Get ready for cold weather

Ground Heaters Inc. has introduced an air heater that is ideal for temporarily heating large enclosed spaces and multistory buildings while under construction. The unit uses a trailer-mounted hydronic heater to heat the unit’s 140 gallons of heat transfer fluid up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. A pump then circulates the warm fluid through hoses to the liquid-to-air heat exchanges placed throughout the enclosed spaces. Each heat exchanger’s fan draws cooler air from the room and blows it cross the heated coils to produce hot, dry, clean air. The fluid then returns to the main unit for reheating.

Hydronic air heaters are growing in popularity because they safely deliver clean, dry heat into the workspace while using less fuel than traditional methods. They also remove excess moisture from the workplace, which prevents mold and mildew formation and speeds finishing work. They are also safer than traditional heating methods because there is no open flame or combustion byproducts. They can be powered by diesel, propane or natural gas and come with three sizes of liquid-to-air heat exchangers. For more information, call (231) 799-9600 or visit

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