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Fox Blocks Leaderboard ad Concrete Decor April 2019
2019 Concrete Decor Show Promotes Products and Demos

Products were debuted at the Concrete Decor Show in Arlington, TexasBy no means an inclusive list of interesting finds, there was plenty to explore at the 2019 Concrete Decor Show at the Arlington Convention Center in the shape of products and tools.

Dec 10, 2019
Epoxy Artisan in Florida Passionate About Color and Quality

Blue epoxy floor that looks like waves on this concrete floor.The founder and owner of Epoxy Artisan in Bradenton, Florida, Elton John Strawderman says his goal in life is to be the best craftsman possible with his chosen medium: epoxy on concrete.

Dec 11, 2019
2019 Concrete Decor Show Returns to Texas

A group of attendees at the 2019 Concrete Decor Show gather around a slab covered with Covestro products.The atmosphere was inviting and the modest but eager crowd engaged at the 2019 Concrete Decor Show in Arlington, Texas, Oct. 28-31. Many of those who attended reported it was a great time to reconnect with old friends, establish new contacts, discover products and tools, and witness some of the industry’s elite — such as Troy Lemon, Emil Gera, Rick Lobdell, Cindee Lundin and Jake Brady — lead workshops on the convention floor.

Dec 16, 2019
Getting an Early Start on a Profitable Spring

Cherry blossoms on a sky blue backdrop.For some in the decorative concrete industry, this spring can’t come too early. The doldrums of winter take a toll not only on the pocketbook, but also on our creative juices as artists and promoters.

Doug Carlton
Feb 19, 2012
Stone-textured Overlay Transforms Maine Ski Resort

Sugarloaf Mountain Ski Resort Hotel in Carrabasset Valley, Maine.Michael Day of Day's Concrete Floors Inc., North Monmouth, Maine, was hired in 2011 to do some serious makeover work at the Sugarloaf Mountain Ski Resort Hotel in Carrabasset Valley, Maine.

May 10, 2012
Cascading Concrete Waterfalls and a Spa in a Concrete Glass

Waterfall cascading into a pool of water below.RicoRock Inc., a leading manufacturer of residential pool waterfalls in the U.S., has hundreds of dealers, but Margaritaville’s owners wanted to work directly with RicoRock because of the scope of the project and the company’s more than 30-year history of creating waterfalls.

Vanessa Salvia
Sep 10, 2015
Concrete Contractor Delivers Through Harsh Weather Conditions

Extruded polystyrene tubing was placed in this roof top plaza surrounding the radiant heating tubes.Through snow, rain sleet and hail, this Cleveland contractor still delivered.

David Thompson
Apr 10, 2005
Border Tools and Designs

Horses stamped into concrete and stained a reddish brown color.Classic Native American patterns, wild horses, tropical fish: today's border-stamp makers are living on the edge.

Sue Marquette Poremba
Jun 17, 2007
World of Concrete 2018 Annual Rite of Winter was Ripe with Innovation

Brickform stamp shown at 2018 World of Concrete.World of Concrete 2018 exceeded everyone’s expectations in January by attracting more than 58,000 registered professionals and nearly 1,600 participating companies, including about 300 brand-new exhibitors.

Stacey Enesey Klemenc
Apr 21, 2018
Versatile Building Products Names 2011 Photo of the Year Winners

a brightly colored concrete compass rose in oranges, reds, purples and yellows achieved with Versatile Products.Decorative concrete coating manufacturer Versatile Building Products has announced the winners of its 2011 Photo of the Year contest.

Feb 9, 2012
Let's Be Careful Out There, Mike Miller Talks Safety and Solvents

MIke Miller showing how he now dresses when dealing with this kind of chemical.There are clients who will say, “I’d just die for a floor like that!” But, of course, there’s no decorative concrete worth dying for. So, do as I say, and not as I did. Please, be careful out there.

Michael Miller
Apr 9, 2011
The 2014 Decorative Concrete Award Winners Presented by ASCC

shiny blue polished concrete floorThe Decorative Concrete Council, a specialty council of the American Society of Concrete Contractors, has announced the winners of its sixth annual Decorative Concrete Awards competition.

Feb 2, 2014
Mall of Concrete Visitors Enjoy Shopping Spree at Decorative Concrete LIVE!

Decorative Concrete LIVE! presented the Mall of Concrete at World of Concrete 2018 to display concrete's versatile uses in retails settingsDecorative Concrete LIVE! presented the Mall of Concrete at World of Concrete 2018 to display concrete’s versatile uses in retails settings

Mar 13, 2018
How Polished Concrete Changed the Trajectory of One Contractor's Company

A sun with rays in rainbow colors has been dyed into this concete floor.David Stephenson’s story encompasses everything from AmeriPolish to Wal-Mart to the Cincinnati Reds and Indianapolis Colts and it all began when he discovered polished concrete.

Kelly O'Brien
Nov 11, 2009
Disorganization Is Hurting Your Contracting Business

Paper clips scattered.When you put in years perfecting your decorative concrete craft , you start to consider yourself an expert in your field. Past customers appreciate your skill, courtesy and professionalism, and they refer friends and relatives to your services. But recently you have noticed something is changing, and this change makes you uneasy.

Doug Carlton
Oct 9, 2011
Epoxy Floor in a San Diego Kitchen Wows Architect

Tiger stripped metallic concrete floor - epoxy.This wild floor design should tame the outdated notion that epoxies are only for airplane hangers and garage floors.

Vanessa Salvia
Jul 5, 2014
11 Proven Concrete Color Recipes

11 ways to color your concrete, step by step how-tosStep-by-step instructions and useful tips from people in the industry who have experimented enough to know what works.

May 1, 2007
Protecting Your Business in Today's Market

A padlock with a key on top of a pile of chains.Unless you are willing to go door to door and give each potential customer a hug of reassurance, you must be willing to adapt and weather the craziness. The bottom line in what we do in decorative concrete requires folks to spend and invest in their properties.

Doug Carlton
Jun 19, 2008