Braxton-Bragg Brings Its World Class Customer Service & Shipping Into The Polished Concrete Industry

Braxton-Bragg logoBraxton-Bragg, renowned for its 25 years (2019) of top-notch customer service and shipping in the stone fabrication and tile tooling industries, is expanding product lines to include concrete polishing.

Popular in everything from grocery stores and schools to dealerships and big box stores, concrete floors can hold up to serious wear, such as forklifts and heavy equipment. But, it still requires maintenance to maintain its shine and luster. Protecting the floor protects a building owner’s investment and can even extend the life of everything in warehouse, retail space or other structure.

“The best way to maintain polished concrete floors is by implementing an effective hard floor care program using superior products that require less labor,” says Bill Waldrep, Concrete Vice President at Braxton-Bragg. Polished concrete floors are a large investment, and human error can ruin the finish and cost businesses labor and downtime.

Floors are a reflection of how a business maintains its entire facility, and they make the first impression of for many businesses.

“Our Forever Floor system is all about making great first impressions, with less time and labor.”

Polished concrete floors are a growing space because they have so many applications, and are durable and easy to maintain with the proper tools.

More about the Forever Floor program

Braxton-Bragg’s Forever Floor program offers solutions for floors that need routine maintenance to a refresh, as well as offering more intense regimens for reviving and restoring floors.

Whether the user is in the janitorial/sanitation side of concrete needing daily cleaning and polishing, or a contractor needing to grind and polish layers of grime to get back to a shiny surface, the company has a customized solution for the job, in partnership with Superabrasive and Lavina machines.

The key to the system, is that it replaces a synthetic pad and detergent with a diamond pad, significantly reducing the amount of soap and chemicals used to clean. Every time the floor is cleaned, it is also polished, with less fumes and chemicals, meeting the demands of contractors, facility managers and janitorial service contractors.

This Braxton-Bragg Forever Floor offers an effective system for the flooring industry, ensuring that polished concrete floors will look beautiful for a lifetime.

About Braxton-Bragg

Since its beginning in 1995, Braxton-Bragg’s philosophy has been to offer the best customer service and the best value for the money. Braxton-Bragg accomplishes by providing quality tile, stone and concrete tooling and supplies at the best prices and best in-stock availability.

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