Formulators introduces Aquaflex iMVS (Intrinsic Moisture Vapor Suppressant)

Aquaflex iMVS
Aquaflex iMVS under UV light.

Formulators has introduced Aquaflex iMVS (Intrinsic Moisture Vapor Suppressant) to its line of waterproof technologies marketed as the Aquaflex total moisture mitigation system. The patent pending (Serial No. 62/278,091) formulation covers a unique polymer coating mixture suited for flooring installations over concrete exhibiting measured moisture values of 95 percent in situ RH and/or 12 pounds MVER. Aquaflex iMVS forms a dense concrete/plastic matrix that restricts MVER and functions universally with any adhesive/cementitious chemistry, from any manufacturer.

"If it’s true, the industry will continue to use moisture sensitive adhesives for flooring installations. Then, why not do what I can to help these adhesives perform equally better and to unheard of limits," said Benny Dickens, inventor, founder and CEO at Formulators. "While iMVS doesn’t replace our Aquaflex waterproof adhesive, it will provide the necessary crutch water-based adhesives need to perform in areas with high concrete moisture. Aquaflex iMVS is universal in its application requiring minimal prep, is self-primed, non-silicate, bio-based, zero VOC, does not require mixing, is non-flammable and fast. The performance of Aquaflex iMVS has been third-party qualified to elevate the tolerance of any adhesive, from any manufacturer, regardless of chemistry to 95 percent RH and 12 pounds MVER."

"Aquaflex iMVS is a leap forward in moisture suppressant technology. Instead of blocking moisture, it suppresses moisture emissions to within flooring manufacturers adhesive tolerance. In contrast, epoxy mitigation does not suppress, rather it blocks moisture to create a completely non-breathable film. Epoxy mitigation is expensive, hazardous, time-consuming and difficult to install. The non-breathable film created by epoxy can also set in motion chemistry that leads to blistering and delamination. This situation is impossible with iMVS, just ask me for the data," said Dickens.

Formulators prefers to work through its nationwide network of commercial contractors, independent sales representatives and Aquaflex trained technicians. Aquaflex is now specified by several leading flooring manufacturers, major national retailers and hospital networks. Aquaflex and now Aquaflex iMVS are not just proven advancements in mitigation performance but also represent clear advancements in safe, clean and environmentally responsible product formulation.

Aquaflex iMVS is easy. No shot-blast only CSP 1 surface prep is required. It’s fast. No mixing is required and a simple one coat application is easy to spread and cures in less than three hours. It is safe because it is bio-based, zero VOC, zero odor and non-hazardous. It is self-priming, allowing application of either skim-coat or adhesive directly. It is universal, working with any adhesive, from any manufacturer, either PSA or hard-set, epoxy or acrylic. Its performance elevates the performance of the industries worst adhesive to 95 percent RH and/or 12 pounds MVER.

Formulators, based in Southern California, was founded in 2000 as a research and development manufacturer focusing on niche products to address failures in conventional solutions. Formulators produces Aquaflex, a specialty building products line of flooring installation and concrete repair products centered around its patented waterproof adhesive technology.

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