Cost Reduction Options Explored for Construction Products by Mallard Creek Polymers as World of Concrete 2018 Approaches

In 2018, cost and performance will continue to be a focus in the construction industry. One key factor for polymers is that MMA supply will continue to be short, driving costs of all acrylic polymers higher. Mallard Creek Polymers (MCP) has a strong line of all acrylic, cement stable products that have been customized based on Rovene® 6023 (improved water resistance) and Rovene 403 (low odor grade) for use in many customer systems. The latest all acrylic product from the company, Rovene 6525, was brought to market in October 2017. In 2018, though, the company’s focus will be on introducing more products based on styrene. Because MMA will be much more costly than styrene, the company is looking for industry partners to help develop lower cost alternatives where an all acrylic polymer is not needed. Using styrene acrylic emulsion polymers will meet the demands for exterior durability in most applications. Styrene-butadiene latex provides superior adhesion and water resistance when UV stability is not required.

A few examples of newer products are discussed here, and many of the company’s newly developed products can be found in theCoatings Selection Guide and Construction Selection Guides. Rovene® 6521 is a low Tg styrene acrylic polymer for coatings and construction applications requiring cement compatibility designed to meet needs of a wide variety of applications. Tylac® 4190 is a work-horse styrene-butadiene latex use in the construction industry. The polymer is designed to optimize flexural strength and adhesion. Tylac 4194 is a modified, flexible styrene-butadiene concrete modifier. It may be used at low add-on to give strength, flexibility and water/ion resistance to cementitious systems. At higher add-on levels, Tylac 4194 gives a flexible cementitious water proofing membrane. The product has been modified to improve open time and workability of the cement-based system.

MCP invites potential customers to the website,, to learn about the many products available. In many cases, though, the products are not promoted for general market use due to the structure of the project. To discuss options and project proposals to product customization, R&D and sales personnel are available for meetings at the World of Concrete from January 23-25.

For consultation in any potential applications visit MCP’s website or contact a sales/marketing professional at 1-877-240-0171.

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