Flexmar Coatings introduces NextGen Polyaspartic Coatings Technology

Flexmar Coatings is once again changing the way coatings applicators, homeowners, commercial building owners, business owners, and facilities and maintenance managers view polyaspartic coatings. Introducing NextGen polyaspartic coatings, a new line of polyaspartics that enhance ease of use and labor cost-savings for the coatings applicator and minimize disruption and discomfort for the end-use customer. Now, same-day application and return to service is possible.

Flexmar NextGen polyaspartic coatings include factory-pigmented Flexmar NextGen Self-Prime HS color coats, Flexmar NextGen Clear Coat HS clear polyaspartic sealers, and Flexmar NextGen Variegate HS polyaspartic stain-sealers. They are combined along with decorative media and micro-media slip reduction agents to create all-polyaspartic concrete floor coatings systems. NextGen overcomes deficiencies of polyaspartic coatings technology by incorporating features applicators have been asking for and their customers are increasingly demanding. Its hallmark is a combination of a 25-minute working open time with a rapid 1-hour recoat and 1- to 2-hour return to service interval, zero VOCs, and virtually no odor—without trading off one performance property to achieve another. And NextGen retains all of the other features that have made polyaspartic coatings ideal for residential, commercial and light industrial concrete floor surfaces, indoors and out.

25-Minute Working Open Time

Ever since polyaspartic coatings were first developed applicators have raced against the clock just to lay down coating before it tacks. Now there’s time to breathe. NextGen polyaspartic coatings provide 25 minutes of working open time before the 2-component system begins to set up, allowing applicators to easily maintain a wet edge and broadcast decorative media directly into the self-prime polyaspartic color base coat. The 25-minute working open time remains consistent in ambient temperatures ranging from 0°F to 100°F and relative humidity up to 85 percent.

1-Hour Recoat

Despite the extended working open time, NextGen polyaspartics still dry in about an hour, at which point applicators can walk on the surface without spike shoes to recoat it. This drastically reduces the amount of time spent at a job site or eliminates return trips to a job site. In fact, with a 2- or 3-coat system, wait time can be reduced by 6 to 8 hours minimum. With a crew of 3 or 4, this can save at least 18 man-hours. The result is a considerable labor- and travel-cost savings and the ability for applicators to complete more jobs.

1- to 2-Hour Return to Service

Along with the rapid 1-hour recoat, Flexmar NextGen polyaspartic coatings can be returned to service in about 1 to 2 hours after application. Versus competitive polyaspartics, epoxies, and other coatings technologies this makes a NextGen application ideal in situations where time is of the essence due to tight construction and renovation schedules, the need to minimize revenue loss in retail settings, or the mission-critical nature of the floor surface for essential services like hospitals and medical facilities, fire and ambulance stations, schools and higher education facilities, airplane hangars, etc.

Same-Day Application and Return to Service

Combining the rapid recoat and return to service, an entire NextGen system can be applied—and the floor returned to service—within hours, not days. The system can easily be applied while facilities are closed or during non-peak hours. Other trades can finish construction. Cash registers can start to ring at full speed. Students can flood hallways when the school bell rings. All with minimal disruption, minimal inconvenience.

Zero VOCs

All Flexmar NextGen polyaspartic coatings are 0 VOC, so there is no negative impact to air quality from their use. In fact, NextGen coatings can help contribute towards satisfying LEED credits in the Indoor Environmental Quality category.

Virtually No Odor

Minimizing disruption is about more than minimizing time spent without a floor surface. It’s about no unpleasant odor. This means you can apply a coating in one area while an adjacent area is still in use or no lingering odor once a facility reopens. Polyaspartic coatings have long been notorious for strong solvent odors. Now NextGen effectively takes care of the issue. It has virtually no odor. So there’s no discomfort to those in areas adjacent to the coatings application, and there’s no discomfort to those who return to the facility after the coatings application.

Polyaspartics a Proven Technology

Polyaspartic coatings technology was introduced to the industrial corrosion-protection coatings market in the early 1990s by Bayer MaterialScience (now Covestro). These coatings were ideal for use on bridges, rail cars, street lights, in tunnels, etc. In 2005, Flexmar Coatings used Bayer MaterialScience raw materials to formulate the highest quality polyaspartics for retail, commercial, and residential concrete floor coatings. As a concrete floor coatings solution, polyaspartics outperform and outlast epoxies, polyurethanes, and other coatings technologies.

The Flexmar Difference

Flexmar polyaspartic coatings are up to four times more durable than epoxies and polyurethanes, making them ideal for environments with high foot or vehicle traffic. The coatings aren’t susceptible to hot tire attack. They resist stains and deterioration from splash-and-spill exposure to food spills including pickle juice, red wine, and mustard. The same is true for many chemicals, including Betadine, bleach, Skydrol, dilute sulfuric acid solutions, transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and more. Flexmar polyaspartics are inherently light stable. Colors won’t fade over time. The coatings won’t yellow, chalk, or discolor from exposure to sunlight or indoor lighting. Additionally, the high-gloss finish of Flexmar polyaspartics keeps colors bright and vibrant, preserving a floor surface’s “like-new” look for years. A comprehensive performance properties chart and chemical resistance chart is also available on the “Resources” page of our website, FlexmarPolyaspartics.com.

Flexmar Leads the Polyaspartic Coatings Industry

Two years after its founding, in 2007, Flexmar Coatings was named a “Best Decorative Product” by Concrete Construction magazine at World of Concrete. And in 2014 Buildings magazine recognized Flexmar Coatings as a top “Money?Saving Product” as a result of the significant cost?savings that can be realized from minimal disruption and downtime during application, longevity of the floor coating, and minimal maintenance throughout the floor’s lifetime. Flexmar Coatings continues to lead the polyaspartic concrete coatings industry by continually improving its polyaspartic coatings technology, something that me-too polyaspartic resellers or private-labelers are unable to do. The end result is a user-friendly, cost-saving seamless resinous floor coatings technology that is ideal for most concrete floor coatings needs: Flexmar NextGen polyaspartic coatings.

About Flexmar Coatings

New Kensington, Pennsylvania-based Flexmar Coatings is an original formulator and manufacturer of polyaspartic coatings for residential and commercial concrete floor surfaces. The premium-quality NextGen polyaspartic coatings are available direct or through knowledgeable authorized dealers in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Only skilled and qualified applicators are able to apply Flexmar coatings, per the company’s policies. Flexmar polyaspartic resinous floor coatings system specifications are available on MasterSpec.

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