Facet Diamond Tools from Lythic

Facet Diamond ToolsLythic Solutions’ new Facet Diamond Tools for concrete polishing save labor and material costs by working more efficiently and lasting longer than conventional diamond tools. The line includes ceramic-matrix tools that run cooler, last longer, and cut more uniformly than the equivalent grit of conventional metal-bond tools. They can allow a polisher to skip two or three steps.

All Facet Diamond tools use selected synthetic industrial diamonds that are purified by nitrogen implantation to make them less prone to fracturing. They last longer and tend to sharpen themselves as they wear.

The Facet Diamond line includes 30-grit and 50-grit metal bonds for aggressive surface removal. It also includes intermediate 100-grit and 200-grit ceramic bonds, and fine 400-grit resin bonds.

About Lythic Solutions

Lythic began with the discovery of reactive Colloidal Silica. This was a new way to add both strength and durability to concrete floors. Two veterans of concrete polishing in 2004 were the founders of this technology. They had an intimate familiarty with the advantages of exposed concrete floors, both polished and unpolished. Because of this, they were also acutely aware of the drawbacks of the existing chemistry available. They recognized the benefits of this advance in concrete densification chemistry as they used it for their own projects. From this direct experience new products and processes were developed and have expanded possibilities for concrete floor finishes. Lythic is unique in providing expertise in product and processes that are advancing concrete flooring beyond the costs, risks, and limitations of polished concrete floors.

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