Author: John Strieder

Exposed Aggregate Meets Imprinted Colored Concrete in a Waterfront Walkway

The decorative surface was going to be troweled and stained. But after Brock was hired, he made another suggestion: a stamping job instead, using the Coquina Stone With Sea Shells feathered texture mat from Proline Stamps. Impressions of shells, sea horses and assorted sea life would improve traction and complement the seaside setting.

Preventative Concrete Coatings Contractors Can Use to Avoid Graffiti

You can’t guarantee that taggers won’t mar your work, but there are protective coatings for graffiti removal you can use to make cleanup easier. A concrete contractor uses stains, washes, paint and textures to give a unique, personal touch to a bare concrete wall. A tagger uses graffiti to do […]