Fishstone introduces three new high-performance admixtures

Fishstone has introduced three new high-performance admixtures — Super-Six-Admix, KongKrete Liquid Polymer and KongKrete Dry Acrylic Polymer. Super-Six-Admix is a proprietary blend of six admixtures designed to achieve pinhole free, dense and strong concrete that will free flow in precast molds or shapes, producing a superior finish and crisp detail. Super-Six-Admix makes it easy to produce ultra high performance concrete (UHPC) using different types of mix consistency such as self-flowing (similar to pancake batter) or a shapeable clay-like consistency which can be hand molded, carved or rolled.

Take the confusion out of batching a multi-component mix by adding Super-Six-Admix, sand, cement and water. Pour the mixture into the mold, cover with plastic and walk away… it’s that easy!

KongKrete Liquid Polymer is a premium all acrylic high solids polymer emulsion made specifically for the GFRC industry that is UV stable and freeze-thaw stable for shipping in winter months. It is sold in 5-gallon buckets, 55-gallon drum or tote.

KongKrete Dry Acrylic Polymer is a premium, easy to use and disperse, free-flowing powder polymer made specifically for the use in high performance concrete available in 5-pound, 25-pound or 100-pound sizes.

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Fishstone Super Six Admixture
Fishstone Super-Six-Admix
Fishstone KongKrete Liquid Polymer
Fishstone KongKrete Liquid Polymer
Fishstone Dry Acrylic Polymer
Fishstone KongKrete Dry Acrylic Polymer

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