Author: Giatec Scientific Inc.


Giatec Expert to Steer Standardizing Corrosion Detection

Giatec, a leader in concrete testing technologies, has announced that their head of research and development will be helping in standardizing corrosion detection. Andrew Fahim, M.Sc.E., has been chosen to join the ASTM WK68960 and ASTM G01.11.5: “New Test Method for Measuring Corrosion Rate of Uncoated Reinforcing Steel in Concrete” […]

Giatec’s SmartRock AI Assistant Roxi to Validate Maturity Calibrations

Giatec is a world leader in concrete testing technologies. Recently, the company announced that their artificial intelligence program, Roxi, has the ability to detect possible errors in concrete maturity calibrations and mix proportions. Roxi was the first AI program for concrete testing.  Montreal Institute of Learning Algorithms, Mila, Quebec’s World-Renowned […]

Smartrock Plus

SmartRock Plus Solution by Giatec Enters the International Market

Giatec is a world leader in concrete testing technologies. The company announced that their SmartRock Plus solution for ready-mix concrete producers is now available internationally. As a value-added solution offered by high-quality ready-mix producers, SmartRock Plus enables contractors to see concrete temperature and strength data in real-time using Giatec’s SmartRock […]