Countertop Institute implements sealer stain testing protocol

The Concrete Countertop Institute has created the first exhaustive stain-testing program for concrete countertop sealers, with a detailed protocol for rigorously testing and comparisons.

The detailed protocol includes specific instructions that allow anyone to objectively test and compare the stain and acid resistance of concrete countertop sealers. The protocol includes information on: which substances to use in the tests (recommended substances include mustard, bleach, lemon juice and olive oil), how to apply the substances and measure results at various time intervals, def nitions of what “stain” and “etch” mean, with photographs, and how to e the tests, then assemble and analyze the data.

CCI ran this test protocol on 27 commercially available concrete countertop sealers and found wide variations in performance, depending on the chemistry of the sealer, the application method and the concrete mix. CCI recommends that all concrete countertop professionals perform their own tests, since their application methods and concrete mixes will vary from those used by CCI.

The testing program protocol is publicly available, but the actual test results are available only to concrete countertop professionals who are members of Concrete Connections.

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