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New from Grace Construction Products, Adva Flex is a slump-enhancing admixture that can be used either as a traditional high-range water reducer or, at higher dosage rates, to significantly increase the length of slump retention.

Adva Flex produces concrete with high slump and flow properties and allows for the production of mixes with low water-to-cement ratios while providing the workability necessary for easy placement and consolidation. It is intended for applications requiring extended workability, flow and slump life, with no set extension, without compromising plastic or hardened concrete properties.

The admixture eliminates the need to retemper concrete at the job site to achieve desired workability and flow. It also affords producers and contractors an opportunity to control operational costs by adjusting slump life on an asneeded basis during initial dosage calibration. Concrete produced with Adva Flex finishes easily without stickiness, spotty setting or tearing. The additive does not contain chloride as a functional ingredient.

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