenal can bridge the difference between your client's vision and the reality of a project. Today's clients are more sophisticated. They expect more. Plain gray concrete is no longer good enough for them.

Richard Smith
Dec 31, 2005
Are You Ready to Be a Project Manager?

Concrete installation project managerYou’ve worked hard, become skilled at making things, developed relationships with architects, gotten specified on a commercial project, bid to all of the generals involved and been told the winning bidder is going to go with you. Now what?

Mark Celebuski
May 1, 2014
Sink Molds, Edge Detail Molds, Tools and Fiber Optics for Concrete Countertops from Infinicrete

A bathroom vanity made with concrete and a double sink feature.For the past three years, decorative concrete artisan Jeff Kudrick has been developing his own sink and countertop molds and decorative concrete tools under the brand name Infinicrete, using them regularly in high-profile projects and distributing them through manufacturing companies Cheng Concrete and SureCrete Design Products.

Apr 9, 2011