Extreme Dexterity and Long-Wearing Comfort with Brass Knuckle SmartFlex 400 Series Gloves

OSHA reports that 70 percent of workers who suffered hand injuries in manufacturing operations were not wearing gloves. Hand injuries among the remaining 30 percent occurred because hand protection was inadequate, damaged, or misapplied. What hand-focused occupations need are gloves that wear easily, protect wholly, and maximize dexterity.

The answer is Brass Knuckle® SmartFlex 400 Series gloves, designed to be comfortable-fitting, general purpose work gloves that afford the wearer abrasion resistance and maximum feel. These are gloves workers love to wear – inspiring compliance and helping to reduce injury.

There are three gloves in the 400 Series, each suited for a different style of work. SmartFlex BK401 is black nylon with a gray coating to conceal dirt and grime. SmartFlex BK402 is white-on-white, making it easy to identify foreign particles on the glove — ideal for inspectors and quality control. SmartFlex™ BK403 is black nylon with a black coating, a tough-looking concealer for grimy projects.

Each glove in the 400 Series is carefully constructed for fit but is also very cost-competitive. The lightweight, 13-gauge nylon shell facilitates dexterity and grip, making an immediate impact on productivity. Grip is further enhanced by a polyurethane coating on the palm and fingers that is grippy but not sticky.

Whether for automotive, light construction, warehouse applications, or general assembly, these gloves offer workers protection from bothersome nicks and abrasions while offering comfort and tactile sensitivity.

For more information, visit www.brassknuckleprotection.com.

About Brass Knuckle

Brass Knuckle is a member of the Volk Enterprises family of companies, whose international strategic alliances with documented professional supply partners allow for a full range of safety products, programs, and services to clients across the globe. Brass Knuckle products are found in some of the harshest work environments on earth, where dust, debris, splash, sparks, extreme temperature changes, oil, chemicals, cuts, punctures, scrapes, lifting, kneeling, and crawling are all in a day’s work. We serve diverse markets including construction, roofing, plumbing, automotive, electrical, general assembly, glass handling, HVAC, landscaping, manufacturing, metal fabrication, receiving, warehouse, tiling, vehicle detailing, and more.

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