New Colorfast Colors Announced by Duraamen

Colorfast by DuraamenDuraamen announces that Colorfast is now available in new colors, bringing the color options to 68. Colorfast is a ready-to-use, finely ground blend of synthetic iron oxide pigments and admixtures designed for integrally coloring cementitious overlays, micro-toppings or skim coats. It is available in 34 pigments that can be integrally mixed with either a grey or white base to create a total of 68 colors. The color chart is available as a PDF.

Colorfast is a special blend of inorganic pigments and proprietary ingredients which makes them easily dispersible in concrete micro toppings. Colorfast colors are UV resistant. As such, you can use them on both interior and exterior surfaces. You can add them not only to concrete overlays or skimcoats, but into mixes for concrete countertops as well. A unique advantage of using powder colors in concrete microtoppings is that the installer can create floors with a marbleized appearance, unlike liquid pigments.

Prteviously, Duraamen had only 20 color. With these new offerings, they now have 35 colors. The company deleted the colors which were not popular and added some new colors, including different shades of grey, which are extremely popular among customers who choose concrete floors in their properties.

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